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Target “Friends & Family Promotion”: FREE $10 Target Gift Card with $50 Purchase

11:15 AM MST
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Yay! Target has a *HOT* new “Friends & Family Promotion” happening today, 11/30 through 12/3. Just head on over here to print a Target store coupon good for a FREE $10 Target gift card when you spend $50 or more in-store. This is a very rare coupon, so print while you can!

Come back to let us know what items you buy to make use of this coupon!

(Thanks, Harvey!)

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  • Joanna says:

    Please delete if this post is deemed unethical.
    I was able to print 2 prints from Collins link. That was earlier when she first posted it.
    Now, I am trying to get my list in order, and was lurking around The link was there as well, so out of curiousity, I tried printing it again, and it did! I am not pressing my luck to try for a 4th. I am ONLY using the ONE, and will “pay it forward” to two other people in line..<plus my hubby will have a heart attack if I walk in with $150-$200 worth of stuff! :) SO…if you need more prints, try as well!

  • kaseypb says:

    Finally! Collin’s link works. Thank You so much!!!

  • Jill says:

    I just got back from Target. My total was just over $50, I gave them the gift card coupon first and they gave me the $10 gift card, then I gave them the rest of my coupons. It worked great. When it was all said and done my total was $29. I used a $10 gift card from a previous purchase last week, which brought my total down to $19 and I got back the $10 gift card plus two $5 gift cards from the glade promo going on. GREAT TRIP!!

    • Tiffany BA says:

      I was totally wondering if it would work before the MC’s to give you the best deal! Too cool that it does. Thanks for posting!!

  • Cherry says:

    what if i have a coupon for free john freida hair color, will it still be counted towards the $50 (and i also have the suave professionals)? by the way, will i get the gift card deal for the john freida when i use my coupon for free hair color if i use it and buy additional items? there’s also the suave professionals deal, i have 3 coupons for free suave professional products, can i use them and get the gift card? thanks!

    • Toni says:

      Yes you can ;) when you checkout hand over your Target $10/50 coupon & then give the rest. I don’t know what the John Frieda deal is off hand but if you buy the requirements it will prompt the gift card & the cashier will continue to scan your items, then when you give your coupons it will prompt the $10 gift card. Hope I made sense!

    • Gloria says:

      I got that coupon the other day in the mail! that Plus a Wii controller should round out my 50 + target 5 off the wii controller coupon. :)

      Happy dance! Was trying to figure out how to use that coupon!

  • Ketsy says:

    I bought the play puppy 39.99, the Taylor Swift Chritmas CD 5.99 and three packs of chirtmas candy 1.59 ea. Used 10 gift card back when you buy 50, 25%off puppy Target, 5 off puppy form sunday paper, and a 5 dollar gift card i got as a moneymaker from buying curel a few weeks back. Total 31.75 plus 10 dollar gift card. :D yay!

  • Laura says:

    Just got back! I used it without any problems! :)

  • misty says:

    I just went to Target with this coupon and my receipt from Black Friday and got a $10 gift card back!

  • Laura says:

    I went to Target earlier today to get wrapping paper. I received a catalina coupon for $5 off $50. Then went back this evening. I got the puppy ($40), rock star mickey ($40), a women’s clearance ($8.84), and a clearance sleep shirt ($3.24). I used the 25% off puppy and the $5 coupon, Shopkicks 30% off mickey, Target $4 off women’s sweater, $3 off women’s sleepwear, my $5 catalina coupon, and the $10 gift card coupon. Paid $56 plus got the $10 GC!!!

  • Brandy says:

    Just got back from Target…works before coupons! Woohoo! Handed them the $10 off $50 first & then the rest of my coupons! All scanned, no beeps, no problems! $85 dollars worth of stuff for a bit over $10 bucks! I seriously *heart* coupons!

  • sarah says:

    ok, help-if i have more than one can i use them. ex. if i buy $100 can i use two and get 2 $10 gift cards. better yet…i also just got a coupon in the mail if i spend $150 i get a $15 gc. so can i spend $150, use 3 of these coupons to get 3-$10 gc and then also get my $15 gc? how would that work? is that legal? then i also have several coupons to put with that. help! don’t want to look like an idiot at the check out line with $150 worth of stuff!

    • kristaaaaa says:

      you can only use one coupon per transaction ;/

    • minnesota says:

      I’m pretty certain that you can only use one $10 coupon.

    • cai says:

      you can only use one $10gc when you spend $50 q “per guest and transaction” if you had more people with you, you could use more than one.

      I’m not sure about combining it with the spend 150 get $15 gc. I would guess that in order to use both at once if they let you, you’d have to spend $200.


  • melissa says:

    Woo-hoo, planning on buying a nintendo ds for Christmas, already get a $10 gc with the sale on those this week. This makes it even better. I knew there was a good reason I was waiting till the end of the week to buy it!

  • kristaaaaa says:

    i went with my family to target today there were four of us , all from different homes with different computers. together we used two of the coupons doing two transactions. i was able to get my total to just above 50 dollars both times. so we did get the two 10 dollar gift cards. i only paid tax out of pocket . we got the neutrogena makeup wipes, tgif meals , clearance sweaters, pajamas, and plus size clothes (coupons on, baby lips chapstick, nyc nail polish, and the delica one touch meters which are abour 17 dollars a piece and there is a coupon on for a free one up to 19.99 . :) so everything was free . excluding tax. plus i got two free 10 dollar giftcards :)))) SCORE !!!!!

  • Maria says:

    … just got back from Target … purchased $63.52 worth of stuff before coupons and paid $5.40 and got the $10 GC.

    • kristaaaaa says:

      just out of curiosity what all did you get ;) im going to another target tomorrow and would like to get some different things than i did today .

  • Anntots says:

    My Target won’t allow me to use this before coupon. What they want to do is scan the item… then my manu q’s. What they want is my total to be $50+ after q’s to use this. Does every store have different policy!? Should I contact the store again to clarify this :( Thanks.

    • mommyspendsless says:

      How do they know you have manufacturer coupons ahead of time? Can you just leave them in your purse, let them scan your purchases, hand them the GC coupon then give them the manufacturer coupons? Would they the void the transaction at that point and start over? You could even make sure the rest of your coupons seem like an after thought (especially if you have young kids with you) “Oh yeah, and I have these too”

      • Anne says:

        They asked me if I have coupons, & I said “YES.” At that particular time, I can’t say no, and afterwards give them the coupons coz it might end-up in a long argument & end-up nothing :( I also just called my local Target store & the person I spoke to said that I can use this & get my $10 GC if I have around $50 total purchase AFTER any other coupons. Lucky for those of you that can use it. I guess not in my area :(

  • Deb Y says:

    I was able to print two yesterday AND two today!

  • Jackie says:

    I purchased a Canon camera for $79 – it came with a free $10 gift card; I used a $5 off $50 purchase coupon and got the free $10 gift card. So I got a $139 digital camera for only $55!

  • Jayda says:

    So am I am able to use the 10 dollar giftcard coupon as well as the 5 dollar off 50 dollar target coupons in the same transaction?

  • Alicia says:

    Is there anyway to get the coupon without installing that software? My job pc doesn’t allow it

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