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Babies R Us: *HOT* Deal on Diapers & Wipes

7:38 AM MST
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UPDATE: After reading through the comments, it seems that only select Babies R Us and Toys R Us stores still have the $10 Value Box diapers in stock so be sure to call your store before you make a special trip. Also, it has been reported that not all of the Value Box Diapers contain the high-value coupons mentioned below so please keep this in mind before you make your purchase. (Thanks to all the readers who left comments!)

If you have a little one in diapers (or are looking for a great baby shower gift-you can never go wrong with diapers!), then you’ll definitely want to make a trip to Babies R Us. Through January 22nd, Babies R Us is hosting an in-store promotion where you’ll instantly save $10 at checkout when you purchase both a Box of Babies R Us Diapers 72 ct+ AND a Babies R Us Box of Wipes 432 ct+. Even sweeter, each value box of diapers is rumored to contain high-value diapers and wipes coupons which makes this deal even hotter. Check out the deal scenarios below to get you thinking…

Deal Scenario #1:
Buy 1 Babies R Us Value Box (size 1-4) $10
Buy 1 Babies R Us Wipes Box 432ct. $9.99
Total = $19.99
Save $10 instantly with store promo
Final Cost $9.99 for both!

Deal Scenario #2:
Buy 1 Babies R Us Value Box (size 1-4) $10
Buy 1 Babies R Us Wipes Box 432ct. $9.99
Total = $19.99
Use the $5/1 diaper coupon found inside the box purchased in Deal Scenario #1
Use the $2/1 wipes coupon found inside the box purchased in Deal Scenario #1
Save $10 instantly with store promo
Final Cost $2.99 for both!

(Thanks, My Fave 4 Letter F Word!)

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  • Amanda says:

    FYI.. these diapers are not worth it.. IMO they are the worst diapers I have ever tried. Out of the whole box I only used 6 on my son and all 6 leaked everywhere.. No matter if it was for #1 or #2.. I would rather spend the extra money for Huggies or Pampers, instead of all the extra laundry you have t do with the BRU diapers.

    • Alea says:

      I agree – these diapers are HORRIBLE – they leak through with the littlest amount of pee so we ended up giving them to our friend’s daughter to use to play with their dolls.

    • Pat says:

      Has anybody else has any problems with Toys r us or Babies are us. I have ordered twice and it was supposed to be bogo free and I only got one of each and had to return it as they would not honor the internet order.

  • Harvey says:

    Hello ladies, I emailed Collin about this coupon but she has yet to post it. Are you a “liker” of target on facebook? Currently through targets facebook page you can snag a “HOT” HIGH value huggies coupon. Its 5 dollar TARGET coupon for huggies 92 count or more. You can find it here If that doesnt work go to targets facebook page and look for the post with this “Off to Shop the Bullseye Bodega Event” reason #78:

  • andyshell1 says:

    My Toys R Us had the diapers and wipes, but the register would not take the coupons. The back of the coupon says it can’t be used with any other discount or offer on the same item.

    • brieanna burke says:

      ok you guys here it is. i work at BRU. the coupons you all are talking about will not work with the $10 boxes. sorry. now the diapers are not that bad, the yellow box of diapers are good when they are younger, not so good when they are older then 6 months now the purple one, like the ones in the pic above are great. i have never had a problem with them.

  • Rachel Lane says:

    Just got the deal and it worked wonderfully!!!! Such a great deal!

  • Nicole says:

    Does anyone know if you can use multiple rewards coupons on the same purchase at BabiesRUs?

  • Harvey says:

    Hello ladies, I emailed Collin about this coupon but she has yet to post it. Are you a “liker” of target on facebook? Currently through targets facebook page you can snag a “HOT” HIGH value huggies coupon. Its 5 dollar TARGET coupon for huggies 92 count or more. Just go to targets facebook page and look for the post with this “Off to Shop the Bullseye Bodega Event” reason #78

  • crystal says:

    It was a no go in Racine, WI. Another lady and I tried it. The diapers were $26.99.

  • Anna says:

    The diaper deal is not meant for the $10 value box since they’re just left over from Black Friday. They’re special buys so you should not be using the coupons on them. I tried using the coupon on black friday after I bought the box, but that’s what I was told in the store.

  • Amy says:

    These are nothing like luvs…they are like a cheaper pampers in my opinion…my son never leaks out of these. Also they are not stiff like some posted. Great tor sensitive skin as the tabs are not Dolores.

  • katie says:


  • Monica says:

    I am sooo confused I Am here now and the sign says 72 ct on the diapers which is priced @ 26.99 how is this a good deal?

  • J says:

    Durham, NC Babies R Us will not let you use the coupons with the sale. To bad that would have been awesome, hope someone get’s to use this deal. Have a great day!

  • Lupita Lopez says:

    I tried this but spent close to $30 for this cause they didn’t have any of the $10 value boxes. I still got it cause I figured it was still a pretty good deal cause of the wipes plus I need to buy diapers anyways.

  • Shiela says:

    Just bought 9 boxes of diapers (that had the coupons in them) and 9 boxes of unscented wipes for 29.25 that’s including taxes. I had to do each transaction seperately.

  • shannon says:

    The diapers that are 10 are a super value pack priced at 10 dollars. They have 80 diapers in the box. They were under the sale sign but did not ring up on sale. They did honor it and I got the 10 off. The box color is yellow if that helps

  • Erin says:

    This not a good deal. Coupons are not in all boxes….

  • Savvy Spending says:

    One of my readers called and our Toys R Us is doing the same promo!

  • Gentle says:

    Doesn’t work in TN. All of the diapers are $26.99 here, too. Bummer. That was a long drive for a letdown.

  • couponmommt says:

    I saw in my ad today that there is a $10 gift card when you buy 2 of the boxes (sz4 124ct) @ $37.99. I just printed off 2 of the $5 off target qs. I’m off to check coupon database for any high value MQs for the little movers. I have 2 bags of santa diapers left and 1 bag of albertson’s brand left. Not sure what the price per diaper would be yet. But I can post it when I figure it out.

  • Sally says:

    I went to the store in Mesquite, TX to get Aquaphor for my son (not there for diapers/wipes). While you are at BRU, make sure to look for 90 % Christmas items sign. Today, I got American Greetings gift wrap 90 sq ft (Target had 25 sq at 90% off for $0.50), gift bows 45 ct just $0.40/each. Disney Large Plush Santa Winnie the Pooh (UPC:081787791268) for just $1. Disney Pixar Cars 20 inch Stocking sock (UPC:099794136859) for $1. Disney Mini Plush Christmas Winnie the Pooh (UPC:081787791237) for $0.50. Koala Baby All My Mommy Wants for Christmas is a Silent Night Bib (UPC:717851129339) for $0.30.

    • Lisa says:

      Wow, your store still had decent Christmas stuff left? I was wanting those shopper bags, for daycare teacher gifts for next year, but only found 2 last Monday.

  • katie says:

    I didnt see anything about diapers and wipes getting $10 off at my store… i couldnt figure it out lol. But i left with super cheap wrapping paper and a bunch of clearance clothes!

  • Ashley says:

    Online they are obviously out of the $10 dollar diapers, however I did get a 82 count box of babies r us jean diapers (16.99) and the 432 count box of babies r us wipes (9.99) for 18.07 shipped after taxes.. worth it if you don’t want to leave the house (: Oh and used shoprunner of course!

  • Kristen says:

    Ive got the size 6s in my cart, along with the wipes, and the $10 isnt coming off….not sure what Im doing wrong???

    • Lindsey says:

      I did the same thing, then realized that size six isn’t included. :(

    • acidreign3000 says:

      yeah, that happened to me too. Then I realized that the promo is only on 72ct. or higher and the size 6 had less than that so that’s why it’s not taking the $10 off.

    • Lisa says:

      I went ahead and still got one box of 6s for $10, diapers come out 20 cents/each, and my normal price is about 4.99/squishy pack so 18 cents a diaper, and with the free shoprunner shipping, $10 to my door is great. the stores hardly ever get 5s or 6s in store.

  • Katrina says:

    :/. Wish I had read this before going out there. I’m returning mine. Hopefully a better deal comes out!

  • sherry says:

    anyone needing the free parents choice coupon that exprires on 1-31, i have one i will not use, 1st come 1st serve

  • Kendra says:

    Does it work at Toys R Us, too or just Babies R Us?

  • tanzania says:

    I just stocked up on $10 boxes of diapers and wipes for my 6th baby due in May. In AR the Toys R Us had $10 boxes left from black friday but Babies r Us didn’t carry them from the start. The sale rung up automatically at the register. In my boxes were coupons, we opened our boxes and used the $2 off the wipes coupon. The $5 off coupon for the diapers didn’t work because the diapers rung up $4.99 each. Therefore the wipes were $3, we had to do each transaction separatedly. I will save the $5 off coupon on the diapers for future diapers. I have never had a problem with these diapers. I put my 5 kids in them, now my 6th. Thank You!

  • Jennifer C says:

    I bought these diapers at the black friday deal and I think they are fine… there was coupons in those boxes, so I already have coupons to start saving before I even buy any diapers or wipes. I have a two year old and have had very few accidents and mostly when I waited too long to change her.

  • Erica Neuschafer says:

    Is this deal still going on? Thanks!

  • Holly @ says:

    I want to also mention that I love these diapers! These diapers are the best at night.

    I have found with my kids I needed to use a large size diaper no matter what brand I used. Their weight never corresponds to the box weight recommendations. I always need to move up a size as soon as they leak. I think the weight on ALL diaper boxes are a suggestion only.

    I also purchased them from the big Black friday deal and got the coupons in the box.

    If you need diapers I highly recommend getting this deal. I doubt the coupons are in the box since those are specially marked boxes.

  • Holly @ says:

    I forgot to mention that Babies R Us has a strange coupon policy that I haven’t been able to crack. Whenever I call customer service I can’t get a straight answer about their coupon policy. It really is up to your manager, store and register.

    Last year when I was pregnant with my twins and stockpiling on diapers, I used the Black Friday coupons from the diaper box – $5 diaper coupon and $2 wipe coupon on this same deal – Buy 1 Box of Diapers 72 ct or larger and 1 Box of Wipes. In the store the register only would recognize the wipe coupon and not the diaper coupon. The first time I went the cashier had the manager manually push through the $5 coupon but later in the month when I tried it again the managers said that because of the “sale” I couldn’t “combine” the coupons with the sale. That seems so odd, because the wipe coupon worked!

    One more side note about Babies R Us:

    Today, I had some Babies R Rewards that I earned from buying formula and diapers. The coupon says it can’t be used on formula or diapers.

    So I had my hubby use it on a box of wipes above $12.99 in store price (not $9.99) and it worked with the $2 coupon from Black Friday coupons from the diaper box and came out to $7.99. (I didn’t do the diapers since my rewards can’t be used towards that and I need larger sized diapers.) So you can combine Babies R Us store coupons but not sales?

    Anyone else find Babies R Us coupon policy odd?

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