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High Value $7/1 TENA Product Coupon = FREE Pads or Liners at Walmart

9:36 AM MST
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Wow!  I posted about a $6/1 TENA product coupon a few days ago, however there is a new higher value coupon available that will make for a sweet deal at Walmart!  Head on over here and sign up to request a coupon for Save up to $7/1 any TENA product.  You can then take this coupon to Walmart to score free TENA product! Check it out…

TENA Liners $2.86 or Pads $5.24
Use the up to $7/1 coupon found here (limit 1)
Final cost as low as FREE!
*This coupon states “Save up to $7”, so I’m guessing you won’t be able to receive overage with this coupon, but FREE is still good! :)

UPDATE – Please note, after reading through the comments, several readers have stated the previous $6/1 TENA coupon would not scan at their Walmart store, so keep that in mind before redeeming this coupon.

(Thanks, Frugal 4 Four and photo credit I Heart the Mart)

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  • maria says:

    I went to Walmart today pantiliners cost $2.86 coupon went thru for 2.86 only.. got home read the coupon policy which states I can get overage and also coupon states Walmart would be refunded the full value of the coupon. So I called the manager and he said to go back and he will give mme the difference back so I got 3 @ 2.86 and 3 @ 5.24 for free plus 17.70 overage…BTW I have 3 walmarts near me and none have given me any problem with coupons at all.

  • priya says:

    I gave 2 email ids one mine and my husband and got 2 coupons in email.But both the barcodes are same. Please tell me are you getting the same barcode when you print each email twice or thrice. Since it is an email we can print it as many times as we want right? Will they accept the same barcode this many times in store?

  • dee says:

    My $7.00 coupons scanned fine. On the first grouping the cashier scanned the coupon right after the item, and it rang through only for the price of the item. On my 2nd grouping she scanned it after all the items, and it rang through for $7.00

  • christina says:

    Mine wouldn’t scan but they manually took off $7 each for the 2 coupons I had. I bought the pantyliners for $2.86 each. Thanks for the moneymaker!

  • KarenR says:

    @dee – youre so lucky the coupons scanned fine…mine didnt.. what is your printer? :)

  • rene says:

    does anybody still have the email with the coupon? i went to print it and the picture was no longer there. i see a blank box with a red x in the top left corner. i go to open it in the browser and the page no longer exist it takes me to video on “tena twist”….? if anybody still has it please forward it to me @ thanks!!

  • sdf says:

    Does anyone have extra tena $7 off coupons or have an email that they could forward?

  • Sasha says:

    I am unable to print the coupon from my email. The image is not showing anymore. If anyone has it can they send it to Thanks!!!

  • Don Myers says:

    I keep trying to get the $7.00 coupon since January and it will not print out and it does not come to my e-mail…WHATS UP!

  • Pauline says:

    Is the coupon still available? I cant find it on the site.

  • Don Myers says:

    What are we suppose to print. Every spot where it notes the coupon only takes you to the Tenna web page. So where is the coupon?
    Is this a false and misleading deal????????????????????????

    • kmay says:

      no its not a false/ misleading deal :) I did it but i think tena took the coupon down. Because when i go to my email where they sent it- it is not longer working :(

  • Fran says:

    I think some people abused the coupon. You can buy several coupons on; however, it was limited to one per person. Somehow people were able to print it several times and are making a killing. I did get on the site in the very beginning, was able to print mine out (one only) and took it to Walmart. They accepted it for $7 off a larger package which originally cost ll.48. Cost me 4.48. Thank you TENA. Wish the abusers of coupons would stop; that is what ruins it for the rest of us.

  • myri says:

    No coupons now

  • Elle says:

    This coupon expired but not before I got overage. From what I understand, Walmart sends off their coupons to a clearing house where they get sorted and the bar codes get scanned by a machine. Yes, Walmart/Target, etc are getting reimbursed FULL face value on this coupon and making a KILLING off of it if I am correct. I believe this is why Tena pulled the coupon. I don’t understand why these companies are so nit picky about overage. Greed? Who knows but it’s pretty shitty IMO for places like this to get the overage on it instead of letting the customer have it.

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