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FREE L'Oreal Youth Code Sample + Coupons

3:25 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

L’Oreal is offering up a FREE sample of L’Oreal Youth Code! Just head on over here and click on the “Special Offers & Savings” link in the bottom left corner to request this freebie. You’ll also be able to print various high value L’Oreal coupons!

(Thanks, Raining Hot Coupons!)

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  • Shannon says:

    Got it! I love free skincare samples like whoa!

  • imiss says:

    thanks so much..
    ps? the site runs slow.

  • Julie says:

    Yes, I had to register.

  • vbmom says:

    I got one too!!

  • momziz says:

    Had to register, then it asked me to update my address, then that I had requested teh maximum umber of samples… not sure if i got one or not.. :(

  • AmyJustine says:

    It took some time, but I got it. I did reload the site a few times when it seemed to stick. I had to register, then update address. Then it came to a page that said I should receive my sample in the mail soon. :) Yay, I love getting the mail thanks to you Collin! (getting more than bills rocks!)

  • erinj0 says:

    The website is VERY slow. I had to register & update my address – After about 5 minutes of computer freezing they said I would receive the sample.

  • jojo says:

    ughhhhhh….i can’t get the page to load again after i registered.

  • melissa says:

    Thanks! On a side note, I finally received my 2 Free Suave coupons from the contest a few weeks ago!!

  • claudia says:

    the page is very slow not working

  • Ally says:

    I bought this and have since had lots of bumps appear on my face as a reaction. Has anyone else had problems?

  • Ann says:

    Insane web page. click on coupons and samples & get transfered to the shopping page. Then they want u 2 join, so tried. The slide bar flat did not work. then I went to the shopping bar & over to a place that wanted to which decade of my life I was in & how many wrinkles I had. I was NEVER transfered back to the page that had the sample/coupon box. I came back to this page, click again, & went on the same “tilt-a-whirl” ride……was sent round & round in circles, came back to where I was & never went anywhere! Ditto w/ their so called comment button. Many on-line minutes were wasted on that journey to no where.,

  • Erin says:

    Thanks! This must not be the first time I’ve gotten freebies from them because I was already registered! :)

  • Anonymous says:

    Only showed a coupon, no free sample to click on

  • LISA says:

    I think they’re all out of samples, I just see the “get $3 coupon off Youth code” link and not the sample link.

  • Mrs says:

    Am I missing where the sample is? I click on the “Special Offers & Savings” but I only see coupons, not any sample. Did I miss it? Thank you.

    • Anonymous says:

      After clicking on the “Special Offers & Savings” link in the bottom left corner, click on the “My L’Oreal” in the upper right hand corner. It will ask you for your address and then it will want you to do a “Beauty Basic profile. Complete all questions. Hopefully that helps you out in getting the sample. :)

    • Louise C. says:

      It was a little confusing. Click on the ”special offers” You will need to login or register with L’Oreal Paris. Click on the “My L’Oreal” in the upper right hand corner. It will want your address and you will need to complete all the questions, even the Basic Beauty Profile area. Hopefully thie helps.. :)

  • Darlene says:

    I filled in the address information as i was already registered – but where was the $3 coupon?

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