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Steals and Deals: Bangles, Shawls, Pur Minerals Makeup, & Much More

9:23 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Danielle Stevens’ Engraved Bangle Set $30
(regular retail price $82!)
Discount code: Click here to “like” TODAY on Facebook and find the deal (Once you’ve liked TODAY on Facebook, you’ll find directions on how to purchase the product.)

* This is one of Danielle Stevens’ best-selling pieces; the set comes with three 12-carat plated gold bangles with a single initial engraved disk. The estimated shipping price is $12.95 and it could take up to five weeks for the order to arrive.

Ruffle Shawls by AprilMarin $24
(regular retail price $89!)
Discount code: TODAYSHAWL
To purchase the shawls, click here. On the landing page, enter the promo code TODAYSHAWL. Select the desired color and click “Add to Bag.” Then complete the checkout process via PayPal.

* AprilMarin is offering their Ruffle Shawls to TODAY viewers at 73% off. They come in four colors — wine red, camel, purple and black — and one size fits all. This shawl can be worn many different ways, dressed up or down. It’s 100% acrylic, machine wash cold and lay flat to dry.

The estimated shipping price is $12.95 and it could take up to three weeks for the order to arrive. For more information and to buy the $89 shawls for $24, click here.

Ultimate Children’s Music Library by Baby Genius $29.95
(regular retail price $120!)
Discount code: TODAYBABY
To purchase the Baby Genius set, click here. On the landing page, enter the promo code TODAYBABY and click “Submit.” On the next page, select “Add to Cart” and complete the checkout process.

Baby Genius uses music to engage and encourage children to communicate, connect, discover and express themselves. The company is offering its Ultimate Children’s Music Library for 75% off! The set includes 10 DVDs and 10 Bonus CDs for over 15 hours of music. The included disks are:
– Animal Adventures DVD and Bonus CD
– The Four Seasons DVD and Bonus CD
– Underwater Adventures DVD and Bonus CD
– Favorite Sing-A-Longs DVD and Bonus CD
– Favorite Children’s Songs DVD and Bonus CD
– Favorite Nursery Rhymes DVD and Bonus CD
– Mozart and Friends DVD and Bonus CD
– A Trip to the San Diego Zoo DVD and Bonus CD
– Mozart and Friends Sleepytime DVD and Bonus CD
– Favorite Counting Songs DVD and Bonus CD

The estimated shipping price is $5.95 and orders may take up to six weeks to arrive. All sales are final. For more information and to buy the $120 Baby Genius set for $29.95, click here.

Pur Minerals Makeup Package: Naturally Flawless Seven-Piece Kit $30
(regular retail price $152!)
Discount code: TODAYPUR
To purchase the Pur Minerals makeup package, click here. Enter the promo code TODAYPUR on the landing page and click “Submit.” Select the desired shade of foundation, and click “Add to cart.” Then complete the checkout process.

Pur Minerals is offering their Naturally Flawless 7-Piece Kit to TODAY viewers for 80% off. The package includes:
– 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup SPF 15 with Skincare Actives (0.28 oz.)
– Mineral Glow Bronzing Powder
– Correcting Primer in Neutral (0.3 oz.)
– Impact+ Mascara
– Moisture Infusion Oil-free Hydrator (2 oz.)
– Pout Plumping Lip Gloss (0.16 oz.)
– Chisel Makeup Brush
The foundation Pressed Mineral Makeup foundation comes in your choice of 10 different shades.

The estimated shipping price is $6.95 and the kit could take up to six weeks to arrive. For more information and to buy the $152 makeup kit for $30, click here.

Bamboo Throws by Pure Fiber $34
(regular retail price $140)
Discount code: TODAYTHROW

Pure Fiber is offering their Bamboo Throws at a 76% discount for TODAY viewers. They come in three reversible colors — gray/pink, chocolate/kiwi and blue/barley — and are made from 100% sustainable bamboo viscose yarn making them as soft as cashmere.

The estimated shipping price is $9 and the product could take up to four weeks to arrive. For more information and to buy the $140 throw for $34, click here.

Amelia Bag by Cuore&Pelle $65

(regular retail price $325!)
Discount code: TODAYBAG
To purchase the bag, click here. On the landing page, enter the promo code TODAYBAG and click “Submit.” Select “More Info” on the next page. Select the color and click “Add to Cart.” and complete the checkout process.

The Amelia bag from Cuore&Pelle is a best seller for the brand, and it the company is offering it to TODAY viewers at an 80% discount! The bag comes in five colors — black, maroon, midnight blue, rust and khaki — and is 100% genuine leather, with a hanging faux fur and bamboo tassel. It has a detachable shoulder strap to carry the bag in multiple ways.

The estimated shipping price is $14.95 and the products could take up to six weeks to arrive. For more information and to buy the $325 bag for $65, click here.

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  • Laura says:

    Oh Baby Einstein DVD set! That’s such a good price, may have to get as a Christmas present for the baby! He doesn’t like DVD’s much right now, but I’m sure there will come a time!

  • Rebekah says:

    Does any one have any experience with or opinions on Cuore & Pelle handbags?

    • Dana says:

      They are a new company, located in Pasadena, CA & started in 2010. As far as I know, they just started selling handbags 5 days ago online, but have sold them in the LA area for the past year.

    • Teri Osborn says:

      I ordered my Cuore and Pelled “Mirabella” satchel through the Today show on January 17th 2012; it was supposed to arrive in 5 weeks but at 6 weeks…still no bag. When I call the phone number on the website I just get a man’s voice maiI .am trying to reach them via the email address provided on my purchase confirmation but no response yet.

      • Teri Osborn says:

        JUST received a UPS tracking number for my shipment that I ordered on January 17th, 2012. Will update my post when it actually gets here!

        • Lucy says:

          Did you ever get the bag, I ordered a cream colored one for summer, through WABC, now I am hoping I get it before the summer ends.

    • Deb Moore says:

      I ordered 2 bags actually – loved the size of the 1st one for trips but it didn’t have enuf inside pockets and the two inside areas are soooo deep I would lose things in there – so the next time GMA offered them I ordered a smaller one and it had 2 slots inside and a zipper pocket but still too deep pockets. So I bought a zippered bag to go inside but now the color is rubbing off after just one month of use. I am calling tomorrow about returning it…..wish me luck!!!!

  • Sarah says:

    Does anyone have any experience with the Baby Genius set? Do you like them?

    • Laura says:

      If you click on About at the top of the page, there are video previews.

    • g1a2 says:

      I think we have this exact dvd set (or maybe a few titles are different). We got it as a gift. I’d say it’s good for entertaining your baby when you are in a car (if you have a car dvd player and a child who needs entertaining) or if you are completely desperate for something to entertain your baby for a few minutes while you are busy, but overall I wouldn’t recommend. It’s just not good for babies to watch tv. It has been proven that babies who watch these really aren’t “learning” any more than other babies. I’d save your $$. Maybe buy one or two on a garage sale or ebay.

      • Sarah says:

        Thank you! This was a very helpful opinion. I do not like to let my daugheter watch too much tv anyways, so I think I will save my money.

      • Laura says:

        Really, I shouldn’t buy it because my kid shouldn’t watch TV? Please review on the actual video quality, not on the fact that my kid shouldn’t watch TV.

        • g1a2 says:

          Laura, that was rude. Sarah, you are welcome!

          • g1a2 says:

            Laura, To answer your question, the video quality is fine. It’s just A LOT of videos for babies. I have it and I just look at it and think there is no way my baby is going to watch ALL OF THESE videos. They are marketed as “educational” and I think that’s misleading. I was not trying to offend. I was just trying to give my opinion.

    • Kristin says:

      I have one of the baby genius DVDs, and I like it. I have a 3 year old that likes it – she tells me the things she recognizes (we don’t watch it often though, so it’s like something new). Plus, it comes with a CD of just the music, which at least in ours is classical-type.

  • Suzanne says:

    Does anyone have any experience with the Pur minerals makeup?

    • Anna says:

      I really like it! I purchased a foundation when it was B1G1 at my local Ulta. It’s much less messy than the Bare Minerals foundation and the coverage is great.

      • alita says:

        That bag looks (in the picture) very similar to the (expensive) Balenciaga bag that I have been coveting for a couple of years. I ordered the Rust. It’s a fabulous price for a designer bag. Could only find one website that talked about the debut. No returns, so keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Melissaan says:

      I love Pure Minerals. It is my favorite mineral makeup. Far better than the messy Bare Minerals brand. This is an excellent deal. The foundation alone sells for $25. And the brush sells for around $20, I believe.

    • Susan V. says:

      I came here to ask the same question :) Thanks for your reviews, ladies!

  • Meg says:

    Just ordered Baby Genius ones! I’ve heard of them, but not seen them, but figured I’d buy them at this great price before it’s too late!

  • Kim says:

    I can’t get the Pur minerals to go through. It keeps saying this order cannot be processed

    • Krista says:

      I just ordered mine and it went through without any glitches. Did you select your blush color? Maybe theres a field somewhere that needs to be filled out? Hopefully you can get it to work! Keep trying!

  • Krista says:

    I wish I could see that handbag in person before ordering. It would be the perect present for my mother-in-law. :)

  • Dee Moore says:

    just added items to cart, however, cannot get cart to display for checkout. ordered mineral pur and hand bag?

  • John says:

    My sister ordered the Aprilmarin shawl last Christams for my mom (she saw a girl at work wearing it) I emailed my sister so she can order one for herself, and I just picked up 3 for Christmas Gifts,

    • Krista says:

      Do you think the shawl would be ok for a petite person? I really want to order one for my mother-in-law, but Im afraid its going to be too big. What do you think? She’s about 5′ tall, but not thin.

      • rose says:

        As a shawl I think this would be too big for many people since according the website it is 50″ x 78″. It’s being advertised as a throw though not a shawl.

        If you are still interested in info… I have a bamboo shawl that is (approx) 72″ length x 26″ width and it is very roomy but works well. I’m 5’3″ and 130 lbs. Oh, and it is as soft if not softer than cashmere and keeps me toasty warm. Great for travel (very squishable).

      • John says:

        I think it would be fine my Mom is only 5’2

  • Kate says:

    If you like to shop on-line the Today Show Deals are nice except a bad experience with Danielle Stevens Jewelry. Order paid on-line and after several emails this is from their company “If you would like a refund you will receive it for the amount of the sold out item.” Very disappointed.

    • April says:

      I too am having an issue with Danielle Stevens Jewelry. Never recieved a confirmation email, but they have billed my card. Also have not recieved the product. Am very frustrated since no one will email me back at the company.

  • Deb says:

    after bringing home all that free Cover Girl make-up the past few weeks I can’t justify the Pur cosmetics.
    Wish I could see and feel the quality of the handbag tho…

  • Kate says:

    Today Show Deals are nice if you can get past technical things. My past experience with Danielle Stevens was about the item being oversold. They emailed me,
    If you would like a refund you will receive it for the amount of the sold out item. It’s a great deal if you get what you want.

  • Kate says:

    The Today Show is my favorite morning show and I look forward to shopping with Jill’s Deals. One experience is my least favorite. Danielle Stevens Co. charged my account before the order was fulfilled and processed, and the jewelry was Sold Out. They refunded that amount after several emails. I wanted to pass along this to my friends.

  • Carol_R says:

    THanks, Collin! I ordered a handbag.

  • Pauline says:

    re: Purse

    new to posting, but wanted to share. I just added one of the smaller purse/wallet things to my order & the S&H stayed the same.

  • kelly says:

    I find the cost of shipping a lot of these to be prohibitive – it really takes away from the deal, no? I love the shawl and the price, but tack on $13 and I just can’t bring myself to make the purchase….

  • yangzi says:

    I still haven’t gotten a bra set from a few weeks ago. Has anybody gotten the bra set (similar to genie bra)?

    • christine says:

      i ordered the bras too but haven’t gotten them. how long ago was it? i know it said it could take a really long time so i wasn’t holding my breath and watching the mailbox

    • Gina says:

      I also ordered the bras and was thinking the same thing this morning while watching the deals. I hesitated to order anything today because the bras were the first thing I have ordered from Jill’s Steals and I had yet to receive them. Then when I got home today my bras were in the mailbox!

  • Midget says:

    Amazon reviews of Pure Fiber bamboo products aren’t very positive; mostly regarding poor craftsmanship. Would’ve ordered the throw, but I think I’ll pass.

  • Autumn says:

    I would wait on the Baby Genius set! During the promo from last week I ordered 1 of those DVD’s for .99 shipped. There are only 10 in the collection. So I am thinking if deepdiscount continues these promos you could get the collection for $10, not $29.95.

  • Cydiegirl says:

    I am very disappointed. I have tried numerous times throughout the day to order the handbag but have been experiencing technical difficulties. Earlier when trying to submit the order I was told that the billing address did not match my credit card information. I just tried again and received the same message. Though I have moved recently, my address has been officially changed and I have made several other online purchases without having this problem. I really wanted that bag since I was in the market for a khaki leather bag that size and the price is unbeatable.

  • Brenda D says:

    Hey, ladies! I caution you to beware of getting caught up in the hype. I, too, am a huge Today Show fan and trusted that they would not feature a deal unless it really was…a deal. I got my bra set yesterday and it is JUNK. I have ordered other things in the excitement of the deal only to discover that I could get the same item for less someplace else or that the item is not so great and no returns, refunds or exchanges.

  • cyndi3326 says:

    The baby eintein CD are another scam. I’ve been receiving phone calls from QRI offering all sorts of “special deals” They won’t stop calling and got my husband when I was out and he gave them his credit card!!!

    So disappointed that the Today Show would allow this type of scam with one of their promotions…totally disgusted….be careful.

  • Maria Valencia says:

    I just received the PurMinerals kit and it’s junk. The standard shrink wrap (for hygiene purposes) around lip and eye makeup is not there. The color of the lip gloss is an ugly orange color and the mascara tube can only be what looks like a sample size. The brush doesn’t even look to be the chisel brush advertised on their site.

    Does anyone know if you can dispute these Steals & Deals purchases as false advertising?

    I’ve purchased quite a few things from Steals and Deals and frankly believe alot of these items are those the companies were trying to unload as bad quality surplus.

    • Donna says:

      Did you ever find out where you can dispute the false adverising? I’m very disappointed in the Ever Ponco from the Lux Collexion! I would like a refund!!

  • alice taylor says:

    Just to let everyone know that some of the steals and deals do not expire after 24 hours. I believe the sites leave the deals on to continue to sell because they did not meet whatever quota within those 24 hours. for instance, the coure & pelle bag is still open for business as well as other deals. if you want to know which ones, just ask me.

  • Susan says:

    I have still not received my pure fiber bamboo throw and it’s nearly Christmas, anyone else received theres???

  • Dustie Clements says:

    Buyers Beware! I bought a Coure & Pelle Mirella Bag after seeing it on NBC’s Today Show, Jill’s Steals & Deals…the $385.00 bag was a steal for $75.00 plus shipping. I received the bag…and was suspect of the “genuine leather”. Only tag or inscription on entire bag is “Made in China”. I detached a key fob that came with the bag made of the the identical leather…and surprise surprise…genuine vinyl. I notified C&P, they assured me it was genuine leather. So, I took out a major seam…opening to the interior of the bag…100% vinyl…albeit an impressive attempt to fake leather…but it is not leather…simple as that. Check out the company, no address, no store, no history, nothing. On line sales, and when you order, the order is placed in China…and several weeks later…you get your genuine vinyl bag at a steal…of $75.00.

    • Cuore&Pelle says:

      As a representative for Cuore & Pelle, I would like to apologize on behalf of the company for the unfortunate situation you’ve been dealing with. This matter has been taken to our upper level of management and we hope that we can leave you with a better impression by offering you a full refund. Our customer service reps should have taken this action initially, and for that we offer our apologies to you again

      • Julie S says:

        I emailed the company and they said it was genuine leather and will not offer a refund on these special sales. It’s totally fake.

    • Deitrich Clark says:

      I wish I had seen this last week when I ordered this same bag on another website for TWICE the price you paid… thinking it was a steal. It is on it’s way to me shipped from CA, and will be returned as soon as UPS drops it off on Monday. I should have known better! I mean when I saw that NONE of these bags have been selling even on Ebay for dirt cheap that either quality or brand or service was an issue. Like grandma always said- quality is worth it…if you buy cheap, you get what you’ve paid for- nothing. Lesson learned. Thanks for your honesty, Dustie!

      • sue richards says:

        I think the ones you see on eBay are the ones that people bought from the Today Show and are trying to flip and make a buck. The Amelia bag is gorgeous so I wouldn’t return that one, I get so many compliments and it’s up there with Tory Burch bags in my opinion.

        • Dustie Clements says:

          Coure & Pelle just sent me a replacement bag in white. Well, turns out is not white…and yes it is vinyl. You need to take a very good look. Eventually, they will crack.

    • sue richards says:

      I got 2 bags from them and both are leather. I think perhaps you might have bought from somewhere else and got a fake or if you bought from the same place I did, then your bag is leather and you are mistaken.

  • Cuore&Pelle says:

    As a representative for Cuore & Pelle, I would like to apologize on behalf of the company for the unfortunate situation you’ve been dealing with. This matter has been taken to our upper level of management and we hope that we can leave you with a better impression by offering you a full refund. Our customer service reps should have taken this action initially, and for that we offer our apologies to you again

  • sue richards says:

    The Amelia bag is great! I get tons of compliments and its quality is in-line with high end fashion brands. Not sure if you can still order it at the same deal but I’d google around and check out their site. I get emails from them once in a while with specials and promotions.

  • Susan Chae says:

    I ordered the Amelia bag during the steals and deals offer. I put it away and hadn’t had a chance to really use it until recently. What a disappointment. While the style is very nice, I think that anything that has a retail price tag so high should also have guaranteed quality. After a month or two of use, my bag already has a broken zipper that will not stay closed! I would never buy nor recommend their bags again!

  • nuestrafamiliagarcia says:

    What are you all talking about. The bags is leather and it is high quality. My LV. has faded away quicker than my C&P and I bought my LV at their store. Coure&Pelle is good people.

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