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Staples: 300 FREE Instant Labels ($9.99 Value!)

4:18 PM MST
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Wow! Staples just released yet another *HOT* coupon! Head on over here to print an in-store coupon valid for 300 FREE instant labels, good through 8/24!

* Valid through 8/24/11 in Staples® U.S. stores only. Free instant label offer applies only to 10 sheets of 30-up labels (SKU # 738427), a $9.99 value. $9.99 coupon value may be applied to higher quantities of the same label. Coupon value does not include tax. Orders must be picked up in store by 8/24/11 to qualify. Limit one per customer, nontransferable. Each item purchased can only be discounted by one coupon, applied by cashier in order received and prior to tax. May not be combined with any other coupon. Coupon must be surrendered. No copies/facsimiles of coupons accepted. No cash/credit back. Not valid on prior purchases or on purchases made with Staples® Procurement or Convenience Cards.

(Thanks, Freebie Shark!)

** Don’t forget to check out all of the Staples weekly deals here.

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  • Emily says:

    stupid question- are these like return address labels?

  • trailmama says:

    are these like address labels? thanks so much!!

  • Janet says:

    did this come from their website? Is this for certain customers? I see Coupon code 58480 on coupon but strangely that info did not print out on coupon.

  • guest24 says:

    WOW, Thanks Bunches. I need new Personalized Canning (Jar)labels. These will be perfect. Scratch that off my Christmas List. Woo-Hoo. Thanks.

  • Janet says:

    do we order them online before we pick up at store?

  • Cindy says:

    Sorry to sound stupid, but I went to and tried to find how to order them online and didn’t have any luck. I kept getting Avery labels when I searched. I tried to search by the Staples SKU on the coupon (#738427) and that didn’t work either. If anyone figures out how to oreder online PLEASE let me know!

  • A says:

    This particular item cannot be ordered online. needs to be done in the store.

  • Collin says:

    OK… seriously this is the first deal I really, really do NOT get! ;) My brain is actually starting to hurt, so I guess disregard everything I said in the comments earlier because I do not know what the heck I’m talking about.

    After digging a little further, it does appear you have to order your instant labels in-store – not online. And I am still quite confused on what Instant labels are…

    Aren’t I such a big help?! :D

  • Clarissa says:

    Question Colin, When placing our order online the quantity options are 140, 280 and 420. Do you know what option we should choose in order to get the free 300 labels?

  • Janet says:

    Needed to go to store anyhow. Love living just 4 minutes from Staples! Thanks for posting Collin. Great deal!!

  • dreamzviva says:

    If anybody goes to the store today, can you tell me if you had to pay tax on the deal? I could use these labels but don’t need them urgently, and its a bit of a drive, so I’m trying to see is it worth it. Thanks!

  • ThriftyPuppy says:

    Dreamzviva: Depends on your state. In Missouri, we pay tax only on the total AFTER coupons. Other states are different (e.g., in Kansas, you pay tax on the whole total BEFORE coupons.) So, since I live in Missouri and this is free after coupon, there will be no tax.

  • cw says:

    OK collin dont worry. This was a big help to me. Thank you for posting. I am a K teacher and we spend the first 3 weeks (at least) “Labeling” the kids for dismissal. I spend hours every week making labels that I put on them before they go home! (not to mention money spent that I never get back…). So I am using this deal to make labels for the kiddos. For any teacher friends on Hip2Save, I’m putting my name, then “bus”, “walker”, and “car” on it. All I’ll have to do is circle how they go home and write their name above mine. (Mine is on there so if they dont get picked up they know who’s class they are in!) Thank you so much collin you just saved me a ton of time and money!!!!

  • Nik t says:

    Any creative ideas to use these for? Other than address labels of course! ;)

    • tia says:

      i, too, am a teacher. i have used these labels (through VistaPrint) to create “personalized” goofy stickers for my students. pic of a horse “no horsin around–you do good work” and then i have my name printed, as well as other pictures and statements. not sure how to make that work with these….

      QUESTION: WHERE do these staples coupons come from???? they NEVER send me any good ones—just like $15 off a computer, and the like. how can i stay on top of good staples coupons without having to rely on a blog?

    • kristy says:

      And one idea i had is to get something very small on the bottom and then they are basically BLANK labels for what ever you want in the future!

  • kristy says:

    So horrible experience with this today. Go to the store and place my order on the computer for the correct labels. 300 for $9.99. When it is my turn to be helped the guy looks at the order and says when did you need these? I said today? :/ He then goes to speak to the manager and they say that they do not print these in store that have to be delivered. I said well I am getting these because of this coupon (handed him the coupon) on the coupon it says, “instant labels. Made in store same day” He says well I do not work in this area. The girl that does is not here. I don’t know how to use the stuff over here I just know a bit about computers. Wow. haha. Lucky for me there are about 4 Staples near so I will try another one some other time.

  • Zoe says:

    So I just got back from my Staples. All went well. I came home with the 300 labels for my son. I have to tell you that the selections of designs are limited – very limited. It seems to me like they are more for workers who need labels in a hurry (painters, housekeepers, etc) There were not a lot of “cute” or “cool” selections, but for free I should just be grateful and happy. I designed what I wanted on their computer and they printed it for me in 2 minutes. It was simple and easy. I did have to pay tax in Georgia, but in Georgia they tax me to breathe (almost) so other states may not have to pay tax.

  • claudine says:

    I can’t find the coupon for some reason. It just takes me to the Staples site.

  • anon says:

    Can U print different designs like 100 with one pattern, rest 200 with something else on them….thanks in advance…

  • aurielle99 says:

    Just came back from a lunch run to staples for the office with the bogo case paper. I got the labels for myself. I was in and out in 10 minutes. They have lots of designs to choose from. The associate was really nice as everyone was coming in waiting in a small line to make them. Good idea to make some Christmas labels too.

  • Kelli says:

    Did this twice today and it was the first time either associate had seen the coupon. For them to print these, it takes only a few minutes. The first set I created was address labels and the second sent I created were labels that say “this item belongs to _______ of the _______family”. I am thinking of doing a set for each of my children since it is so quick and easy. Thanks for a great deal!

  • Dania says:

    Just got my labels right now!! I didn’t even have to print the coupon!! Showed it to them on my phone and that was it…thanks so much!!

  • Cheryl says:

    be careful…when I click on ‘head over here’ it takes me to a coupon that prints with no bar code which cannot be used at the store (learned this from experience); sign up to receive emails from staples in order to receive the coupons that will print with the bar code

  • margaret in seattle says:

    i made label says
    Good til
    1 2 3 4 5 6
    7 8 9 10 11 12
    2011 2012 2013
    now i can just circle the number that shows the expiration of my stockpile especially food and then just stick on the box.

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