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Coupon Printing Issues? Here a Few Tips…

12:31 PM MST
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I love my MacBook and don’t know what I’d do without it! :) Like some of you Apple lovers, however, I’ve had trouble when it comes to printing coupons. I did a little digging on this subject and found the information below to be helpful. Note: Much of this stuff also applies to you PC users!

In general, a lot of today’s printing problems are connected to browser and coupon application updates in which added security measures have been taken. If you have any doubts about being able to print, try printing a coupon you don’t want. Since your IP address is attached to every coupon that you try to print, don’t do any testing using your favorite coupons!


Sometimes, by simply changing to a different browser, you can successfully print. If you’re a Mac user, stick with Firefox or Safari for coupon printing. Avoid using Internet Explorer because not all of the coupon applications support this browser. If you are unable to print coupons using Safari 5.1, switch to Firefox 5.0.1!


A common printing issue for SmartSource coupons relates to the version of Java on your computer. Java is required in order to print SS coupons; make sure that you have the most current Java version installed.

If you can’t print SS coupons in Firefox, open Internet Explorer and then open the SmartSource page.  See if you can print in this browser or another browser of your choosing.

If the error message about your default printer not being supported pops up when you attempt to print a SS coupon, go to your Printer setting and open the Advanced tab. Select the option “Print Directly to Printer.” This setting should allow you to print. You can always restore to your original settings after your coupons have printed.


Target acknowledges printing issues associated with its Coupon Print Activator software. Coupon Print Activator is a small plugin that works with PCs, Macs, and most operating systems and browsers. You must download and install this plugin in order to print Target coupons. If you have downloaded and installed this program but continue to get repeat messages to download, open another browser and try printing from this browser.

Mac users: If you can’t print Target coupons on Safari, go to Safari, Preferences, Advanced tab. Check the box that says “Show Develop menu in menu bar” and close this window. Now open the Target Coupons page. Then look at the menu bar of Safari & click on Develop, User Agent, and Safari 4.0.5-Mac. The Target page will reload, and you should now be able to print your coupons.

…And if you have any other tips, please share in the comment section as I think we need all the help we can get on this issue! :)

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  • Courtney says:

    Does anyone know how to fix the Java to print smartsource coupons?

  • Nikki says:

    I just bought a new dell yestarday and now I can’t download the print activator software for Target. PLEASE HELP

  • karen says:

    It printed once–now, it says I don’t have the plug in, etc. Eff ’em. I’ll shop elsewhere.

  • THUY says:


  • Geena O says:

    how do U get target coupons to print on mac with Safari…? for me most times it doesn’t and rarely when it does , it a coupon i jus randomly chose to test…! please let me know how to get Target coupons to print every time from my mac book with OS X 10.8.

    • Ashley S says:

      I am suffering from the same issue as you Geena O. I have yet to figure it out. If I do then I will respond to your question. I just hope somebody else has the answer because everything I have tried has not worked.

      • Brian D says:

        I have a macbook air and I cant figure out the problem either it keeps comming up with a message that says print error. I hope someone figures this out

  • Annette says:

    I am having a difficult time printing from Food Lion trying to print doritos coupons on my mac have you had any difficulty, I download what I think is the app but can’t open. Since your a Mac user thought you might have some insite.

  • Kristen says:

    Any idea how to make a MacBook Pro print coupons in black and white?

  • Lory says:

    We are a Mac Family. Any coupon I print comes out teeny tiny…my husband or I can’t figure out why. I’m also unable to print it in black and white, it comes out full color. I end up having to print from an old, slow , hand me down, PC laptop…and can only print two coupons.

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