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Steals and Deals: Coats, Handbags, Beauty Bundle and More

9:10 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Jill's Steals and Deals

Coupon codes from Jill’s Steals and Deals segment broadcast on Sept. 20 have expired.

Follow Hip2Save on Facebook page to be alerted the next time Jill’s Steals and Deals airs as well as other great online deals. And tweet @TODAYshow or @JillMartinTV with the hashtag #StealsandDeals any questions about the products featured in the segment or suggestions for future offerings.

Every other Tuesday Jill Martin tells TODAY viewers about five great deals offered by retailers. Deals expire after 24 hours.

Neither Jill Martin, TODAY nor Hip2Save profits from these recommendations or from sales — we’re just looking to help you find the very best deals. Conditions and restrictions may apply.

If you have any specific questions about these details or your order, please check with the retailers making the offers.

Here are the companies’ websites, contact information and a delivery timeframe that they provided TODAY:

Best Bra package
Email address:
Phone number: (800) 206-0939
Expected delivery time: Up to six weeks

Terzetto handbags
Email address:
Phone number: (213) 248.2190
Expected delivery time: Up to three weeks

KaplanMD beauty products
Email address:
Phone number: (323) 980.9872
Expected delivery time: Up to two weeks

Lisa Stewart bracelets
Email address:  
Expected delivery time: Up to four weeks

Kenneth Cole jackets
Email address:
Phone number: (310) 230-8245
Expected delivery time: Up to 10 days

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  • threeheartsrsh says:

    Placed my order 4:55am – 9-21-11. Never got a response as to support or fit. Page said that I will get a confirmation email within 24 hours. I am not holding my breath. This whole deal was so shady and sloppily done that I wonder if I will get the bras at all. I only (finally) placed the order because I trust the Today show to have checked out anything that they broadcast as being legitimate. I really hope that my trust is not misplaced

    • Amber85 says:

      I also placed an order for the best bra. I recieved my order yesterday along with another today. I looked back at my credit card statement, they charged me for two orders. When I called them to return the other order for my money back. They said to bad, they do not accept returns or offer refunds…..

  • Wilmary Woebbeking says:

    I wasted the better part of a day trying to thru for the TodayBra offer. Finally at7 p.m. my order was placed. I don’t think I’ll do this again.

  • Jan Jordan says:

    I couldn’t find a discont code so tha I could order anything. Won’t use the site again.

  • Californiadreamer says:

    I was one of the “lucky” ones who was able to order the Terzetto handbag. There are so many brands I’ve never heard of that are good, that I put my trust in the Today Show that this was really a good deal. Good deals go fast, so I didn’t research it before I ordered. Since then, I’ve googled Terzetto handbags and nothing comes up. The money has already cleared my bank, so I’ll wait to see what I receive and if I receive the handbag promised. I’m old enough to know better… I hope my trust was not misplaced and I would’ve been luckier to have not been able to place an order.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was also one who was “able” to place an order. Just tonight I started researching the bags, and could not find anything either. Who/what are they? I guess we’ll see when it gets to our door. I have ordered once before. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype, exclusivity. What I don’t like is that you can’t replace or return. I don’t understand that part. What would be the problem with allowing a return or exchange if not what you like, at your own s/h expense of course.

    • anonymous says:

      I have ordered 3 different bags through steals and deals, at 3 different times. You can say I am addicted to Jills Steals and Deals. I did not like the first company at all, the second and third bags were great, just wish I had ordered a different color but I am always so concerned about getting the deal that I will take anything. Almost everything that I have received has been a wonderful deal with the exception of the comforter set.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, it’s October 27th and I still don’t have a bag. Can find a darn thing when I googled the bag except for Jills Steals and Deals. I even forget what it looks like. I won’t be doing this again.

    • Purse and shoe luver says:

      I just received my blue terzetto bag in the mail today and I’m in love. The quality of leather is amazing and the color is very rich. It was well worth the wait. I found myself nervous about the purse because like so many others I never heard of the brand but I trust jills steals and deals.

      • Laura says:

        Did you receive your purst through the U.S. Postal service or Fed Ex..etc. I am still very nervous about not receiving mine.

      • Martha says:

        Purse and Shoe Lover,
        Does your packing slip offer any information as to how to contact someone at the company? I’m getting a little fed up not being able to get any answers. It has, after all, been over 6 weeks since we ordered.

        • Purse and shoe luver says:

          I’m so sorry Martha, I threw threw the evidence in the trash so my husband wouldn’t know I bought one of my own Christmas presents, lol. I’m sure these other ladies may still have their packaging. But they company said give them till nov 7 which is Monday. I would wait till then to go off on them. I can suggest trying Facebook or twitter because terezetto has an account on there. The owner of the company, Amy, answered my question on Facebook so try there.

        • Kate says:

          I just received two of Loreto Blue Handbags (delivered via UPS) even though I only ordered one. There’s not a lot of information on the packing slip but here it is:
          Terzetto Bags
          C/O AMS Fullfillment House
          291250 Commerce Center Drive, #2
          Valencia, CA 91355
          No telephone number or website address. The item number for the bag is TZH1-BL.

          • Kate says:

            Forgot to mention ….
            The quality of the bag seems very good but for the blue bag I ordered, the pictured hardware was silver. The bag I was delivered has gold hardware (slightly disappointed).

        • shoeaddict says:

          I also ordered the bag not knowing anything & researching after & I found people stating they had seen these bags in boutiques & wanted them but could not afford. That made me feel some better. They have sent an email stating the large number of bags sold will delay all orders going out as fast but if you did not receive your bag or tracking info by 11/7/11 contact them & they will manually track it for you. I did just this today as I have not received bag or tracking info & within a few hours they respond with the tracking info & my bag is on the UPS truck to arrive tomorrow. I think everything is okay with this company. I think they are just more a European designer & has not populated our markets just yet, but we will be the first to have one in our states. Email Kelly @

    • Anonymous says:

      I received my blue Terzetto handbag today and it is beautiful! This is the 3rd or 4th item I’ve ordered from Jill’s Steals and Deals, and have never had a problem ordering at all. As for the handbag, I didn’t think I heard from the company, so I contacted them from the confirmation email, they said to check the Spam folder, and their emails were there, advising that they had such a huge response they had to produce more, and when I would receive it. Also found the same bag for $425 on a style website. Nothing shady at all with the Steal and Deals in my experience.

      • Anonymous says:

        I received my brown Terzetto bag today!! It is lovely! A little smaller than I had pictured, but the leather is very high end. Love the fact that it came with it’s own cloth storage bag.
        I was able to google Terzetto bags with no problem. And I got email updates from the company. Yes, it took a long time to get it, but it was worth the wait!!

  • Rachel Franklin says:

    I called World’s Best Bra customer service number (800) 206-0939 to inquire about my order placed on Tuesday, September 22nd as part of the Today Show deal.

    My order had not been updated in their system this morning (I had originally called to ensure that my order was not placed twice due to website errors on Tuesday). She informed me when I called back this afternoon that, due to a website billing error on Tuesday, the company was asking customers to re-place their orders on the website (

    The price of $12.95 per set would remain throughout today. I just placed the order again. I just wanted to put the word out there for those of you who placed orders with them on Tuesday. I encourage you to call and double-check with customer service before you re-place your order, however!

    • Anonymous says:

      These bras are HORRIBLE – so mad I wasted my time and money on them. NO support – really just a very flimsy sports bra. world’s best my foot.

  • Jacque says:

    I have order many things off the Today’s show steals and deals. I just wanted to make everyone aware that I ordered the Best Bra deal. My order went through without any issues. I received a confirmation page stating that I would receive a confirmation email within 24 hrs. I did not receive one so I called on Friday and was told there system was behind to call back on Saturday and they would confirm my order information. I did and it still wasn’t there so they told me to call on Wednesday Sep 28th about the order I placed on Tues September 20th. It still was not in their system and I was informed there must have been an error. If I still wanted the bras I could pay the normal retail price of $60 plus shipping. That is more than I was paying for all 9 bras. I tried to explain that it didn’t seem fair for me to pay more for their mistake. They did not seem to care! I hope everyone else has better luck, but I wanted to inform you to be aware of this company’s practices!

  • Jessie says:

    I just called today (9/29) the 800 number and was told that their order are still not up to date and to call back after Oct. 7th. We shall see what happens! I’m sure their system was just overloaded with the amount of orders being taken. Too bad they weren’t prepared! Sounded like such a good deal. I am expecting not to receive my two sets of bras. DANG!

  • Marcia says:

    I placed my order on 9/21 for 2 sets of bras and 2 purses. The charge for the purses was posted to my charge card the same day. As of today, 10/18, I have not received either order. I will be contacting my charge card to have the charge removed. I saw Jill’s Deals today and I wouldn’t ever place another order.

  • Shari D.l says:

    I just want everyone to know about this! Anyone who had a problem with these you are not alone! I sent the following e-mail to the website on the Jill’s Steal’s and Deals e-mail address that was on the original posting. I did get one email the day it was ordered no more, and was charged twice. Please everyone check their accounts to make sure the same did not happen to you!

    To whom it may concern;

    I checked my checking account today and I was surprised when my account was charged twice for a special order of these Bra’s. I called the 800 number (1-800-206-0939) which was very unhelpful. They stated that I ordered twice on two different days and I assure you that I did not do it over two days and I was told that there would be no cancellation of the order do the NBC special. There were several issues with your website on the day I ordered and the fact that no confirmations were given is very unprofessional, but since it was from the Today show I thought it would be ok.

    This is the first and last time I choose to order from Specials from the Today Show. I’ve been wanting to try these Bra’s but they have been too expensive for me to even consider. Like most Americans we are on a tight budget in this economy and $20 may not sound much to some, but I guarantee to a one income family living paycheck to paycheck today because of necessity not by choice, it is at least 3 meals for our family.

    I am extremely disappointed in this disservice and will let friends and family know not to order from Jill’s Steal’s and Deal’s in the future.

    One very dissatisfied consumer,

    • Andrea Tarantino says:

      On Sept. 21′ I ordered the Terzetto bag in blue. Well it is now, Nov. 4th, I never received a confirmation, I have not received the bag, & yet my charge card was billed the day I ordered it, & not just once, but TWICE!! So now what?

  • DebC says:

    Has anyone at all received their Terzetto purse?? It’s very frustrating – their website doesn’t even work! Do I have to contact my credit card company now? What is going on?

    • DebC says:

      Just an update. I email Terzetto & received a response already. All purses are supposed to be received by November 11th. If not they say to email them & they will track package.

      • Anonymous says:

        My e-mail said by November 7th, then they would search for the package. I have been charged for it as well.

        Has anyone contacted Jill’s Steals and Deals to let them know what’s going on?

      • April says:

        Could you please give me Terzetto’s e-mail and any other form of contact you may have belonging to this company?

        • Mia says:

          This is the email I received on 9/29 from Terzetto:

          I found this phone # on Today’s website: Phone number: (213) 248.2190

          Btw, I’m picking up a package from UPS today and I have a feeling it’s this bag – not expecting anything else. I’ll post if it is, so you know they’re actually sending them!

          Dear Terzetto Customer,

          Thanks so much for your recent order!

          The recent Today Show sale was a huge success – we sold nearly 20,000 handbags. We are working around the clock to get your orders out as quickly as possible. We will be sending you email updates on the progress of your order so that you can stay informed.

          Here are a few things to remember about your order.

          * All sales are final. We cannot exchange or refund any orders. We could not have provided you with the extraordinary discount offered on The Today Show without this policy.
          * We will ship orders between Oct. 20 – Nov. 7, so please wait until at least Nov. 7 to inquire about your order.
          * If you will be moving away from the shipping address which you provided to us or otherwise need to change your shipping address, please email us immediately with your new shipping address and write “ADDRESS CHANGE” in the subject line.
          * If you do not receive an email update or shipping confirmation by Nov. 7, please notify us by email so we can manually track your package.

          If you have any other inquiries feel free to email us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please check your spam box because we are diligent about responding to your inquiries.

          We value your business and will do anything reasonably possible to make sure you are a satisfied customer. Thanks again for your order. We look forward to shipping your merchandise as quickly as we can.

          Best Regards,
          Kelly Dunn
          Customer Service Supervisor, Terzetto Bags

    • Anonymous says:

      I received my Terzetto bag and love it. It’s beautiful.

  • Megan says:

    Anyone hear anything yet??

    • Diane says:

      The charge for my Terzetto bag was processed on September 21st, and to date I have not seen the bag. Like many of you I’ve tried their website but the links are not working. DebC – how did you get their email address?

      If I don’t receive the bag by November 11th I will be disputing the charge.

      I also bought the bras, but to date have not been charged for them.

      If anyone else hears anything on the bags please let the rest of us know.

  • April says:

    I am furious about the Terzetto handbags. Like most of you I placed an order for one simple bag and have YET to recieve any information about shipping. I also like most of you have tried to research about the company including trying to find a website and came up with zilch. I did find a facebook page but it’s a P.O.S. page. It doesn’t even look legit. They don’t have an e-mail, phone number, or website listed on “their” facebook page. Does anyone from ‘today show’ respond to these posts? I want answers. I refuse to watch the ‘today show’ again because of this and I have informed my friends and family the same. Jills steals and deals is a ripp off. I can’t believe they enjoy being a part of companys in ripping off their “fans.”

    • megan says:

      April, I am equally ticked. I ordered this was 6 weeks ago? They said we’d have them already, and don’t. I am going on vacation and needed a crossbody of this size to take to hold my stuff. Well, now I’m screwed bc I bought 2 of these bags and can’t afford to go something else somewhere else.

  • Ellen says:

    I received the following dated Oct.3, to a letter to Due to overwhelming demand for the Today Show Best Bra offer on Tuesday, September 20th, 2011, we experienced unexpected high volume traffic to our website and deeply apologize for the inconvenience . As a result, some customers DID NOT receive their acknowledgement email stating that their order was received. Therefore we are resending all customers this ACKNOWLEDGMENT EMAIL (their caps) tat your order WAS RECEIVED and is IN-PROCESS. Thank you for your understanding and we are confident that you will enjoy the comfort and quality of the Best Bra. The Best Bra Management Team.. As of that letter I have not received anything else. No bras, no search number for shipping, and no letters. However, on my own I ordered a shirt and jacket for$54.95 on Oct. 13,2011 and I am holding the box delivered as I write this. It came from a website called Opening box now: Both arrived fine. Jacket fit well. If others want, you can contact me at

  • carrie says:

    I found a website that has Terzetto handbags on it, it is Style Tryst.They have the same bag featured as the show had.I will be patient for another week,waiting for my bag to come.

  • Redshoe says:

    Aloha fellow shoppers,

    I too am waiting on the bag. Was already charged to my credit card and I’m hoping we were not taken. I thought the law was they couldn’t charge until product is shipped. This certainly doesn’t reflect well on the Today show and I sure hope Jill vets the products and companies before she showcases them. Companies should also be able the handle the volume they know will result as being on this type of “buy” segment.

    On Oprah she always made sure the companies could handle the influx of new business before she showcased them on her favorite things. The Today show business seem very unprofessional. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the bags show up.

    I did get my bra and they are so flimsy and thin. The material feels like pantyhose fabric. There is no way this bra is supportive. Pay 12 bucks is even a rip off and you can get better quality bras at your big box stores. Shame.

    In the future I will research more about the products before I just leap at it because it’s a “steal” …the only stealing to be found here is money from our wallets in the disguise of a great deal!

    • Purse and shoe luver says:

      I’m glad I read this because I was going to reorder my bras because the order got canceled even though they sent me a confirmation. So if they are cheap I will avoid at all cost.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do not order the bras!!!!! They are flimsy and worse, THEY STINK LIKE MOTHBALLS!!!! Can’t get the smell out and have washed them three times now, since I cant find my packaging info to call and return. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  • disappointed says:

    I tried the phone number for Terzetto Handbags and found that the mail box is full, to try again later then it hung up. I am questioning as to whether they will ship the purse or not. I will dispute the charge on my credit card.

  • Worried Customer says:

    The Today Show knows that their viewers are frustrated with the Terzetto Handbag company that they introduced to their viewers but they have not given their viewers any information on the company or the status of our orders. I can not tell if this company even exists or if this was all a scam. This deal was introduced as the “deal of the century” but if there really was 20,000 orders for the product then it may be the scam of the century. Will someone from the Today Show please contact me about this Jill’$ Steals and deals product?

  • Terzetto says:

    Today my Terzetto handbag arrived as expected. I really liked :)

  • Kpbspaqueen says:

    Just received my Terzetto handbag today. Yes shipping method seemed “cheap” (via UPS) but the bag is beautiful. Very good quality leather. I’m very pleased. I had no issues with the wait to receive it, I got the email someone else posted stating it would be a while before they were shipped, then got another email about 3 days ago stating it had shipped with a UPS tracking number. I’m happy.

  • bk says:

    It has been over a week (11-1) since I ordered my Terzetto purse and I haven’t received a conformation of the order nor the purse. However, my credit card has been charged. Where is my purse ?????????? I would like someone from the Today Show to contract me and explain what is happening with the purses from Jill$ Steals and Deals.

  • kriskiss says:

    I have ordered many things through this Today show segment and have been pretty happy with everything. I received my Terzetto handbag yesterday and I am obsessed. I ordered the blue one and the color is gorgeous and the leather on the bag is A-MAY-ZING! I think this was a great deal. You need to be patient with the orders if you want to take part in these opportunities. Everyone takes a veryyyy long time to get to you, but that is the price you pay for getting something at a discounted price, you just have to deal with it. This is not a scam. In addition, I received several emails from the company keeping me up to speed and informing me that they were happy for the business but were backed up due to the excessive amount of orders.

    • eileen s says:

      I agree completely. The company kept me up to date on everything. These “deals” take a long time to arrive as thousands are purchased at one time. I don’t mind waiting as long as I am notified, and this company did just that.

  • eileen s says:

    I received my Terzetto bag yesterday as did my daughter-in-law. Accept for arriving in a poor excuse for packaging, the bag is outrageous! The leather is supple. The color is as promised. AND I just saw it online at for $425.00!!! I’m happy and will be using Jill’s Steals and Deals again, for sure.

  • Priscilla says:

    I finally received the bras today (11/7). Did anyone happen to order an XL and wish they had gotten a Large? I ordered Large, and while I could wear them ok, I kind of wish I would have ordered the XL. Just wondered if anyone wanted to swap.

  • 8teasebaby says:

    I received my bags today I ordered the gray faux snakeskin bag and the blue bag. First off they came in a plastic bag all funky and dirty looking aside from that my blue bag has a area where it looks like someone sprayed something on it that changed the color to a green?? Wth? No returns or exchanges? Absurd understanding that we got these “lovely handbags” but in poor conditions!! Would they have treated the bag the same if I payed the alleged retail price of $475?

    I hope I don’t come of as a B—- but I was extremely excited to get this great bag for a great price but now I find I am stuck with a bag in poor condition I would have rather bought an inexpensive bag that I could at least return/ exchange if I was unhappy.

    If this were to be the quality bag they claim then I believe the company would have better ethics then to take consumers money and say whatever you get is worth it being your getting a deal… Unhappy handbag lover

  • Rumcake says:

    Received my Terzetto bag yesterday. I have received other online purchases in the grey UPS bags from LLBean and others, so didnt think it odd.

    The bag is lovely brown leather. I am very pleased.

  • Lisa says:

    I got my Terzetto bag today. The quality of the leather seems nice but the Terzetto label is UPSIDE DOWN!! I would be a laughing stock if I used this purse. I sent an email to Terzetto and got an instant automated response about tracking. I wonder how much Terzetto paid Jill to sell these defective products?

  • Terese says:

    Wait a minute, Lisa, you may want to hold on to that bag, or send it to me. someday it will be a collector’s item among collector’s of handbags by Italian designers – they are always looking for the two or three Beanie Babies that were accidentally bright blue instead of the intended shade of gray, and are therefore worth $4,000 instead of $4, even today. The coin or book jacket that has the misprint is also the valuable one. It may seem funny to think that this purse, which you obviously find pretty unworthy, would be worth something, but one woman’s trash is another’s treasure!
    To point out something that is obviously not a rarity, I too have not received my handbag, which I ordered through the Today Show on 9-20. I called the company, and Kelly was very nice and sent me an email with the receipit number, but as of today, Nov. 11, the postal service informs me that they do not have the package.

  • becky says:

    Everyone seems very happy with their Terzetto bags. I just received mine today in snakeskin and brown. The hardware: sturdy. The leather: buttery soft. The stitching and quality are very nice. But how come no-one has complained about their bags being misshapen due to being stored/shipped flat and in a flimsy soft side envelope??? I bought one for myself and one for a christmas gift and they are both currently sitting stuffed full of paper so I can hopefully get the shape to look how it is supposed to, and also to get the trim on the ends to sit nicely instead of rolling in on itself. Ughhh, very upset with how they were shipped.
    As for the bra’s…don’t get me started. I’m a 34D normally and currently larger due to nursing. I ordered the mediums and they are too big. As others commented. Thin material like pantyhose. Sizing wrong. And worst of all, they offer zero support and make my boobs look droopy and flat. Yuck! I don’t even feel like wearing them as sports bras around the house.

  • Nanct says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE MY Terzetto bag and wallet! It took so long to receive I was getting worried about the quaity but it finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier. I only wish I would have ordered another wallet Caprice Marrone and another bag for a gift.

  • chaddie lorance says:

    Hey I haven’t received my bras. And I have changed my mailing address. Email me and I will give you my box number. Thank you, Chadi

  • Robin says:

    I ordered the Vivitar camera and it just came today. However, I have seen several on line all new and in stores for the same price or less than what I paid for this one. The show said it listed for $140 which is Not the case. All of them have been in the $50 range which is what I paid. Only one said that the list price was as much as $99 and that one came with accessories and this one does not. Where did the Today Show get the info that it was $140 list? I did not save more than 50% and with shipping I paid more than if I went to a local store to get it. The camera is light weight and not what I expected. I guess I will not order any more “deals” : (

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