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Macy’s: $10 Off $25 Coupon (12/20-12/21)

9:01 AM MST
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Macy’s just released a high value savings pass! Head on over here to print a Macy’s WOW! Pass which is good for $10 off your purchase of $25 or more, valid 12/20 to 12/21… and only until 1pm. This savings pass can be used on sale and clearance apparel and select home items, so you should be able to snag some sweet deals! …But note that lots of exclusions do apply, so make sure to read the fine print.

(Thanks, Freebie Shark!)

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  • Lacey says:

    Sorry, but no thanks. Collin, you do a fantastic job, but Macy’s will no longer have my business. If you all don’t already know about this, read the following article.

    • Ashleigh says:

      Wow, Lacey, I was not aware of this issue. I will not be taking my daughter or myself into Macey’s this season.

    • bali says:

      good grief, people.

    • dana says:

      our family won’t be supporting macy’s this season either…

    • navia says:

      Personally I think it is harsh take that sort of stand. It is an anti-discrimination policy to protect a minority. The company is doing the right thing, and in the process loosing business over it. I would hate to be the mother of a child or teen with any out of the norm orientation or sexual dissociation, and tell them what room they have to use. These types of disorders are real and we are putting undue stress upon an individual that is already suffering.

      A fitting room is private anyways, you close the door and no one sees you. It is also of interest that most form of aggression towards women, usually comes from heterosexual men, who would be hard pressed to put themselves in the humiliating position of going into a women’s fitting room to gain that opportunity.

      What is the big deal? Here in MA many stores have unisex fitting rooms. This was the case last night at my Gap where both my husband and I tried our things in adjoining rooms. Would you not allow your family into the Gap. Again, not everyone fits neatly into the majority like you and I.

      • Jenny I. says:

        I agree. this is really not a big deal. many stores are now moving towards unisex dressing rooms. there is usually an attendant there anyways to monitor stealing or any weird behavior. i will be shopping for sure at macys more often :)

      • Rebeca says:

        I agree with you Navia, I rushed to read the article thinking they were doing something outrageous (like selling fur as they actually do) but it does not seem like a big deal to me.

    • mommyspendsless says:

      Thanks for posting that, Lacey. I hadn’t heard about their policies.

      I’ll have to make a point of shopping at Macey’s more often now (assuming they offer great deals of course! :) )

    • Lisa says:

      Unfortunately in this day and time I have to agree with Lacey. It’s a sad thing but think about the perverts out there that will grab on this and run with it. I have a beautiful 13 year old and keep her at arms length. She is a good kid, she doesn’t dress prevocative and makes straight A’s. She has blue eyes and beautiful long blonde hair and very often gets comments that she is pretty or has beautiful hair. BUT it the occasional weirdo’s that follow her in silence that I see out the corner of my eye. Now I can only imagine some weirdo following her in the dressing room. just to shove a mirror over the top to spy on her. Don’t like it the idea! Sorry, gay or not, men are men and women are women, keep them separate!

  • Jenessa says:

    The only until 1pm part, is that 1pm on both days or does it expire 12/21 @ 1pm?

  • Kim Eversole says:

    I still shop at Macy’s, but maybe a non gender specific room would be a good idea.

  • Diana says:

    You can’t use these on their Early Bird Specials- Disappointed – The clerk tried to give me a couple of coupons but it rejected them all. Wait unitl after 1pm to use the other coupons they have by the check out stands

  • Lindsay says:

    I tried using this coupon the last time it was around and it was the biggest hassle. They have so many exclusions it is hard to find anything to even use it on. The sad part is that the stuff I was trying to buy was not even excluded!!! I wont be trying to use it…not worth it. Hope you all have better luck!

    • navia says:

      I have used this type of coupon over and over with great success. You basically want to avoid anything from their mailers or store that say Specials (Sales are ok) and name brands like Lacoste or ralph lauren. I love using these on the clearance section towels. If you are short of 25$ I usually grab a pair of underwear from the sale rack. The coupon gets applied individually to items so if you don’t want the underwear you can return it later and still keep the rest of the discount on your bigger priced item.

  • Kathleen says:

    I went to Macys today and wanted to use this coupon but the sales clerk said everything I had wouldn’t work with my coupon. I tried to explain that it was all clearance stuff and it clearly said on the coupon sale and cleareance items. The line was really long so I didnt want to hold it up any longer so I just paid for it all. I am really disapointed, this always seems to happen to me when I try to use coupons!!

  • Shanshan says:

    Not falling for this one again. Not valid on specials it says. And all the best stuff I picked out last time were some kind of “specials”. Of course I didn’t find out till spending 1 hour picking out stuff. Quite a waste of time with these “special” exclusions.

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