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OfficeMax: Back to School Deals 7/24-7/30

5:03 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Here are my favorite deals you can snag at OfficeMax Starting tomorrow, 7/24…

MaxPerks Rewards Items

To qualify for the MaxPerks Rewards, you MUST use your MaxPerks ID during the checkout process!

Purchase any Backpacks, Totes or Messengers and Get 100% back in MaxPerks Rewards Bonus Rewards – Which makes for FREE Backpacks, Totes and Messengers! Yay! :)
(Limit 2 per member. While supplies last. Bonus Rewards earned for this backpack offer will be available in a member’s account in September 2011; Bonus Rewards for Teachers Members will be available in October 2011. Reward cards expire 90 days from the date of issuance, except Florida where they expire one year from the date of issuance).

OfficeMax 8.5 x 11 Mutlipurpose Paper 500 sheet $6.99
Get $6.98 back in MaxPerks Rewards
Final Cost $0.01!

2 For $3 Deals

Avery or Elmer’s Glue Sticks 3 pack
Sharpie Blue or Black Pens 2 pack
OfficeMax 3-Subject Notebook

2 For $5 Deals

Ticonderoga #2 Pencils 24 pack
Scotch Magic Tape 3 pack
OfficeMax 5-Subject Notebook

2 For $7 Deals

Book Sox Stretchable Book Covers
BIC 0.7mm Metallic Mechanical Pencils 24 pack
Pentel RSVP Fine or Medium-Point Ballpoint Pens 5 pack

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deals

Pentel Wow! Blue or Black Ballpoint Pens 12 pack
Pentel EnerGel-X or EnerGel Deluxe Retractable Medium-Point Pens 3 pack
OfficeMax Filler Paper
Schoolio Crayons 8 pack or Washable Paints
Schoolio Washable Broadline or Fineline Markers 8 ct.
OfficeMax Antistatic Monitor Wipes and Compressed Gas Duster Combo Pack

Buy 2 Get 1 Free Deals

Expo or Sharpie Markers and Highlighters
All [IN]Place Heavy-Duty View Binders
Officemax Insertable and Write-on Dividers

Other Great Deals

Buy 2 Twin-Tip Sharpie Marker Singles and Get 1 Schoolio 1-Subject Notebook for FREE
Buy 8-Pack Crayola Washable Markers and Get 1 64-Pack Schoolio Crayons for FREE
Buy 24-Pack Zebra Retractable Ballpoint Pens and Get 1 28-Pack of Zebra 0.7 mm Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils for FREE
Kingston DataTraveler 4GB USB Drive $7.99
(regularly $12.99)

If you’re not a MaxPerk member, no worries… head over here to sign up or sign up at your local OfficeMax store or by calling 1-866-MAXPERKS. The MaxPerks program is open to teachers and businesses. However, ANY one is eligible for a MaxPerk’s business membership… you do NOT have to own a business to choose this option (I did verify this fact and was told by customer service that it was completely fine to sign up for a business membership even as a stay-at-home mom).

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  • Sarah says:

    I am looking for the Magic Tape coupon for 1.00 off. 3M must have caught on as it is no longer on the welcome coupon page PDF. Had anybody saved it and could email it to me? :)

    I am a teacher and this would help so much!! Sarah

  • shannyn says:

    Can you tell me will these max perk rewards be available with on-line purchases? Will the sale begin tonight at 12:00? 2 weeks ago I became a max perks member and cannot believe all the back to school things I am getting for basically free, depending on which way you look at it. Schools can really use this stuff if you like to donate. Do you know exactly how their policy works with using your max perks rewards to buy more max perk deals. I spoke with a customer service rep and the way I understood him this method could work.

    • Ann says:

      I purchased backpacks last year in store and received 100% back in maxperks. I have been rolling these same maxperks rewards since last year and received tons a freebies, including a new printer, binders, markers, pens, tape, and paper. It does work on on-line purchases. If you log on to your account right now, you can see that they are currently offering free markers and pens. You can get free shipping if your order is > $50 and if you go through ebates, you get cash back. I have even used some of my maxperks rewards to purchase a Home Depot gift card in store.

  • Suzanne says:

    In case anyone is wondering, there’s a limit of 2 on OfficeMax 8.5 x 11 Mutlipurpose Paper 500 sheet $6.99
    Get $6.98 back in MaxPerks Rewards
    Final Cost $0.01!

  • dang says:

    I am totally new to maxperk and last year I bought 2 backpacks and did not check reward and now it expire :(. 80 $ wasted :(

    Can you tell me what is reward card and how to use it.
    Cause I really need more backpacks for my siblings and I cannot afford to lose more money.


    • amber says:

      I don’t have alot of experience with max perks either but when you go into the store and sign up for a max perks card make sure they scan it b4 you make your purchase and then you go online and register the max perks card and keep checking your max perks account until you see that you have your max perks credit applied to your account. It should take a few weeks for your max perks credit to hit your account (30+ days). When you see that you have your max perks credit then all you have to do is print out the max perks certificate and take it into office max or go online to office max and then you can spend it like a gift card, or you can wait to see if they offer another 100 back in maxperks offer and roll your maxperks into another reward. Since you said you checked your account and your max perks expired you must have a card already so you shouldnt need another one, the key is not to forget that you have max perks coming and don’t let them expire….Well I hope I have not confussed you and hope you better understand maxperks.

  • Samantha says:

    Do you know if you can get the .01 deals online too?

  • Amber says:

    So I have 28.26 in max perks rewards now. Can I use that to buy 1 or 2 backpacks and still get 100% of their cost back in max perks? Or does it void the deal when I use max perks to pay for it?

  • Linda says:

    The Sharpie pens 2/3 are in fcat one of the $5.00 off 3coupon items so a money maker of .54. I did this for my first order to see if it worked and got the refund but for the other two orders I added items to prevent a negative total requiring managers code and key(even though they did not mind).

  • Beverly says:

    Today when I purchased at Office Max, I also got a $5 off $25 coupon to use at Payless Shoe Source :-)

  • Jamie says:

    I got 2 backpacks ($29.99 and $39.99) and 4 packs of sharpie twin pack black fine tip pens (2 for $3, so $6 total for 4) for approx. $76 before tax. I used the $5 off 3 sharpie/expo products coupon from a tear pad in the store. I went to pay (I had some MaxPerks rewards) and when I pulled out my MaxPerks card it was a $25 coupon that I guess I didnt even realize I had. I just signed up and received my MaxPerks membership and card and the coupon must have come with my card. IF ANY OF YOU JUST GOT YOUR MAXPERKS CARD, CHECK FOR THIS HOT COUPON TO USE WITH THE BACKPACK DEAL! After the 2 coupons ($5 and $25) the total with tax was $50.22 and I think I will get most of that back in MaxPerks. My best school supply deal EVER!

  • Sheila S says:

    Thanks so much, Collin! I ended up getting two rolling backpacks that should work perfectly as carry ons. We’ve been schlepping along regular bags on our backs these last few trips so I’m looking forward to trying these out!

  • xb says:

    I’m about to leave the country for a while and won’t be able to use all my maxperks coupons. If anyone wants some let me know. They are as follows:

    #1 $15 off $50 valid to 8/13 (I think you have to be under my maxperks – so you wouldn’t want to do it for deals like this backpack.)
    #2 Free reusable tote + 20% of everything you can fit inside valid July 31st and August 1st ONLY
    #3 They sent me a lot of $10 off $50 to pass out to my students – looks like you can us your maxperks and maybe I get some kickback in my maxperks if you use it (it’s under the teacher thing) They sent me 32 of these. They are valid from 8/2 to 9/30. My school doesn’t start until late September, so I don’t see myself passing them out to students with much time left – so thought if someone wanted them and would make use of them – might as well give them away!
    I need to mail them out tomorrow – so send me addresses right away (

    Hope this is helpful to someone!

  • Milly says:

    I was wondering if anyone has an official Office Max link to this backpack deal or Office Max ad?
    I am having problems with the reward and I wanted to get a proof that OfficeMax indeed had this 100%Bonus reward on backpacks. Thanks!

  • Jim says:

    I purchased 2 backpacks along with several other maxperks items and one of my backpacks that was backordered did not earn any bonus, I called and they said they would correct it within 2 days.

    2 days later I checked my maxperks account and they removed my first backback that already qualified, but now i guess it doesn’t, and still did nothing with rewarding my bonus for the backordered item.

    So I will probably need some help too, a backlink to the original ad might work, I don’t know.

    Has anyone else had issues with OM? What is the best way to resolve?

    It seems frustrating since you are unable to speak directly with the maxperks dept.

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