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  View changes → FREE Glasses & Lenses (Just Pay Shipping) – New Customers Only

8:04 AM MST
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If you’re new around here, you may not be aware of this awesome opportunity to snatch up a free pair of glasses (and free 1.5 single vision index lenses!) from (formerly known as Coastal Contacts). Yep, that’s right. First time customers of can snag free frames with free frames and free 1.5 single vision index lenses (you’ll just need to pay shipping and handling costs which are typically $6.95-$14).

Here’s what you need to do to snag your free glasses…

* Head over to and pick out your favorite frames.
* Enter your prescription
* Enter the promo code HIP2FIRSTFREE at checkout (this code is only valid thru 2/28/12!)
(keep in mind that this promo code is for new customers only!)
* Head to checkout where you’ll need to pay shipping and handling charges and the costs for any lens upgrades

Fine Print: This promo is for first time glasses customers only; One free pair of glasses per customer; Certain frames are NOT eligible for the promotion (if you see a “Coupons not applicable” message on a pair of frames, then it is excluded from the promotion);1.5 index lenses included for free; lens upgrades including higher index lenses, progressives, Transitions, polarized and all lens coatings are available at an additional cost; shipping and handling costs apply; cannot be combined with any other offers; valid for residents of the USA only

Check out some of the comments left by Hip2Save readers last time I highlighted this offer…

I’ve ordered two pairs for my son. One pair of Guess and one pair of Lacoste. They look wonderful, work well, and the best part? With all the additional things, they were $32 shipped each. He’s been wearing them for about a year now. My opinion? They are just as nice as the $500 Gucci ones he was wearing until the frame broke. Seriously, he spent $500 on glasses only to have them break. His $32 glasses have held up really well.

Awesome! I really have been wanting a new pair of glasses and you can’t beat paying just $6.95 for shipping! I am really excited! Thanks!

I got my new glasses from there and I am very pleased. They may not fit quite as nicely as if I had gotten them fitted at the doc, but the prescription is fine and the glasses are great. I got Vera Wangs, and they are very attractive. They came within a week right to my front door! I would highly recommend this deal!

I got a pair for $18 about a year ago. I like the glasses because their lenses were 10x the quality of the glasses from my Dr. office. The lenses at coastal are clearer and stronger. And they look great on. With the tools they tell you how to measure your own face. It is so easy! And about 10% of the cost. I have ordered more from them without deals because they are such better quality. Cheaper for a whole pair there than just the lenses at the Dr. office.

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  • Katie says:

    Really dumb question, but how do people know their prescriptions???

  • amy says:

    I have previously gotten a pair of glasses from Coastal, can I get a free pair for my son? I know sometimes the one per customer rules really mean one per address… Does anyone know? Thanks! :)

    • leslie says:

      Yes. You can. I’ve gotten two of them, just do it in his name for him. He’s the one wearing them, right? I got two for My S.O. (read first comment and the one below you). The thing is, because we know how amazing they are, we probably won’t wait for the free ones when he gets his new prescription. They are ALWAYS having specials!

      • amy says:

        Thanks for your reply Leslie! We have four glasses wearers in our household. For my pair, I spent a little extra to get the thinner lenses, but it is still waaay less than getting them from the eye doctor. And they are excellent quality!!!

  • leslie says:

    I sure thought that first quote looked familiar…. :) I got them for my s.o. not my son! My son doesn’t wear glasses! His super hot dad does though! (significant other – we’ve been together for 7 years, have a daughter together and I stay home, live together, love each other’s previous kids as our own, we just haven’t had the wedding yet!) but yes, his Gucci frames are BROKEN. He’s been wearing mainly the guess ones and they’ve lasted well over a year. He wears the Lacoste ones at home or when he’s wearing something that matches the blue Lacoste logo. Another friend ordered through them and got a pair for $16 shipped because he didn’t have the budget for the extra coating. Still, though, $16 is a steal. Most co-pays are more than that. My tip? Keep trying. At first the site is overwhelmed but after a while it gets better. Believe it or not, it takes a very long time for them to go through 10k glasses. You have a few hours and it gets less frustrating.

  • Jillian says:

    The funny thing is … I was going to go glasses shopping this weekend & probably pay 10X more than the $9.95 I paid for shipping because it was my first pair (and my lack of knowledge probably would have been fatal to my wallet). Thanks so much for this deal! I’m sharing with my entire family LOL

  • Savings Viking says:

    I love coastal’s glasses. I’m actually wearing a pair right now! They stand up to a lot of abuse, and I think they look really nice. They fit better than any pair I’ve ever had “professionally” fit from a doctor, much less expensive, and I like the fact that they’re shipped to my house so I don’t even have to go out and get them. Yay!

  • Jesse says:

    Just fyi – if you have a very high prescription (I am -8.25) you will not be able to get free glasses because they have to use higher quality lenses so your glasses don’t look like coke bottles! I decided to pass because it would have been $110 for me to get glasses. I really just need to get lasik!

    • Stephanie says:

      Do you know what you would pay in the store?

    • Sarah says:

      Yeah that stinks. Mine is -6.00 and it won’t let me get the glasses for free either. Oh well. Was trying to avoid buying them at my Dr. office with my insurance, so I could use the insurance money to pay for my contacts instead. :-(

      • jen says:

        My left eye is -6.00 as well and it went through. Were the frames you picked over $100? Because I think it wont work if the frames you picked were over that…I picked a $98 frame and it worked fine with my Rx. hth

    • Valerie says:

      Yes, I just tried it and I am -4.5 and it would’ve cost over $100 for me to get the “free” pair. I think this would be great for kids with better eyesight though!

  • kristina says:

    I did this deal the last time Colin posted about it for my son. The glasses took a LONG time to get to us (3 weeks), but it was worth the wait. They fit great and my son says he sees as well out of them as the ones from our optometrist’s office. The next time his prescription changes, we’ll go straight to coastal and not even bother getting a pair from the doctor.

  • Adrian says:

    THANK YOU! I just got glasses for the first time and paid over $70.00 for the basic black frames and they are o.k. Now I just ordered some for only $10.00 and they look A LOT nicer! Thank you for all of your posts! :)

  • Stephanie says:

    Love my glasses! I entered firstpairfree, ordered on sunday and arrived three days later! Chose the cheapest shipping. I have recommended this site to everyone. The upgrades are dirtcheap so my glasses have every possible upgrade available. Love love love!!!!

  • Andrea says:

    Does anyone know if you can get perscription sunglasses? My 2 YO broke mine a couple of months ago, and I’m desparate for a pair!

  • Amy says:

    silly question, can you get these with no rx, like just as accessories?

  • Ashley says:

    I got a pair last year, and they’re awesome. They were packaged so nicely too. They’ve actually held up much better than others that I’ve bought in store and payed hundreds for.

  • Autumn says:

    HELP! Im having trouble I can’t get the code to work… HIP2FIRSTFREE
    This is my first time trying to order. What am I doing wrong?

    • B says:

      A lot of the designer ones don’t appy for the discount. Try another pair.. I think it’s the ones under $99 that apply. Got mine for free just $9.95 shipping :)

  • JenL says:

    Wow! That was so easy! Thank you, Collin!!!

  • Karla says:

    As a contact wearer, this deal is awesome! I am so happy with my glasses that I find reasons not to wear my contacts.

  • Mersiha says:

    I have tried like 10 different frames and can not get the coupon to work am I doing something wrong?

  • Jamie says:

    What a great deal. I splurged on thinner lenses and UV/scratch/anti-reflective coatings, and still spent less than $50 (including shipping)! The website was very easy to use and included a video on how to understand your prescription. My order is estimated to arrive in only 4 days, and I can’t wait! As always, thank you Collin!

  • Holly says:

    I got my $10 glasses today!!! My script is -7.5 and when with the cheapest (thickest) lenses that the deal includes, they aren’t coke bottle lens!!! SO HAPPY! This is the best hip2save deal so far!!!! Thank you!

  • Trinanguyen says:

    My critpt is right eye+ 0.075 & left eye -0. 050

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