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OfficeMax: Backpacks, Messenger Bags, Staplers, + Packing Tape (All Free After MaxPerks Rewards!)

10:49 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure. is offering up a great deal on batteries, backpacks, messenger bags, staplers and more for MaxPerks Bonus Rewards members! Please note that these items are available online only and are limited to a certain amount per item per member (be sure to read the fine print for details). Plus, spend $50 or more and you’ll snag FREE shipping!

To qualify for the MaxPerks Rewards, you MUST use your MaxPerks ID during the checkout process! Bonus Rewards for these offers, along with any other rewards that you may have earned during the same period, will be issued in the next statement cycle in the form of a Reward Card redeemable toward future purchases at OfficeMax. Please note that MaxPerks Rewards cannot be used to purchase gift cards.

Here are my favorite MaxPerks Rewards Items (valid through 12/24):

Duracell CopperTop AA or AAA Batteries 10 pack $8.49
(item# 22226538, 22258664)
Get $8.48 back in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Final Cost 1¢!

Duracell CopperTop AA or AAA Batteries 20 pack $14.29
(item# 22259681, 22256773)
Get $14.28 back in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Final Cost 1¢!

Select ful Backpack/iPad Bags $76.99-$99.99
(items# 23075226, 23104374)
Get 100% back in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Final Cost FREE!

Mobile Edge “The Edge” 16″ Backpack $59.99
(item# 23236623)
Get 100% back in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Final Cost FREE!

NUO™ iPad Sleeve Sunburst $24.99
(items# 23234144, 23234153, 23234162)
Get 100% back in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Final Cost FREE!

Select ful® iPad backpacks and messengers $76.99-$99.99
(items# 23104374, 23075226)
Get 100% back in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Final Cost FREE!

Select GBC® and Swingline® products $9.49-$45.89
(items# 20381123, 20617076, 20381178, 20617067, 21906635, 09112195, 20826705, 20826714, 20897399, 09000092)
Get 100% back in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Final Cost FREE!

Scotch 3450-RD Packing Tape with Dispenser $5.99
(item# 22426974)
Get 100% back in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Final Cost FREE!

BOISE® X-9, 8.5×11 Copy Paper, 10-Ream Case $41.99
(item# 21403152)
Get $32 back in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Final Cost $9.99 (that’s just $1 per ream!)

Purchase $50 of OfficeMax branded Gift Cards (in the same transaction)
Get $10 back in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Final Cost $40!

* And much more!

** Go through for 4% Cash Back!

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  • melanie says:

    Do we know if this is a weekly or monthly deal? I bought the batteries last week, so does this week start a new rebate period?

  • Gina says:

    Does anyone know if this money comes back in the form of Office Max Credit or cash? I can not seem to figure it out reading there website.

  • Jamie says:

    Collin- too bad the packing tape wasn’t a few weeks ago. That could have been useful to you! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  • Redkendog says:

    Gina, – store credit

  • micheleleigh says:

    Sweet deal! Just got new backpacks for me & hubby…anyone know how long it takes to get the rewards points?

    • Jen says:

      If you are registered as a business maxperks member then the rewards come every month around the 15-20th of the month but if you are a teacher rewards member then they only issue the rewards every 3 months (at the end of every quarter).

  • Kara says:

    Question, if I buy something with OfficeMax perks that gives Office max perks, will I still get the perks? For instance, I have almost 70 bucks in perks this month that I’m going to use on a printer, but I don’t need one quite yet, so I was going to “roll” the perks and get like an 80 dollar backpack thing or whatever, and then get the 100% back to use on a printer next month. But I heard some people say that didn’t get the perks when they used perks to pay for part of it.

    • Saint Velvet says:

      I was wondering the same – do their rewards roll?

    • Paula Brown says:

      I roll mine all the time. I’ve never had any trouble. If you buy something today you wont get the rewards until the very end of January but then you can use them on any product, even those that get you another 100% back. It’s a great program!

      • LC says:

        I’m sorry for asking. I have Max rewards card but I really not familiar with their program. So if I buy for the stapler online for $10 ( example only), does that mean I get back $10??

        • Amy says:

          LC. that is correct. It takes approximately a month for them to credit it to your account though. So anything you buy now will get credited for the end of next month. You will then have 90 days to roll the rewards to another purchase. I do it all the time! One of my favorite rewards is also the printer ink cartridge recycling where they will credit $3 for each one you turn in which also credits directly to your Maxperks account.

  • Sienna says:

    The shipping tape is B2G1, so order in multiples of 3 for the best deal. I got 2 packs of batteries and 6 tapes to hit the $50 mark.

  • Nicole Perry says:

    So, if I order 12 of the shipping tape that should qualify for the 8 that you get for free from the maxperks, and then 4 would be free from the b2g1 deal?

    • Melody says:

      Yes. I have called customer service on a previous deal like this and they said you get credit for the ones you pay for, so you can buy 8 and get 4 free and get credit back for all 8.

  • Lyndy says:

    Does anyone know when you get extra credit for turning in old ink cartridges. I seem to remember that they did that last year once.

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