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Kohl’ KitchenAid Artisan 5-qt. Stand Mixer as Low as $151.09 (+ Tax) Shipped

1:16 PM MST
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WOW!  If you’ve been waiting to find a great deal on a Kitchenaid Mixer, be sure to check out this *HOT* deal scenario going on at!  Check it out…

* Go here to add this KitchenAid Artisan 5-qt. Stand Mixer to your cart. This KitchenAid mixer is on sale for $299.99 – down from $399.99! You can also choose from tons of fun colors, as you can see from the pic below.

* Start the checkout process and enter code SMS7873 which will deduct an additional 20% off (will take off a whopping $60 from your total). Note that you will have to pay a shipping surcharge of $7.50 and tax came to $14.40 for me.

* This deal gets even sweeter because through 11:59pm CST on February 5th, you’ll get $10 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent in store and online on all sale-, regular- and clearance-priced merchandise (after all discounts but before tax)!  You may want to purchase an additional $11 worth of products, so that you can score an additional $10 in Kohl’s Cash since your total will be only $239.99 after all discounts and before tax (go here for even more Kohl’s deals).  So after your purchase, you will have earned $40 in Kohl’s cash (or $50 Kohl’s cash if you spend a total of $250 after all discounts and before tax)!

* And if that isn’t sweet enough, you can also submit for the $30 mail-in rebate + FREE subscription to either Travel + Leisure or Food & Win Magazine found here!  However, if you would rather not receive the magazine subscription, you can choose to request a $12 refund!  Requests must be postmarked no later than 4/24/12.

Alright, so here’s what your final cost should look like before tax:

KitchenAid Artisan 5-qt. Stand Mixer on sale for $299.99 + $7.50 shipping surcharge
Minus 20% off code – which will deduct $60 from your total
Minus $40 in Kohl’s Cash you will have earned for this purchase
Minus up to $42 mail-in rebate

* Also, to make this already sweet deal even sweeter, go through Ebates to score an additional 6% cash back (which equals $14.40!).

Your final cost as low as – $151.09 (+ tax)!! WOW!

As a price comparison, Amazon has the KitchenAid Artisan 5-qt. Stand Mixers going for around $270+!

(Thanks, Look Before Spending, Ideal Couponing, Time2Save & all you readers who emailed!)

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  • Debbie says:

    Take the plunge! We got our new one over Thanksgiving holiday when Collin posted that fab deal. Our KA of 18 years was begging for retirement so we gave in :)
    I LOVE this machine-has to be my fav small appliance in the kitchen.

    I whip up The Cake Doctor’s “Kathy’s Cinnamon Breakfast Cake” almost every week for our office bunch in it. Hits the oven in 5 minutes flat! And this recipe is divine!
    It makes a cinnamon/pecan/brown sugar streusel in the center while baking. Mmmm!

  • Valerie says:

    I bought this mixer around the holidays at Kohls when the deal was quite similar. Around a month later, my husband found the mixer for about $18 cheaper than what I paid – in a local advertisement from another store. We took the ad into Kohls with my original receipt and they gave me the difference. I simply love my mixer and Kohls!

  • Karen says:

    I’ve also got to say to bite the bullet and get one!

    I got one for Christmas 2 years ago, and man oh man is it amazing! Never has baking cheesecake been so quickly and painless. No more hand beating my way through 6 pounds of cream cheese any more! lol

  • Heather says:

    Wow everyone loves these mixers. I wish I had the counter space! They are gorgeous!!!!!!!

  • Jacquie says:

    Anyone know of any good deals on a toaster oven?

  • Danielle says:

    How does Kohls cash work? Do you have to spend a certain amount of money to be able to have the Kohls cash deducted?

    I don’t do much baking so currently I only have an electric hand mixer (hand me down from my grandmother so it’s pretty old) The mixer sounds like a good investment though…and maybe it will get me baking more :-)

    • Sara says:

      Hi Danielle – Kohl’s cash is super simple. You literally use it like cash, but it is only good for a certain period of time after it was issued. No minimum purchase required! If you don’t feel like you need anything during that time period, you can always just buy something and then return it for in store credit. I love Kohls and they are so, so nice!

      Also – this mixer is fabulous! I have a Kitchen Aid from 1986 and it still works amazingly! (I’m just a bit jealous of the colors that have come out since then….)

  • CamilleB says:

    Love love love! And not just for baking. Think of mixing meatballs, bread dough, seasoning hamburgers, shredding chicken, mixing the stuffing for anything (dumplings, stuffed mushrooms, etc!)

  • kaitlin says:

    I also took advantage of the deal during Thanksgiving! I submitted my rebate and I have only received the $30, not the $12 rebate for not subscribing to the magazine. Anyone else have this issue?

    • laura says:

      I just ordered & was reading through the rebate form & noticed it said to get the rebate from the magazine you had to submit the rebate form to a different address for ‘Time Customer Service”. It is written just below what she posted from the form above. Hope that helps :)

      • kaitlin says:

        Hey Laura,
        Yes I submitted to Time Customer Service for the $12 rebate, I guess I probably need to follow-up and see where my money is!

    • Sheila says:

      Me too, I bought mine last November and received the $30 mail-in-rebate a few weeks ago but I haven’t received the $12 that was sent to a different address. I read somewhere way back from others that they too never received theirs.

  • Smellyann says:

    I have the red one with the glass bowl, from two Valentine’s Days ago. Love, Love, Love, love, LOOOOOVE it!!!!! I love it so much I’d buy it again if I needed it. :P If you can get it, do!!

  • Pam says:

    I got this ordered last night after pondering the decision all day yesterday! I ordered the Scrabble lock set in the clearance and a Vera Wag travel mug that was on clearance so that I could get the extra Kohls cash. I ordered the Black onyx to replace my 25 year old Classic Mixer. I’ve used it for 20 years with only a few of the speeds working after my daughter dropped it. Using my Christmas money. I’m glad the deal rolled around again!

  • Emilytwinmom says:

    I have the red Kitchen Aid mixer pictured, and omg do I love it. I use it for everything – and it stands up to all of it! I also recently figured out I can use my mom’s attachments for the larger machine on the front, like the meat grinder and such. BONUS!!!! Love love love my mixer, anyone considering it please know you will love this thing! I even make gluten free bread with mine, the bread hook is so much nicer than kneading by hand.

  • Mary P says:

    Does anyone know when the 20% off coupon code expires?

  • Anna says:

    I can’t use the 20% off coupon.Please can anyone help.Thanks.

    • nanette says:

      anna, are you copying/pasting the code? if so, ensure you place it on the bottom right box (if i recall, there are three of them). and i think you need to enter your cc & 3-digit security code to be able to add the discount code.

  • nanette says:

    done….now lets hope we see some deals to use the kohls cash with….or i’ll probably return it and hold out for a viking.

  • Ros says:

    OMG, I am on a bit of a baking kick right now and my arm is worn out from mixing by hand. Have been looking at these on Amazon for 2 weeks, DH told me to get one but I kept procrastinating. The coupon gods must have been looking down telling me to wait for the Kohls deal!
    I am so excited, I am getting the bright red one and it will arrive before Valentines.
    Thank you soooooo much Colin, you came through for us again.

  • Diane says:

    I printed the rebate but it does not say on there where I can request the $12 add’l. How do I do that. I do not want the magazine.


    • Sheila says:

      Diane, you send the same requirements to Time Customer Service. Read the fine print under Terms and Offer on the Mail-in-rebate form for details. I ordered mine in November but I haven’t received the $12 back, only the $30 from KitchenAid.

  • Marissa says:

    So you still have to pay the 250 right away and then use the kohls cash for something else? I only want to use it towards this mixer. Help!

  • Jenn says:

    I am super excited!!! I ordered this on my Kohls card….gives me a month to pay off with no interest. I signed up with Ebates and will receive a Target card once I purchase $25. I am now at $15 bc of this deal. No surcharge for me! :) I added a really cute nightgown and doll nightgown set to my order so I will get back $50 in Kohls cash! I will submit for the rebate as soon as it comes in. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  • E says:

    The KitchenAid is GREAT! You get what you pay for with things like this. Very high quality, much better then the $10 mixers at Walmart.

  • Heather Nason says:

    Did anyone else get free shipping?? Mine did (I live in Maine so idk if that makes a difference or not) so this is how i made out on the deal
    original price $399.99
    sale $299.99
    20% off -$60.00=$239.99 (didnt see the point in spending another $11 to get $10 back)
    $40 kohls cash=$199.99
    $42 MIR=$157.99
    $20 ebates(6% on the total plus a $5 sign up bonus)=$137.99 +tax which was only $12 cuz S/H was free for me

    GRAND TOTAL after all rebates plus tax= $149.99 :-)
    And ive been wanting one of these mixers for a LONG time.
    Very happy i was able to get this AWESOME deal!

  • Danielle says:

    What dates are the Kohls cash good for?

  • Danielle says:

    I was having a hard time picking between the two silver colors until I realized that the contour silver does not have a shipping surcharge but the metallic chrome does. I’ll go with the cheaper one…made my decision easier!

  • jennine says:

    Plastic jungle has 12% discounted khols cards as well!

  • suzy says:

    Hi, Sounds great! Just wondering why there is a shipping surcharge, when Kohl’s offers free shipping on orders over $75 . . . ?

  • Bonnie bort says:

    just ordered a mixer. NO shipping surcharge!! YEAH!!!

  • Kris says:

    I wish I would have read through all of the comments before purchasing. I was debating between Green Apple and Aqua Sky, We ended up going with the green one but I just checked and the blue didn’t have the $7.50 surcharge. :( Oh well, I’m still excited about this deal. We received a Kitchenaide as a gift almost 5 years ago but needed the money more so we ended up returning it. It will be fun to have one now!

  • Donna says:

    Just ordered one!!! I have always wanted one and this just seems like a good price for this investment. I am trying to cook more healthful meals for the family and I believe this will be a great tool to make more homemade meals easlier!

  • Christina says:

    I just ordered one too!! The red one I ordered was priced at $269.99, instead of $299.99!!! So after Khol’s Cash, coupon, rebate, ebate, and ebate sign up bonus ($10 gift card), I paid only $121.03 + tax and shipping surcharge! I am so excited!!!!!!

  • tessa says:

    does anyone still have a pdf of the rebate? i’m clicking the link up there but it says page not found. thank you!

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