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  View changes → FREE Glasses & Lenses (Just Pay Shipping) – New Customers Only

12:14 PM MST
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This is available again…today only!  If you’re new around here, you may not be aware of this awesome opportunity to snatch up a free pair of glasses (and free 1.5 single vision index lenses!) from (formerly known as Coastal Contacts). Yep, that’s right. First time customers of can snag free frames with free frames and free 1.5 single vision index lenses (you’ll just need to pay shipping and handling costs which are typically $6.95-$14).

Here’s what you need to do to snag your free glasses…

* Head over to and pick out your favorite frames.
* Enter your prescription
* Enter the promo code HIP2SAVEFREE (this code is only valid thru 4/4/12!) or FIRSTPAIRFREE at checkout (either code will work; keep in mind that promo codes are for new customers only!)
* Head to checkout where you’ll need to pay shipping and handling charges and the costs for any lens upgrades

Fine Print: This promo is for first time glasses customers only; One free pair of glasses per customer; Certain frames are NOT eligible for the promotion (if you see a “Coupons not applicable” message on a pair of frames, then it is excluded from the promotion);1.5 index lenses included for free; lens upgrades including higher index lenses, progressives, Transitions, polarized and all lens coatings are available at an additional cost; shipping and handling costs apply; cannot be combined with any other offers; valid for residents of the USA only

Check out some of the comments left by Hip2Save readers last time I highlighted this offer…

I got my $10 glasses today!!! My script is -7.5 and when with the cheapest (thickest) lenses that the deal includes, they aren’t coke bottle lens!!! SO HAPPY! This is the best hip2save deal so far!!!! Thank you!

What a great deal. I splurged on thinner lenses and UV/scratch/anti-reflective coatings, and still spent less than $50 (including shipping)! The website was very easy to use and included a video on how to understand your prescription. My order is estimated to arrive in only 4 days, and I can’t wait! As always, thank you Collin!

I got a pair last year, and they’re awesome. They were packaged so nicely too. They’ve actually held up much better than others that I’ve bought in store and paid hundreds for.

Love my glasses! I ordered on Sunday and they arrived three days later! Chose the cheapest shipping. I have recommended this site to everyone. The upgrades are dirt cheap so my glasses have every possible upgrade available. Love love love!!!!

(Thanks, ISaveAtoZ!)

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  • April says:

    I got these like last week when you posted and got them in the mail they looked great…BUT I gave them the wrong prescription…their customer service was really nice about it and let me return the pair I messed up for a full refund INCLUDING SHIPPING (they emailed me a shipping lable) and let me reorder the same pair with the correct prescription…I can’t wait to get them…for 35 dollars (15 shipping, cause I wanted them faster :) and 20 for anti glare, no scratch, and uv protection) it is better than my insurance can do!

  • Jen says:

    I just placed my order – here’s hoping they fit well and look good! My script is -4.50 and -4.75, so I ordered the $29.95 thin lenses (even though it recommened the $49.95 even thinner ones). I paid $39.90 with shipping. Wish I could’ve gotten the regular lenses and only paid $10 for shipping but I was afraid they’d be too thick. Has anyone with a script close to mine ordered regular lenses, and if so, are they too thick?

  • Sofia says:

    I got mine with free shipping because the order was $100+! So that makes them completely free!

    They should be here any day. Can’t wait! Thanks Collin!

  • mandt711 says:

    I literally just got mine and I love them!

  • Lori says:

    I love Coastal Contacts! My 6 yr old son has a pair and after 5 months they broke in a weird place. I called and was completely upfront and honest about how hard a 6 yr old can be on glasses but asked about the warranty just in case. They told me that they would simply replace them for free. Wow!

  • jen says:

    my lenses were super thin & i got horrible eyes love the glasses i got from them!!!!

  • Steph says:

    I just spoke with Coastal today and they said this promotion is on going until further notice.

  • Mamaoftwins says:

    Finally did this deal. Went and got my rx the other day and I decided to get glasses for night driving and watching tv. $100 glasses for $9.99! Score!! Thank you so much :)

  • angie says:

    I just got mine :) very excite!! I tried finding glasses over $99 but i didnt see any :( so i had to pay the shipping but that is ok..i broke my glass and was using tape so ill gladly play 9.95 for shipping haha :)

  • Kristi says:

    love my new glasses! a steal for 9.95 shipping! :)

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