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Coffee With Collin: Stockpile Organization

12:54 PM MST
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This week’s Coffee with Collin is all about stockpiling. Although many of you may expect that I have a huge stockpile of all the deals that I have snagged in the last few years, you may be surprised to learn that my stockpile is actually rather small and is all contained within my pantry, under my bed, and on a shelf in my garage. I also love to donate items and share my excess with friends, family and neighbors!

**If you can’t see the video, go here to watch it.

So how about you? Where do you stockpile all your goodies? Do you have any creative ways to store items? Please share with us in the comments below.

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  • LIDIA says:

    Oh my you are so funny love your video :))

  • aunt_ang says:

    Thanks for being so relate able. Love the shoe organizer over the door. I dont have a pantry but do have a door to the basement that is off the kitchen. Thinking about buying one to help with storage.

  • Wen says:

    I love your video’s. I am new to this coupon thing and you make it so down to earth. I don’t think I will be so overwhelmed now after learning from you. Thank you so much!

  • Beth Anne says:

    I agree you can def. get way CARRIED AWAY….I’ve decided that I’m not going to Walgreens/CVS till Christmas…we’ll see how long I last. I love that shoe organizer! Such a great idea!

  • Hopper says:

    Thanks for your Video! I learned some new ideas :)

  • Del Hardrath says:

    Came across your video by accident so am not a regular but just wanted to remind to please ask people to donate items not used to red cross or some other pantry type place as someone can always use them and its just as good as donating money sometimes—so even if you donn’t use a item get it anyway and “Give Back”

  • alex m says:

    Thank you so much for this video! i’m a college student and i just started getting into coupons to save some money (college on a budget!) I totally have to go look for those bins you have under your bed!

  • cpntam says:

    I am collecting all my trial size items to donate to a Veterans homeless shelter that will be opening in November. They prefer the smaller size items.

  • Annie says:

    My stockpile is not allowed to go past my pantry. My husband has no problem auditing my stock if it looks like it is growing. I hand almost every friend a bag of goodies when they leave. I help my friends that have been laid off work, newly divorced, sick spouse and loss of income first. I also donate to work food bank for my cancer patients. We then send our expired coupons overseas to the military bases.

  • Shawna says:

    I just found your website after seeing a bumper sticker….my husband cannot figure out why I am laughing while watching coupon videos….you are too funny! Love your site keep up the great work! Love the laid back approach you have to coupons and stockpiles.

  • edy says:

    I, Love cuponing done it for 17 years thanks to a friend that teach me how to do it. She had a day care she got vouchers for meals for giving the kids nutricional meals so she tooked me with her she had 3 baskets full and only bought 3 newspapers every sunday back then it was .50 cents(texas) after she finish paying she would get $$ back (kroger) instead of paying left over from cpns whoow now newspaper $2.00. Dollars (sunday) I lost track of her but I’m Still cuponing thanks to her and I have gave items for free to people on need and my brothers for their kids I have four daughters they love to have everything and if they have a friend on need they help them by taking items I’m new at this learning computer and using internet saw ur website on a article on all you!! Magazine whoow I was missing something!! Thanks

  • Rachael says:

    Hi im a beginner couponer and im trying to save money to feed me and my family. I would like to know if there are certin items you have to buy to get the best deals. please help

  • Lori says:

    I’m new to couponing (should have listened to my mother and sister years ago) and have really enjoyed watching your videos. I too have a very small kitchen and pantry. I have the exact shoe holder on my pantry door too but use it to store my dish towels (yup, very little cupboard space). I really appreciate your down-to-earth realistic approach to couponing. I don’t see the advantage of huge stockpiles (especially since there is just myself and hubby) but really enjoy blessing friends and our nephew with aquired treasures. I also give a lot to our local food pantry; they need not only food items but tolietries too so I encourage all couponers to give some of these items all the time to your local charity.
    Thanks again Collin for all of your hard work educating us “newbies”!
    God bless you!

  • iloveadeal says:

    Loved the video. I am new to couponing and have felt that urge to go out and purchase all the deals. This past week I realized that I didn’t really have to have everything they advertise. I have tiny stockpile of items and am planning on keeping it that way. I liked the under the bed storage. May have to use that one.

  • Beth says:

    Great tips, Thank you for the video. I have gotten to a point with my couponing that my stockpile is “over stocked”. I have gotten so that I will only buy items that I can pay 50 cents or less for, with coupons (unless it is a needed item). Now its going to go lower because I am running out of space. I have donated and given items away but I still have alot. So my tip for storing items in my stockpile is using boxes that I can get for FREE from the grocer store or from items that already came in “shipping” boxes. (Thanks for the great online deals). For example I recently purchased the pouches of tuna that were on sale at my local ACME and I had purchased 12. So since that self display box holds only 14, I took the display box with my purchase. So when I got home I just set the box with the tuna right on my shelf. Worked purfect. You may want to make sure it is okay to take display boxes from your store first before doing so. Most store dont care because they are temporary display boxes and just get thrown out after there is no more products in them.

  • madason says:

    collin, not to be rude but its pernoched wishstashear sauce

  • Cuponing Away Debt says:

    I love your videos and how funny you are! With 3 kids myself I am always running out of space so these tips are great, I love the basket of items for guests.

  • Is Gold A Good Investment says:

    My life would surely love this, thank you for sharing collin. Organizing is really a tough job for guys like me so I leave it to my wife to do all that stuff she would be happy to learn this tip of yours. Thanks

  • LISA says:

    THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!! I am new to this couponing thang AND OMG what it has allowed me to do. First, my wonderful next door neighbor/landlord gives me the Sunday inserts for FREE and ask for nothing in return. Today, imagine his shock and surprise when he was gifted two bags of food (all things he likes, especially his Cheerios), enough TP for well over a month, and an apple pie. Then there is the couponing for the local pet food pantry…in this economic downturn/depression there are people who can barely afford keeping their pets. Special treats for special pets. – like 40 bags worth!!! And finally, you handy hints on not over doing it, realistically think about it – how many boxes of cereal does a single old lady with a Chihuahua need?

    Keep up the good work, the positive energy and the videos!!!!!!

  • Michaela Petersen says:

    I found you side yesterday, because I was searching in the internet how to coupon, I found a couple good ones but yours is just standing out. I love your Videos they are so funny I watched a couple from other people before but they where just so boring where you just don’t want to watch anymore, but not yours and since English is just my second language it is even harder to understand so I have to watch some of them more than ones, just imagine how bad it would be to watch a boring one over and over again lol.

    Thank you so much for your helpful and entertaining Videos :)


  • marie says:

    your tips are great. Can you tell me what coupon books (SS & RP) I can throw our or which ones I should keep.?

  • Sylvia says:

    Thank you for the stockpiling link, like always, enjoyed your videos and great ideas.

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