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Wendy's: $1 Halloween Jr. Frosty Coupon Booklet

2:31 PM MST
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It’s that time of year again! Time to head over to your local Wendy’s restaurant to snag the annual Halloween Coupon Booklet. Just like last year, Wendy’s is selling a limited number of these coupon booklets for $1 (yep, just a buck!) and they each include 5 coupons each valid for a FREE Jr. Frosty! What a fun way to treat your kiddos and yourself while still sticking to your budget! Please note that these coupons are only available to use between 11/1/11-2/1/12. Also, please keep in mind that these coupon booklets may not be available in all areas of the country so you may want to contact your local store before making a special trip.

Be sure to let us know if you’re able to find these coupon booklets at your local Wendy’s restaurant.

(Thanks for the info and picture, Couponing for 4!)

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  • heather says:

    Our local McDonalds has Halloween coupon packets also (not all stores get them). Fro a 1.00 you get a ton of coupons for free items(fries, juice box, ice cream cone). I always buy a couple booklets to use for fun times when we are driving in car and doing errands!

  • AnnaM says:

    Oo, and I had goody bags to fill. Thanks!

  • Trish says:

    I hope I find some of these. The McDonald’s one would be fantastic too! I really hope they have these where I live. Has anyone seen them in Tampa?

  • Debbi says:

    Anyone see in the Phoenix area?

  • Laura says:

    Los Angeles sells the McDonald’s Halloween coupon booklet. I’ve bought it a number of times. I didn’t know Wendys sold them too! Awesome! Thanks.

  • Elizabeth says:

    These make great party favors, too. My birthday is Oct 25 and when I was a child my mom would put these coupon booklets in my friend’s party favors. Everyone loved them!

  • Priscilla says:

    I’m looking for the mc Donalds coupons to give out, but none of the locations close to me or my hubby’s work have them. Would anyone be willing to buy me 6 booklets and send them to me. I will repay you for the booklets and postage, i also have $5 enfamil checks for those interested in helping me out.

  • kendall ibsen says:

    Hello! i just called two of my local Wendy’s and they did have them, but they were both unsure of when they would be able to sell them? They all seemed very confused! haha

  • Brenda says:

    I just called my Wendy’s and the manager told me, “Our Wendy’s doesn’t get them. Only corporate stores get them.” Then she told me the nearest corporate store to me is 30 miles away. What is a corporate store? Anyone know?

  • Stephen A says:

    Aww boo, last year it was 10! Well, better than 0 lol…..

  • Susan says:

    In Raleigh-Durham NC, they are selling keytags for $1.00 which can be used to get a free Jr Frosty with any purchase through 12/31/11

  • axhilli says:

    Was told they won’t have them in the Milwaukee area I called 3 different locations. I was told they have the keytags though.

  • jheintz says:

    We have purchased these for the past 4 years or so. Available at the Port Angeles, Washington Wendy’s. I just bought 10 books today. Might get more. Sure liked the 10/$1 price in past years, but I guess 20 cents each is still good. We like to use these on trips. The manager said they never expire, despite having an expiration date on them. Maybe it’s just our restaurant that always honors them.

  • Jen B. says:

    I sent my husband to pick up the coupon books on the way home and ours contained 10 coupons for $1! This was at the Sherman Way and White Oak location in Van Nuys/Reseda area of CA (San Fernando Valley).

  • shelly says:

    Anyone seen them in MO area????

  • Tracey says:

    I know the mcdonalds here in Valdosta Ga has the coupons not sure if the wendys does hopefully they do my son has a party in his class and these would be great to put in goody bags.

  • mkw says:

    how about north iowa or southern mn anyone?

  • Salina says:

    I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed over a week ago and I’m still on soft foods. Well, Friday I decided I would treat myself to a frosty and received a booklet of 5 free jr frostys after donating a $1 to a children’s charity. I think I need to treat myself again!! Oh, this was in Amarillo!!

  • Dee J says:

    Our local Wendy’s had a promotion this summer where you donated $1 and got a key chain frosty tag. Then until 12/31/11, you get a free Junior Frosty every time you visit Wendy’s when you show the tag. Awesome deal!

  • lisa says:

    We get these every year. Not only to support the charity but make great classroom hand outs and when my son was younger we put in the goody bags for his bday party, he has a nov bday….other fast food places do similar offers so one year the kids all got frosty’s and fries…

  • Tisha says:

    I just picked up a booklet yesterday. Mine has 10 coupons in it for free frosty’s instead of just 5!! =)

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