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Reminder: *HOT* KitchenAid Professional 6-Qt Mixer Only $195.99 Shipped (Reg. $499.99!)

2:48 PM MST
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Just a reminder that this *HOT* deal is surprisingly still available! :D

If you’ve been waiting to snag a deal on a KitchenAid mixer, you definitely won’t want to miss this smokin’ *HOT* deal! Currently, Amazon has this KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer in Silver priced at just $259.99 (reg. $499.99) + FREE shipping.

And if that isn’t sweet enough, you can also submit for the $40 mail-in rebate + FREE subscription to either Travel + Leisure or Food & Win Magazine found here! However, if you would rather not receive the magazine subscription, you can choose to request a $24 refund! Requests must be postmarked no later than 4/24/12. That means you can snag this mixer for as low as ONLY $195.99 shipped to your door after all rebates and discounts. That’s the lowest price I’ve seen for the large 6 quart mixer!

Please note that the fine print on the rebate states that purchases must be made at an authorized Kitchenaid retailer. I called the 1-888-474-2457 Customer Service number and did receive confirmation that Amazon is considered an authorized KitchenAid retailer as long as you are not bidding on a specific item. Also, please note that the KP26M1PSL model number may not be listed in the exact way on the rebate form, but I received confirmation from their Customer Service that this model does qualifies for the rebate. Wow! :D

**You’ll definitely want to hurry to snag this deal if you’re interested!

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  • That Frugal Girl says:

    Really great price, thanks for the heads up! My friend has been looking for one of these.. :)

  • midget says:

    Man, I’d love to have the Pro 6qt one, but my 20 year old 4.5qt green baby is still going strong so I can’t justify buying another just to be able to mix up a quadruple batch of cookie dough. Or a double batch of cinnamon rolls.

  • marcia says:

    I’m really curious if people prefer the artisan or the professional series. Has anyone tried both? What do you think?

    • Shelly says:

      I have both Marcia…the artisan works just as well, just in smaller batches.

    • milly says:

      I have not tried any of the two, but I ordered the Pro based on my needs & what I researched. Considering this deal and the most recent one on the Artisan, the price difference is about $50. For $50 more, you get wire attachments with the Pro. I initially thought of getting the Artisan since I am still learning how to bake, but I’d love to have the bigger capacity if needed so I got the Pro. Some reviews say that this is also for bigger jobs only and isn’t good for small batches. If you order a smaller cup, problem’s solved.

  • Tammy says:

    Collin, thank you so much for the deal. I ordered it when you first posted and it just arrived an hour ago.

  • Crunchy Con Mommy says:

    I’ve only tried the pro series, and I never have to knead bread by hand or stir in chocolate chips by hand-the mixer can totally handle it! I don’t know how the artisan series compares though. Maybe just as good.

  • Jodi says:

    Kohl’s has a way to get it for $156 (plus tax). On sale for $399. Apply 30% coupon code. brings it down to $280. Go through ebates for 3% back brings it down to $270. Get $10 in Kohl’s cash for each $50 spent = $50 in Kohl’s cash. Get $40 and $24 rebates.
    -30%(SHOPNSAVE) = 280
    -$10 (from ebates) = 270
    -$50 kohls cash = $220
    -$40 rebate = $180
    -$24 rebate = $156!!!!!
    Free shipping, too!

    • Sarah says:

      I believe Kohl’s cash ended yesterday though.

    • Diana says:

      kohls price matches amazon. Make sure you bring a print our of the deal on amazon as well as a copy of the price matching policy. I did the deal yesterday and I got the $30 kohls cash as well. Great deal!!

    • Wendy says:

      Called Kohl’s today and they will match the price and they said you can still you a percentage off. Going to try tomorrow. If it works out it will be a great deal. $259.99-$78 (have 30%off)=$181.99-$40 rebate-$24 for magazine=$117.99. Praying this works!!!

      • Sarah says:

        Was this or did you call a store?? I called two different stores talked to managers and they both said no to price matching amazon.

        • Diana says:

          you can always bring a copy of the price matching policy and they can’t argue with their own policy. I tried this yesterday and it worked for me.

          • Kara says:

            I wonder if it will actually work at Kohls. The one that is for $399 is a different model. It is model number KP26M1X. The one on Amazon is model number KP26M1PSL. If it does work, how are you able to use the percentage off in the store?

        • Wendy says:

          Talked to someone in the store. He said it would not work at the kiosk in the store so I don’t think it would work online. Find out tomorrow if they will really do it.

      • Ruth says:


        • Diana says:

          I live in Round Lake Beach, IL and I just went to the kohls in town. I just went up to the cashier with a print out of the amazon page and I had the price match policy printout with me (just in case they tell me that they wouldn’t match my price). There was no need for me to argue he just price matched the item. I used a 30% off coupon and that brought me down to approx $196. The rebate printed out with the receipt. I did this deal yesterday and I was able to get the $30 in kohls cash. A friend told me not to call and not to go to customer service, just to go to the checkout. It worked and I hope it works for you as well.

          • Ruth says:

            OK… Going to try it… Printed out the amazon page… Now where can I get the price match policy?? so I can print that and take it with me…

            • Wendy says:

              It worked! Did not need their price match policy (found in FAQ in Customer Service link). Got it for $182 (+tax) at kohls. Now to send in the rebate! So excited!!!

            • n says:

              the amazon one is different from the one at kohls (hence different model numbers). I called kitchenaid and the amazon one has a plastic gear casing versus metal, and doesn’t come with a pouring shield.

  • cynthia says:

    wow does anyone really have this kind of loot to buy this?? Lol even with the smokin hot discount I could never get one of these babies!!!

    • Rachael says:

      LOL I was thinking the same thing. After this was posted the other day I had a dream about buying one with out telling my husband and in the dream I used every last dollar we had. I woke up feeling so guilty.

  • Natalie says:

    I want one of these sooo bad! Wish I had the extra money! :(

  • PamV says:

    Be careful and read the reviews.

  • ashley says:

    I am just learning to cook so I don’t need one of these yet but I’m so impressed with Colin’s awesomeness!! It’s cool that she called customer service and made sure all of the hip2savers are getting the correct deal!

  • Diana says:

    Price matching at kohls and using a 30%kohls coupon makes it even better. The rebate prints with the receipt, so you can still get the rebate after that.

  • amanda says:

    Just a heads up on the magazine rebate – I got this same deal when it popped up back in November (or early December… can’t remember!). It is a great deal for sure – but the magazine rebate just came in the mail a couple days ago, so be very patient! I had honestly given up on ever getting it!

    Also, somehow they still gave me the magazine subscription even though they gave me the $24 rebate – I got my first issue in the mail today which was a total surprise!!

    • CJS says:

      I’m still waiting on my magazine rebate of $24 too….the KitchenAid rebate for $50 came fast but, that was back in January. I hope I will get that magazine one soon :)

  • Megan says:

    That’s a great deal! My 5 qt is still in fine working order, so there’s no way I can justify it. :(

  • Kimberly says:

    OK This is gonna sound stupid, but can someone explain how to get the money instead of the magazine. Do you mark through it and write send the money for it ? :-)

    • giggles says:

      Pretty much your sending two rebates in. You send a copy of the originals to the magazine company. I can’t remember the name right now, but the rebate takes forever and a day. Now Kitchen Aid 4 weeks maybe. They are very fast.

      • Kimberly says:

        Thank so much :-)
        I have wonted one of these for years. I think all this talk about the deal is making me take the Leap. :-)

  • Anna says:

    I must have missed something, but were there grocery store deals (publix in particular) posted for this week?

  • mizzy says:

    I bought this exact same one at Costco for $220 after rebate! This is definitely an awesome deal :)

  • Tilla R Ham says:

    just as an alternative, i have had the kitchenaid handmixer for 19 years now….yup 17 years now, yup 17 years!!! it was 55 dollars at sears (they run about 60 everywhere still) they come in all the cool colors the big stand mixers do and they are amazingly powerful. I mix up double batches of cookie dough and the chocolate chips and all with it. I would love a stand mixer, but I’m not martha stewart or betty crocker so I cannot justify the price. If you’d like a nice mixer but can’t afford 2 benjamins, consider the hand mixer, i can’t say enough good things about it and my aunt and sister have had the same luck

  • Robin says:

    When you posted this last week I told my husband I found the perfect birthday present for him. Seriously, he is learning how to make bread and pizza dough and said our Sunbeam just didn’t have the “power” he needed. ;o) After seeing the post and price he told me to go ahead and order it.

    Well it came yesterday. When I came home from work he had the kitchen all cleaned from supper, the Sunbeam was no longer on the shelf, but his new mixer was proudly displayed. lol Later in the evening he said “I don’t want to go to work tomorrow, I want to stay home and play” I thought play, with what, where? Then I realized he was looking straight at the mixer……

    Thanks Collin! For helping me find the best birthday present for my husband.

    • Mandi says:

      OMG Robin, so glad to hear I am not the only one who bought one for my husband. I actually bought the Artisan one Collin told us about a couple weeks ago. I am saving it for his birthday as well. I think I will explode if I have to wait until July. I am so excited to give it to him.

      • Robin says:

        My husband loves to try new things and perfect them. His bread baking wasn’t going so well the first 25 pound bag of bread flour but by the fime he reached the bottom of the bag he produced a perfect loaf of bread. He is now on his second bag of flour and last week made a beautiful braided loaf of bread that looked store bought. So I am super excited to see what he produces with this new mixer.

        He doesn’t give up on anything until the out come is exactly what he wants. He waxed my eyebrows once and did an ok job but not as well as he could have and said to me “Please let me do them again, I know I can do a better job next time.” He is truely a jack of all trades, pedicures for me, manicures for our 3 girls, built all of our cabinets in the kitchen, built our garage from ground up, including the block work. You name it he can do it and if he can’t he will figure out how to do it. Gotta love him!

        • Mandi says:

          Sounds like you need to clone him, there are a lot of single ladies out there looking for a good man. :) You have a keeper for sure.

  • chazziemomma says:

    I purchased this mixer and it works amazingly well !! I have had two heavy duty stand mixers through the years and I’m very impressed with this one. It arrived in only 2 days! I was not even planning on a purchase. I just happened to mention to my husband that ‘here’s a great deal for someone’ and he ordered it for me!!! He said he’d noticed the motor on our old model was sounding challenged and it was best to be proactive and get the deal then to wait until it’s broken and pay full price. I love the 6-qt bowl. We have a large family and this is so much easier! I’m amazed at the difference between the 4-qt and 6-qt models. The accessories also are very heavy duty and good quality.

  • Christy says:

    Im wondering if the rebate will actually work since it states right on the link that Amazon model KP26M1PSL is not eligable and that is the model this deal is for? Any help?

    • Ashley says:

      Hi. I just called Customer Service at Kitchen Aid because I was a little wary as well. The representative told me that the KP26M1PSL is definitely eligible (they added it onto the eligibility list recently and haven’t been able to update the forms).

      She let me know to check off the box for KP26M1X, and then write my model number above it, and the rebate office would know that it’s OK.

  • Greta says:

    I was so excited to see this deal! I have been wanting a kitchenaide for years, but I just can’t stomach paying $400 for one when I already have a hand mixer and a perfectly good bread machine. When I saw this post though, I instantly emailed the amazon link and the rebate file to my husband and told him I would LOVE a mixer for my upcoming birthday!

    Two days later I came home from the grocery store and found my husband sitting in the living room with a new mixer for me! I was so excited, but I gave him a hard time for not holding out until my birthday to give it to me. I have already used it a few times to make batters and doughs, whipped cream and homemade marshmallows.

    Thanks for the spreading the word!

  • Margarita says:

    Does anyone know how to get the $24 instead of the magazines? Because my form says check one if not you will receive Food and Wine??? Help please thank you:-)

  • Jenna says:

    Terms of Offer:
    If you do not wish to receive the magazine and would like
    to request a refund of the subscription ($24 introductory value), please
    mail a copy of this rebate submission by 4/24/12 with your name and
    address to: Time Customer Service, Inc.,
    P.O. Box 62160, Tampa, FL 33662-2160.

  • Margarita says:

    I see it now…….haha Thank you so much!

  • oaksmadness says:

    Watch out on the submission address (wrong city spelling and zip missing a digit):

    Form says:
    MAIL TO:
    KitchenAid Select 6 Qt Stand Mixer
    Offer # 692-151
    P.O. Box 751816
    El Pass, TX 8875-1816

    After calling the customer service line(twice!), the correct mailing address is:
    P.O. Box 751816
    El Paso, TX 88575-1816

    (I tried to confirm the Time address for the magazine rebate even though it looks ok, however I got a conflicting answer…?…)

    These errors may be why the rebates take so long.

  • Desiree says:

    There are 3 things to submit for the rebate. 1. the rebate form, 2. the UPC code and 3. the original or a copy of your cash register receipt or packing slip. I’m curious because the mixer came without a packing slip from Amazon. It must have been shipped directly from the supplier. So if I print a copy of my email confirmation of purchase…is that sufficient? Anyone know? Thank you.

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