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MEGA Swagbucks Friday + 130 Points for New Members (Thru 12/31)

9:20 AM MST
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If you have yet to sign up for a Swagbucks account (or know of a family member or friend who hasn’t), now is the perfect time to do so! Now through 12/31, new members to Swagbucks can start off with 130 points… just for signing up! Just head on over here and register AND be sure to enter the code HOLIDAYSWAG (may need to type out – do not copy and paste) during sign up and you’ll snag an additional 100 points (in addition to the 30 points you normally get), so a total of 130 points!

If you haven’t signed up with Swagbucks yet and are looking for a way to save on dining out, online purchases, and more in 2012, it’s a great way to earn points to put towards snatching up great rewards, such as Amazon gift cards (one of my favorite rewards! :) ), Starbucks gift cards (love this too!), Paypal credit, Fandango gift cards, and much more!

Also, today is MEGA Swagbucks Friday, which means you may be able to score more Swagbucks than normal just by searching the web, something we all do on a regular basis!

*If you’re new to Swagbucks and wondering what the heck I’m talking about, be sure to go here for more details on how exactly you can earn rewards through Swagbucks!


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  • Ashley says:

    I’m trying to sign up, but their “Enter letters” box won’t take what I type in…I have tried over 10 times now! It says case sensitive, so I have even tried typing it how it appears AND in lowercase. Not working :(

  • Margie says:

    I used to be able to get 2-3 amazon gift cards from swagbucks a month. Since they changed it a bit ago now I’m lucky to get one a month. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to spend all day going overboard on their site and as a result I haven’t even used their site in about 2 months. After the third survey of not getting credit for it (their response was, “sorry”) and hardly getting anything above 9 bucks for searching (and only winning once or twice a day) I gave up on it. I might be the only one that’s having this trouble. It’s just worth more of my time doing the surveys on survey sites.

    I wish they’d bring the old swagbucks back! :(

    • RB says:

      Maybe you’re in the “wrong” demographic group for most of the surveys? I signed up about 2 months ago and have easily earned $100 in GCs, and most the points came from doing surveys. I feel like there have been fewer surveys over the past week or so, but maybe that has to do with it being the holidays. Anyway, Swagbucks really helped out with my xmas shopping this year!

    • mel says:

      Sorry you aren’t having any luck. I don’t spend all day on sb either, but I can easily get 50-60 pts per day.
      I probably spend about 30 mins in the morning just doing the easy offers, like watching videos through the different special offer links. There were a few very easy offers this month that I was able to take advantage of. One was sending a Star Wars e-card, was worth 12-15 pts. I just sent them to my junk email addy.
      If you do the NOSO, thats 2 pts daily and the daily poll is 1 pt per day. It adds up very quick. I didn’t cash out any SB for December b/c I wanted to see how much I could earn in a month and its over 2300!
      Once or twice a week I’ll do a few tasks. Surveys are hit or miss. I don’t always qualify for the ones on the offer pages, I do trusted surveys.
      Don’t forget every time you use a coupon printed through SB (, you get 10 pts. I’ve gotten over 200 pts the past 4 months I’ve been a member, just from using them.
      And I always check my Widget, bc codes are put out sporadic throughout the day. I probably miss more than I catch, but its fun when I’m able to find them.

      Stick with it, and believe me, your points will add up.

  • Tracy says:

    I have the toolbar downloaded and it’s so easy to use. In the last year and a half I’ve earned almost $120 in Amazon gift cards just by using the toolbar. Somedays I win more than others. I’ve tried to get people to sign up under me…. but I guess they just don’t what to do with that extra money.

  • couponbs says:

    I just signed up to give it a try, I was able to type out HOLIDAYSWAG and got the 130 points, no problem

  • Natasha C says:

    This month I was a bit lazy and I only earned enough to get $10 in my paypal. But every little bit helps.

  • AuntRuth says:

    It’s actually fun, I think. I keep the videos running most days while I’m at work, do the easy and quick polls/NOSO, search through Swagbucks, print my coupons, etc and manage to earn about 45 points a day. I’ve ‘earned’ over $110 in the past 12 months in Amazon gift cards.

  • couponbs says:

    I just tried these survey’s and even though it asks me a million questions it ALWAYS goes to a disqualifying screen because of my demographic! I filled out all the info on my profile! It even asked me how much of a certain diaper cream I use then right after said I was disqualified! I think they are using the info they get from me then just saying I don’t qualify so they don’t have to give me points! Has anyone had luck with survey’s?

  • Tasha says:

    I love swagbucks! I started around the beginning of December and I got $10 for Amazon, a 12 Month Xbox Live Gold membership. The surveys are tough to get, but I have done many. Not my favorite thing to do. The special offers are great because you can boost your SB’s by hundreds by signing up for a trial period, or even a walmart prepaid card. I’ve earned about 3,500 in 3 days that way. I aim for 100 a day.

  • Jessie says:

    I’m bummed! I forgot to enter the code (HOLIDAYSWAG) when I created my new account. Does anyone know if there is anyway to still get the 100 points? Thanks!

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