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9:14 AM MST
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Here’s yet another freebie you can score today! Just head on over to to score FREE FinishTags. You’ll receive 2 luggage FinishTags, 1 key FinishTag, 1 bike FinishTag, 2 shoe FinishTags, and 1 FinishTag wallet ID! Scroll down and look to the right, then fill out your info to score your FREE FinishTags!

When you wear lightweight, durable FinishTags™, you make it easy for medics to access your FinishSafe™ profile anywhere. Racing, training, around the town or around the block, you are always protected with FinishTags™.

Specially created for your key chain, shoe laces, gym bag, bike, and wallet, these tags go wherever you do and tell medics you’re protected by FinishSafe™. The tags also provide complete instructions for accessing your medical information anytime, day or night. Get yours today for free when you sign up for FinishSafe™.

(Thanks, Thrifty Canadian Shopper!)

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  • Linda C. says:

    I got this the last time it was available and it is totally awesome! Despite the fact that I wasn’t initially comfortable with my information being to visible, it has turned out to be a good thing in the end. You can choose to have whatever info you want visible including your picture.

    I like keeping one of these in my wallet in case of an emergency.

    Thanks Collin, for always being on top of the freebies and deals!!

  • prisskitajoe says:

    I can’t seem to get it to work. Everytime I hit the signup button, nothing happens.

  • Kimberly at HomemakingExpert says:

    What a GREAT freebie!! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • swathi says:

      I think you got signup try to login with the id what you gave to signup. If you don’t login with that try using another id

  • Virginia says:

    I hit the sign-in button at the upper right hand corner and it let me in to then sign up for an account. When I hit the button at the bottom right corner, it did nothing for me also.

  • gaspitsnoel says:

    I went through and completed everything. It says your FREE FinishTags should ship in 10 – 20 days. So we’ll see.

  • Tallymomma says:

    These are a great idea when you are traveling with an autistic or special needs child. I signed up no problem, hopefully they will get here before we go on vacation ;)

  • trina says:

    Did them for my special needs son, so hopefully I get them!!

  • Tracy says:

    I’m having a hard time with my picture. I don’t see the check box to accept the cropping. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • traci vizer says:

    Looks like they are offline or out of business . . . guess my tags are now useless . . .

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