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Michaels: FREE Make-It Take-It Craft Events

12:52 PM MST
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In celebration of National Craft Month, Michaels is hosting several free Make-It take-It Events

March 2nd 10AM-Noon: Make your own festive bookmark creations.
March 3rd 6PM-8PM: Make your own paper baby bootie (great if you are planning a baby shower in the future)
March 5th 10AM-Noon: Make your own handcrafted ribbon flowers and custom invitations (great if you are planning a wedding)

(Thanks, Miami Mommy Savings!)

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  • Michelle says:

    Has anyone actually ever gone and done one of these? I always feel weird walking into the store with my brood to do crafts.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have and oure store does it at the floral dept so the kids cannot reach so the moms use the shopping baskets turned upside down for the kids to stand on.

      Loads of fun!

    • Jennifer Speer says:

      I have gone in with my 4 girls and a few friends and Micheals has always been great about it. We have had to wait our turn but all the kids love it!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love Michaels!

  • Happy Momma says:

    I wish this was posted yesterday….

  • kelli says:

    I was the event coordinator for Michaels for several years. It was my job to do the events and demos. You shouldn’t ever feel “weird” going in and making the crafts, that’s what they are there for, for you guys to have fun! I will recommend getting there early, sometimes the crafts can get very crowded and sometimes there is a waiting time (depending on how much space the store has). I would also recommend keeping your eye on any young kids you make take. While the crafts are fun to make, they are not for every age group to do, so you may have a craft for younger kids, or one for older kids. Most importantly, have fun! :)

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