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1:47 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

If you are planning to purchase gift cards for Father’s Day, for a wedding gift or just to have on hand for a day of shopping, you’ll definitely want to check out As I have mentioned before, offers up gift cards for retail stores, restaurants and more at discounts of up to 30%! Plus, all gift cards ship FREE!

Check out some of the great deals below that you can currently snag on GiftCardRescue

* JCPenney Gift Cards 15% Off the Retail Value

* Gymboree Gift Cards 15% Off the Retail Value

* Mimi Maternity 25% Off the Retail Value

* Kohl’s Gift Cards 15% Off the Retail Value

* AMC Entertainment 15% Off the Retail Value

* Lowes 10% Off the Retail Value

* Barnes & Noble 12% Off the Retail Value

Remember, you can combine gift cards with coupons to score an even sweeter deal!

* If you have gift cards that you do not want, GiftCardRescue will buy your unused/unwanted gift cards and then re-sell them for up to 30% off their face value.

** A BIG thanks to GiftCardRescue for providing $100 worth of gift cards to be used for the Hip2Help tour… we are so grateful! :D

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  • Kristen Hotek says:

    Awesome, just sent in a gift card that I was never going to use. Only got $15 for the $25 gift card, but I’m happy with that because every other trade in site didn’t have this card as an option (SpaFinder)

  • Erin says:

    Plastic Jungle is another great site to get discounted gift cards!

  • jolly says:

    I agree with Erin

  • rebeccafaith says:

    There’s a spot for an offer code. Anyone know of any? Thanks!

    • Brittney says:

      you can do a google search for coupon codes. There are several stores that are offering additional discounts.

  • Mo says:

    that is awesome that they are helping w/H2H!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Just a heads up with the Gymboree “gift cards” that they have for sale. It looks like they are selling merchandise credits and not actual gift cards. The merchandise credits are from somebody making returns at the store without a receipt. There is a difference between a MC and a GC when it comes to redeeming them. Merchandise credits can only be used in store and not online and sometimes stores won’t accept them unless they are presented already signed. Some stores will & some won’t. The merchandise credits can’t be used in conjuction with the Gymboree Visa card or when earning or redeeming Gymbucks whereas gift cards can. So, actually you can probably get a better discount than the 15% off that is being offered on this site yourself just by using one of the 20% coupons that are usually floating around. That way you wouldn’t be risking it being rejected at point of sale or lose the benefit of the other store promotions. Just my opinion.

  • Josie says:

    Initially, I was a little wary about purchasing this type of thing through the mail, but I’ve done it now several times and I can vouch for the fact that they are screened and legitimate. I’ve not had any trouble with using any of the cards that I’ve purchased.

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