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Amazon: *HOT* New $3/1 Charmin Coupon to Clip = Sweet Deal on Charmin Ultra Strong

11:04 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

WooHoo! Another great toilet paper deal is back on Amazon… and this one is even sweeter than the one before! Currently, the Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Rolls Toilet Paper (24 ct) is priced at just $22.05 with Subscribe & Save (upper right side)! Even sweeter, you can scroll down to clip a brand new $3/1 coupon (like the pic below) bringing your final cost down to just $19.05! Plus, FREE shipping is included with Subscribe & Save orders!

Now keep in mind that this is for the Ultra Strong MEGA rolls… and 24 MEGA rolls equals 96 regular rolls, so basically you are paying only $0.20 per regular roll! I aim to pay no more than $0.25, so I think this is a fantastic deal! Plus, it doesn’t get much better than being able to snag Ultra Strong Charmin while in my pajamas – I LOVE it! :)

* Remember, when you sign up for Subscribe and Save, you are under NO obligation whatsoever and can cancel at anytime. To cancel or modify your Subscribe and Save items, just click on “my account” and then “subscriptions” and with the click of a button you can cancel and/or modify anything you want.

**This deal sold out FAST before, so hurry and snag yours while you can!

(Thanks, Julie!)

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  • Julie says:

    I know you say that it’s “like” having 96 rolls, but that confuses me. Since it’s really only 24 rolls, is it really that great of a deal? I just can’t imagine paying $19 for 24 rolls even on super sale at the store… I have a hard time comparing all these mega rolls deals.

    • Shauna says:

      Yeah it’s a good deal because they are HUGE rolls! It’s $20 bucks for Charmin ultra strong 36 double rolls (which equals 76 regular rolls) here at Walmart. The Mega rolls are even bigger than double rolls, so this is a great deal!

    • Anonymous says:

      Same here. Are they really the length and size of 4 rolls??

      • mommyspendsless says:

        I prefer the mega rolls for convenience as I seem to be the only one at house who knows how to operate the toilet paper holder :) plus they take up less storage space (less tubes means less empty space). I’ve checked the packages in store and the double rolls really do have 2 times the number of sheets a regular roll and mega rolls really do have 3 times the number of sheets as the regular rolls.

        With that comes a caveat though: While Charmin’s mega rolls might be 3x bigger than a Charmin regular roll, you may still get more sheets per roll with a different brand. A Charmin mega roll probably won’t seem 3x as big if you’re used to buying Quilted Northern or Angel Soft. For me it’s hard to compare brands because they differ so greatly in strength and thickness. Angel Soft is cheaper per sheet but it’s a lot thinner than Charmin. I’ve solved this by buying the cheapest per roll of 2-3 brands that we like. The only other solution I can come up with is to weigh the rolls and I’m not THAT frugal! If you prefer Charmin Ultra Strong, this is a great deal!

    • maggie says:

      i ordered it last time as it posted here and I am very disappointed. I don’t see how it’s “like” having 96 rolls. I will never order this deal again. I am really sorry to say it but it’s absolutely not a good deal.

    • Av8R says:

      I agree Julie, It is confusing for me too. But if Collin says it’s a good deal then I trust her… haha

      • ebony says:

        The rolls themselves are HUGE. I had a hard time explaining to hubby why it was a good deal, technically you only have 24 rolls of really big TP, I was expecting it to look like the photo I guess.
        I dont think it equals 96, maybe 48 but it just depends on how quickly you go through it, we are a family of 5.
        I wouldnt say its a rip off, but its probably not the BEST deal ever. I personally like feeling like im getting more for my money (which is why I dont like to buy bulk : ) ) even though its a better value on paper.
        If you need TP go for it, its better than paying $2-3 for a four pack. If your just looking to stockpile then you might want to pass.

        • Brandy says:

          This is why I always have a “price per sheet” amount because there are sooo many roll sizes…mega, double, souper, ultra mega, etc. I urge everyone to check price per sheet at their local stores so it’s easier to find a great deal.

  • Danielle says:

    Awesome, love when I can get a good deal on tp from my couch :-)

  • Lynsey Nolan says:

    The Mega Rolla really are MEGA. They can barely fit onto a regular roll holder. They are definitely comparable to four regular rolls.

    • Shauna says:

      Lynsey is right. Sometimes they don’t fit on the toilet paper holders. But it’s worth it if you’re looking to stock up and like the brand. I personally like the ultra soft Charmin better.

  • tilla ham says:

    let me see there is no way to say this without embarassment, but I’m willing to risk it. I hate charmin toilet paper because it always always clogs the toilet. We have had no plumbing problems since discontinuing use of charmin toilet paper 9 months ago. Also charmin is awful at leaving lint.

    I switched to cottonelle and my lady parts and plumbing pipes have never been happier

    • Tosh says:

      Ha, ha, ha…guess I’m not the only one. I only let my boys use the Costco brand they seem to clog the toilet with the other brands.

    • Jana says:

      It clogs ours as well. And for some odd reason, the bigger the rolls I get the faster we go through it. It’s like it plays mind tricks on people and they think since there is plenty on the roll they need to use more. We primarily use Cottonelle as well.

      • ebony says:

        Yes I agree charmin does clog more than any other brand IMO, we have pretty strong water pressure so it hasnt been too much of a problem but I noticed that. I stayed with a friend once and bought Charmin and she was like NOO! it clogs the toilets something terrible! I felt so bad! I had to go get some Angel Soft.

  • Tara says:

    I bought cottonelle tonight at walmart. 24 rolls(single) for $12.96 so it equals out to .52 a roll but the charmin I just bought on amazon equals out to .21 a roll. Saving money in the end. Sometimes it takes buying it now to save later!

  • Amy S. says:

    What is the catch with Subscribe & Save? They offer me good deals and it’s all free shipping? I feel like I am missing something . . . do I have to tell them not to ship my certain things (like those old CD/book clubs where they sent you something every month)???

    • Araaidan says:

      Yes, as soon as I see that it ships I cancel it. I usually try to ship it every two months also so just in case I miss the email I have time to cancel it the day it arrives on my porch! Love subscribe and save, never had any problems ordering only once and can canceling.

    • Janel says:

      With subscribe and save you are basically saying, I’m going to order this product every 2 months (or whatever amount of time you choose). They are trying to get you to buy regularly. However if you decide hey, I don’t need diapers ever 2 weeks, you can either change the length of time in-between shipments OR you can just cancel it. Also, they do NOT ship without notifying you, at least that has been my experience. So basically there is no catch because you are free to cancel at any time without any charge.

    • ebony says:

      I got a shipment once of diapers that I did not like (fisher price brand). I had forgotten to turn off the sub&save. I cant say they didnt notify me because I rarely check the email my junk mail goes to but I was upset I had to pay for crappy diapers. But it was a lesson learned. I just got a shipment of TP and went in and cancelled the subscription today it took 2 seconds.

  • ALLEN NEILL says:

    clicking on coupon does nothing…how does one “clip” it?

  • Pamela says:

    We use only Charmin Basic because my kids use way too much toilet paper. I tried looking on Amazon for a good deal on the Charmin Basic and I cannot determine what is the best deal because all the pack sizes make my head spin.

    I loved it back when Staples had the Charmin Basic so cheap but now I am almost all out.

  • didijojo says:

    So we can’t use our Amazon cards from swagbucks and other sites?

  • marjorie says:

    the huggies natural care 72 ct wipes are $12.61 with subscribe&save for 8 packs…as a somewhat related note

  • J says:

    The Mega rolls are huge, they don’t fit in my standard toilet paper holder. This is an awesome deal if you love Charmin Ultra Soft, which I do. I was needing toilet paper and I didn’t even have to get up ;)

  • gloria says:

    Thank you for posting this deal! I forgot that I had a little leftover from a swagbucks e-certificate so it made my deal even sweeter.

  • Ann Dee says:

    Darn. I was so busy researching this deal and seeing how many squares were in the MEGA roll and the double roll, and reading others ideas and comments that I missed it. They are already out of stock. I had it in my cart and was checking out and everything. Darn, darn, darn. Oh well. I will DEFINITELY get it next time.

    • Jamie says:

      It stinks you missed it, but I am always amazed by the tp debates that happen on here. Lol!

      • emalith says:

        Hi, the 18 pack deal is a better deal than the 24 pack deal. Because with the 24 count pack each regular roll comes out to .198 so around .20 cents and with the 18 pack the cost is only .188 so only .19 cents per roll. Hey, every little cent counts, right?

        Just go to amazon and type in “Charmin 18 mega” and the deal for the same paper will come up with the subscribe and save price of $16.54 minus the $3 coupon $13.54 for 72 regular rolls. Less than 20 cents per roll. YAY!!!

  • kevin says:

    click button and nothing ( HELP )

  • emalith says:

    Hi, the deal is not sold out it just moved. I’m not sure why but I found it searching through amazon because I was so disappointed when it said it was sold out. Here is the link for the exact same product with the same subscribe and save deal and the same $3 off coupon deal.

    • emalith says:

      Hi, Sorry I made a mistake, I just noticed that Collins offer was for the 24 pack but each roll actually cost less with the 18 pack deal, that I posted about, than with Collins deal. Because with the 24 count pack each regular roll comes out to .198 so around .20 cents and with the 18 pack the cost is only .188 so only .19 cents per roll. Hey, every little cent counts, right?

  • Karen says:

    A coupon blogger in my area did a research project called “How to find the best Deals on Toilet Paper”. She broke it down in 1 ply, 2 ply, and 3 ply thickness. Great research for all of us searching for the best deals! Enjoy her link:

  • MoneySavingLisa says:

    Wow! I went to check it out and it was all out of stock.

  • Jeni says:

    This deal is back!!! I just got it!!! 12/09 8am (pst)

  • Michelle says:

    It’s still available, but apparently, they change links every so often. Just search around for Charmin Ultra Strong and look for the price of $25.94 for 4 pack of 6 mega rolls.

    Here’s the link to the TP I found today, Friday at 10am CT.

    • Michelle says:

      And emalith is right – the 18 pack mega rolls is slightly cheaper per roll and you’ll only be spending a little over $13 for toilet paper.

  • Ashleigh says:

    Can anyone tell how many square feet this is? I’m trying to get the calculation for price per foot.

  • Bridget says:

    Got it, thanks!

  • Jennifer says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ultra strong!! I have tried all the others and it is my fav. Here where I live 9 rolls are 13.96!! So this is a great deal for me. Thanks for the post!

  • Priscilla says:

    Kevin, when you click the “clip this coupon” button, it automatically puts that coupon in your cart to apply to your purchase. You’ll see the amount deducted at checkout. I know this is a little late in response to your post, but the deal is still live. So if you haven’t taken advantage of it, you still can. :)

  • Laura says:

    This deal is avail again.

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