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Walgreens: $5 Neuragen PN Moneymaker

4:32 PM MST
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Here’s yet another *HOT* Walgreens deal for ya! There is an unadvertised $10 Register Reward available when you purchase Neuragen PN. The shelf price listed for this product is $29.99, but it should ring up for $14.99… have your cashier do a price check to be on the safe side.

Deal Scenario:

Buy 1 Neuragen PN Pain Relief Topical Solution $14.99
Use the $10/1 coupon found in the 12/5 RP
Pay $4.99
Get back a $10 RR
Final cost FREE + a $5.01 moneymaker!

(Thanks, Wild for Wags!)

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  • Tina says:

    What is this product for?

  • jata says:

    another money maker at Walgreens today for the Blink tear gel, there is a $4 off coupon on the box making it $4 money maker!

    $7.99 – $7.99 RR = Free
    – $4.00 peelie
    = 4.00 money maker

  • Craig says:

    Was gong to do this but cant find that q anywhere. IKI had them before. Oh well.

  • MA says:

    Would love to find a coupon for this, if anyone has any luck and would share please. Have been wanting to try this, but too pricey. TIA

  • diane says:

    that coupons not in my rp 12/5

  • Aimee says:

    I didn’t have it in my rp either, but it looks like there may be a $10 off coupon in the winter diabetes and you flyer. Not sure if it’s for the same product. Anyone have the flyer handy to check?

  • diane says:

    where would u get the flyer from?

  • Zack says:

    FYI, if you have a Rite Aid nearby, they have a $10 Moneymaker on Neuragen Gel since it is $20 with a $20 rebate and you can use the $10 coupon.

    • meryl says:

      Can you use the Wags Q $10/1 Neuragen coupon in the Diabetes & You booklet Holiday/Winter issue.@ RA? thx!

      • Craig says:

        I doubt it, correct me if Im wrong. Might need to run up there to WGs now and check that scenario out.

        Update!! Ok just got back and found some. You can only use this q. at WALGREENS. States right on it. Easy $5 MM.

      • Emily says:

        You can only use the diabetes and you for this one, but it is straight in the magazine, meaning you don’t have to look for the q. It is a manu coupon.

  • Mike says:

    Not in my 12/5 red plum either. Did anyone find this Q? Was it a regional Q?

  • Monica says:

    We did not get this in Indiana.

  • Maribeth says:

    We got it in Tampa Bay in the St. Pete Times. Wow! We usually don’t get anything.

  • Kelly P. in AL says:

    I just tried to do this deal twice but the manager would only let me do it once. He pulled the D&Y books from the wall display and put them in the pharmacy and told the pharmacy cashiers “one per customer or these people will have the whole damn store wiped out by closing.” :(

    • Jaclyn says:

      Sheesh! How unprofessional of that manager to say that! Personally I do not think 2 is a big deal. I could understand if you had a hand basket of them. Managers like that should be reported to Corp.for their unprofessional approach! He could have nicely told you “sorry only 1 per customer” w/out making a scene! Better luck next time at Wags! ;)

      • Bessie says:

        I agree! Two is not too many! I would report him to corporate!! If we stick together, maybe corporate will EDUCATE the managers and cashier that it is VERY RUDE to say such to a customer!

  • sunny says:

    i just did the deal twice…coupon from 12/5 beeped even though the product is pictured on it. cashier forced it through eventually.

  • Toni S. says:

    Hurry, the coupon expires tomorrow.

    • Craig says:

      Not the Wg one! :) Its good til March 31st 2011. If you have the RP one, Id highly suggest using it at RA for a bigger MM!! HTH!

  • MA says:

    Pleasant, people-kind of person…not!

  • Anonymous says:

    I thought we here in the wonderful snowy state of Maine were the only ones that didn’t get this coupon also, didn’t get the afrin one.

  • debra says:

    FYI This stuff smells absolutely awful!! Got a sample in the mail. DH used it and stunk up the whole house!! He also said it didn’t help any. HTH someone. But for a money maker you can always donate it. lol

    • Craig says:

      My RA cashier was telling me how her hubby was wanting to try this stuff. I told her, Hold on I will give you mine I just got (from Wgs since I didnt have the RPq). Gave here the 2 I got. She was like so taken back by my gesture. It was a win-win for her and me!!.

      Thnx Collin and others!

      • Melissa R. says:

        I did something similar recently for a sweet Rite Aid employee. Store policy apparently prevented her from accepting a gift from me, but I asked her what her car looked like and “littered” the items on her windshield! (She was parked in a remote part of the lot.) She thanked me the next time I saw her. Win-win!!

  • Jeanne says:

    I bought the gel at Rite Aid and it rang up $19.99. I had the $10.00 coupon which they accepted. So, I paid $9.99 and will submit for the $19.99 online rebate. There is a guarantee here and the smell is 1 item that you can choose to not like to get your money back with the bottom flap & CRT. Big time moneymaker for me!

    I didn’t know what it was to be used for either but the box says gor all kinds of diabetic pain. trigeminal pain or sciatic pain. DH gets the sciatic pain so will let him try it as long as the odor isn’t too bad!

  • says:

    I just ran 16 transactions in a row using a combination of the 12/5 rp and the Diabetes and You mag (and paid for partly with the $3 rr from this morning’s Natrol melatonin). The 12/5 rp coupon seems to have only appeared in the non-traditional inserts in the Chicagoland area: Sun Times, Daily Herald, etc. The Chicago Tribune had the same coupon in the 10/24 rp insert which expired in November.

  • moosefuzz says:

    gotta say Walgreens has the Nastiest managers but if the deal is good im still going to try it!! :-) if coupon beeps though in the one I go to in New York manager rushes over and says no cant do it!!

    • Emily says:

      Really? I’m in NYC and my store is really nice! :D where in NYC are you?

    • diane says:

      so true.i was in wags this moring and cashier rang up something, after i told her i didnt want it. so i had to get money back and the asst manager told me i dont have time for this i was up here stocking and i have 800 things to do.she was so rude…………….

      • Craig says:

        Wow some of these WG cashiers/mangers need to take Anger Management classes. lol
        Sorry to hear this. Dont give up! Each cashier is differernt! :)

  • Tille says:

    I left my 10.00 coupon on the shelf last night when I was there. The price was so high(29.99) I knew I wouldn’t pay that amount. Guess I paid it forward bigger than I thought I did! :0)

  • Misty Mc says:

    Aargh! Not enough time to get these in the mail to someone. I have a dozen! (North Texas)

  • TXWife says:

    Thank you so much Collin! I have struggled with chronic pain for 10 years and have yet to find something effective. Hope this works. ;)

  • Kate says:

    I just went through the Rite Aid rebates — is this rebate through Rite Aid on line registration or by mail for the Neuragen?

  • Nikki says:

    Tired at two Walgreens tonight, the coupon did beep and the cashier went to ask the manager who said that they just got an email from corporate saying that they could not use the coupon on the product because it was already on sale. HUH? Isn’t everything that we purchase with coupons at Walgreens on sale? Anyhow I tried the other Walgreens, it did beep and the cashier looked at the product and pushed it through. So that may be the only one that I get, I’m sure by tomorrow, if coporate actually sent out a email, none of the Walgreens will be accepting it. BTW none of these coupons in my inserts, have to use the one from the Diabetes Magazine.

  • LYNDA says:

    I bought 2 tonight with no beep…. now I will try and find something to buy in walgreen’s… I am not on the best of terms with them….. a while back there was a coupon for $5.00 off the .17 size so I think I will try to pair the 2 coupons up tomorrow and see if I can get another 10…….

  • kay says:

    Their is a $10 coupon for the Neuragen, in the Walgreens Diabetes & You – Holiday 2010/Winter 2011, booklet.

  • Lisa says:

    I believe that the wording on the coupon is not for the product you all are using it for. Which is why it is beeping.

  • michelle says:

    At my RA , it was $29.99 with a SCR of 29.99, so it was free.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you buy 2 of the Neurogen in one transaction will you get the RR for both?

  • Rhonda Y says:

    Does anyone know what section this is in? I went last night and could not find it!! Also, is this RR rolling? Thank you for your help!

  • Melinda says:

    I bought the gel instead of the PN formula. It was an ADVERTISED sale at my store. Not in the flyer but they had a tag by the products….sale price $14.99 with a $10 RR. The coupon from the newspaper went thourgh fine…no beeps but she had to type in the upc code…scanner at our cosmetics counter is on the blitz. Great little money maker :)

  • Kristine says:

    Does the $10 RR at Wags print for the Neuragen gel too? Or is it just the Neuragen topical solution? I’m about to run out to Wags now

    • ANON says:

      I want to know that too! I went there last night and it worked for solution. I want to go back again but they do not have solution anymore…

      • Shirley Griffin says:

        Hi, I bought the gel today and it worked. I also used a $5 coupon I found online and the $10 one in the Diabete magazine. I still received the $10 RR. The coupons beeped but the cashier put them in manually. I wasn’t going to say anything. Great moneymaker! Now I will have to find someone to give it to.

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