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CVS: Perfume & Cologne Sets up to 90% Off

5:46 PM MST
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Wow! I’ve heard reports from quite a few of you that CVS has lots of perfume and cologne sets on clearance, discounted up to 90%!! These perfume sets may not be marked, so make sure to price check them. You may also want to look on endcaps and various other spots around the store for these sets. They may not all be grouped together.

Make sure to come back to let us know if you’re able to score some perfume bargains!

(Thanks so much for the heads up, Ja’Nelle, Carol and Kayla!)

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  • Anonymous says:

    Just did my Revlon deal and got some cheerios & milk…….I was in such a hurry…didn’t check anything today:(

    Probably will check later today or tomorrow! I definitely need them!

    Thanks for the heads up!!!

    Also off topic: if anyone have any YT code that won’t be using…please let me know!

  • mipalady23 says:

    Checkin it out!

  • MsMoneyStretcher says:

    Will take a look, hope to find some 90%off! Will pair well with the 25% off qpon they emailed for today only :-D

  • debra says:

    Bought a large bottle of Ralph Lauren perfume for $12 today! Testing it out now for the headache factor. So far so good. This was a treat for myself! They also had a rack full of slippers on clearance 75% off. Bought two pairs for myself as well. They had a cart full of hair care items, chips and other misc. drastically marked down as well. If you get the $1 off CVS haircare Magic Machine Q check for clearance. They had a big bottle of conditioner for $1.50 so only $.50. I am a Pantene girl so I passed on it. I had an AWESOME day!

  • Ashlee says:

    Hubbys bday is in two weeks and he could use some new cologne! Hope they have some at my store (in good scents)!

  • Lorine Edwards says:

    the 25% coupon I got emailed said not on sale items. I couldn’t find anything at regular price worth using it on.

  • zoe says:

    OT: anyone have an amazon code(any variety) they will not be using? I could use some! thanks so very much! please feel free to email: zoewilson77@yahoo(dot)com. thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    the ppl that are finding these items please put were you are so we can see if its near our towns because a lot of times things that are one mark down in nj are just coming out in ny (that sucks!!!) THANK YOU!

  • B says:

    I got some Cologne for 75% off. 90% would be nice!

  • Amanda S. says:

    Just checked on these again yesterday and they were still 75% off so $4.99. Awesome price for all the ones they still had left too. Can’t go back till tomorrow to see if we’ve hit 90%off yet.

  • Tee says:

    Shoot, still 50% at the Pentagon CVS :( I hope it drops to 90 soon

  • Susan says:

    Does anyone have a $10 amazon code that they would like to trade for a 25% off diapers one? Please email me at sag0907@yahoo (dot) com if you do. Thanks!

  • Sabrina J. says:

    I checked mine out in So. CA and it was just buy 1 get 50% :( I am bummed! I’ll check further down the week.

  • NYCSingleMom says:

    Forgot to check CVS today, will have to go in the morning.

  • Annie says:

    What kind of brands are you all seeing?

    • Anonymous says:

      its mostly the gift sets. mariah carey; britney spears; usher; celine deon; halle berry – those are a few i saw today. there were also small bottles of ck one & eternity.

  • Tammy says:

    the perfumes all rang up regular price for me so i didnt get them, but i did get free mens deodorant and body washes..some of the deodorant is 50% off and i have coupons for 1.00/2.00 off deodorant and coupons for free body wash with the purchase of deodorant
    i also go 3 pks of hair accessories for 75% off
    cvs brand cleaners were $1 ea (4)
    25% off coupon

    my total was $7.00 my savings were $34.00

  • Shahina says:

    I got in on this deal last year and found some great sets for $1.99 – $2.99 – just varies on the store. Last year I found Britney Spears, Elizabeth Arden, Polo for Men, CK, and a few others.

  • Jess G says:

    Hey guys- Also be on the look out for Revlon Mascaras that come with a free eyeshadow attached! They are part of the ECB deal (7.49, get $4 back), and if you have the $3 off Revlon coupon that the magic coupon machine is spitting out, you can get two makeup items for super cheap!!

  • Sush says:

    I did the revlon deal bought lipstick for 0.49 and nail for 0.99.Apparently the colorstay lip color had $3 pelee on them so made them a sweet deal…Now have to check out the perfumes…..

  • Gracie says:

    I just got back from CVS, and asked the clerk in the Beauty Dept (this is a fuge CVS) about the perfume. She said that they send it back as shelf pulls after it sits at 75% off for awhile.

    Also interesting, as I was being rung up, the cashier said to me (in regards to my $7 Benefiber coupon), “oh, did they tell you? From now on we need the entire page that you print out. Just don’t cut it out.” I replied (as sweet as could be), yeah, well there are 4 CVS’s around here. I guess its time to start shopping at those locations”

    • Diane says:

      Who would “they” be anyway. They should’ve posted signs if that was the case! Good for you telling them you’ll shop elsewhere!

    • Dorinne says:

      I think some cashiers just like to find things to get picky about because they’re bored. I’ve had the opposite issue—I generally just hand them the entire sheet of paper with the coupon printed on it because I don’t take the time to cut them out. I’ve had more than one cashier give me a sigh, eyeroll and pull out scissors to cut it out while telling me that they’re “not supposed to take them” if they aren’t cut out. LOL

  • Samantha Booker says:

    Haven’t checked this out yet, but I did pick up some heart shaped pet beds that were 90% off near the front of the store. They had them in with the Valentines leftovers and I got them for 1.49 each!!!

  • Roxanne says:

    Ladies, just wanted to share with you a few deals I found tonight at Walmart. They have SeaPak shrimp poppers (I think they’re called) for $1.68 and I had a $1 off from this weeks’ Sunday paper. They have Lysol wipes BOGO and you pay $2 for a pack of 2. I tried to use the $1 off 2 coupon, but it didn’t work. It is still a good deal I’d say. They have Mom’s Best Naturals cereals (cinammon squares) for $1.67 and I used the 75c off coupon they have on their website and got some really cheap and healthy cereals. New York Texas Toast croutons are priced at $1.18 and there was a 75c off coupon in one of the Sunday papers.

    I have also found Philadelphia cooking cream for $2.40 and there is a $1.50 off coupon in this week’s Sunday paper.

    Trident Vitality gum is 96cents and there is a BOGO coupon in this week’s paper.

    I wish I had more time to check more products. They appear to have pretty good prices and now that they are more coupon friendly, Im guessing Im gonna go there more often.

  • Joanna R says:

    I have 4 CVS in my area (NY), but one of them had Valentine’s stuff 90% off. I bought a lot of chocolate (heart shape) 90c each (~250 g). They also had some toys and scored a lion that sings for 90c.
    Another CVS had clearance at 75% off and I found a Lexmark printer 12$ down from 60$. They had 2 and since I just bought another one last week I was not interested, but it was a great price for a color printer with scanner included.
    A 3rd CVS had a lot of stuff also 75% off with a lot of hair color (Clairol for example was around 2$ and I had coupon so free, l’oreal 3$), excedrine 25c, shampoo etc.
    I also found a few Revlon items marked 75% off and they ranged full price, but the cashier adjusted the price. I was able to score one nail color for 1.25 $ (got back 3 ECB) and a makeup 3.25 $ – coupon 3$ (red machine) = 25c.

  • Shahina says:

    I found some 90% off perfume sets this morning! WOO! Picked up “White Diamonds” (mom’s fav), Elizabeth Arden 3-pack set and Juicy. Will check another CVS later to see if I can find anything for the hubby.

    Edit: Ok so I went back to the SAME CVS that I got the sets at this morning to get the M.Jordan one for my hubby and guess what? Within a matter of HOURS they changed the price!! Now all the sets were ringing up 50% off sticker price. The old lady that rang me up this morning was very shocked that the sets rang up at 90% off and she said something like “i’ll have to let my manager know…” whatever that meant. I guess they decided to change the price back up. LAME CVS!

  • Copi says:

    I checked mine out in Milford, MI and it was just buy 1 get 1 for 50% off. I’ll keep checking.

  • Jill says:

    They had all of the perfumes 50% and they had ONE box of Calvin Klein Escape left with a little tag on the shelf that said Sale: 99 cents (down from 9.99!!! I grabbed it :) The cashier asked me if there were any more so she could get one…:)

  • Allison says:

    Went to two CVS’s here in Oklahoma, both in Midwest City.

    The first one had jack squat. The 2nd one had a few perfumes marked down 50% off but they were *so* tiny I could not justify spending $7. I did however find some burt’s bee’s chapsticks marked down to 99cents, so I bought 3 of those.

  • Johanna says:

    Checked two CVS stores, best I could find was half off. Even had clerk helping me.
    Did score a good deal on new Irish Spring Men Deod. $2.99 on sale, minus 50 cents Sunday Paper coupon and minus 1.50 in store coupon machine. I payed .99 cents and received $2.00 extra bucks.
    Its like they gave me a dollar for my purchase.
    South Lyon Michigan

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