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Rare Pepsi and Mountain Dew Coupons (Available Again!) + Much More

4:41 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

WooHoo!  If you missed these great Pepsi and Mountain Dew coupons last time, they are available again!  Just head on over to the Common Kindness site and log in to print these rare coupons.  They will make for a great deal when paired with a sale!

* $1/1 Pepsi Next 12oz 12 pk
* $1/1 Diet Pepsi 12 oz 12pk
* $1/1 Pepsi Max 12 oz 12 pk
*$1/1 Mountain Dew 12-pack
*$1/1 Diet Mountain Dew 12-pack

You can also print the following coupons:

*$0.75/2 bags of Red Gold 10oz or larger
*$1.50/3 Fritos 10 oz bags or larger
*$0.75/2 bags of Lays Kettle Chips 10 oz or larger
*$0.55/2 packages of Lays Stax
*$1/1 Sabra Dipping Item

(Thanks, Printable Coupons and Deals!)

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  • Lori says:

    All of them printed with no wording, just the bar codes. Ugh! :(

    • Kelly says:

      Mine too!! GRRRRRRRRR

    • Bianca says:

      Mine didn’t even print barcodes, just the dotted lines!

      • mel says:

        I have found that its best to print just 3 at a time. And like Maggie said below, you have to wait a bit for your computer to run the script and the print box to appear. You can only print each coupon 1 time, even though the print box appears for you to change the quantity, the coupons are linked by your account number (which will print somewhere on the coupon), so any extras you think you are printing, are duplicates and the store won’t be reimbursed.

        • Ashley says:

          i wish i would be read your tip about the 3 at a time because mine only printed the first 3 and then won’t let me try to reprint them even though they never printed out :(

  • Maggie says:

    I just printed a few from this site, and they are fine. The Common Kindness Qs do not print the same way as other coupon sites sites. Once you select and click “print” at the bottom of the screen, it will load what looks like coupons with “sample” written across them. Once it does that, STOP AND WAIT. If you hit “control-P” or otherwise try to print that screen with the “sample” picture, you will fail. However, if you are patient and just wait, eventually, the java-script in the page will pop up a print dialog box for your printer, and THEN you print, from that dialogue box. If you hit control-P or do anything else while that script is running, it can mess it up — just wait. You can only print ONCE from this site — it’s a 6-month wait to reset the Qs. Hope this helps!

  • melissa says:

    I printed the mt dew…no problem
    Then I printed the pepsi….they turned out to be blank and now I can’t print them again for 180 days. I sent a note to the admin of the site

  • Jessica says:

    Does anyone know of any deals to match-up with these coupons? Thanks!

  • Danielle says:

    I’m not getting the option to print…just clip. What am I doing wrong??

  • Jennifer says:

    Mine printed everything except the pic which includes the amount of the coupon, so I had no way of knowing what coupon was for what product. I then found that if I right clicked on the pic from the site of a coupon that I knew I had printed, it gave me the code that I could then match up with the code where the pic should have been. So I went and hand wrote on each coup the value, product, size, etc. I’m hoping the stores will accept them. What do you think?

  • Jennifer says:

    I forgot to include that when I right clicked I then hit save picture as…that gave me the code I needed to match to the appropriate coupon.

  • Diane Jackson says:

    I don’t care much for this coupon site. You’re only allowed 1 of each coupon every 180 days.

  • sheri says:

    bummer…wish i had read the bit about waiting before i tried to print…now i have a bunch of coupons with only barcodes on them…such a bummer…

  • Jennifer says:

    Kmart will double them this week making a 12 pack .50 cents! With a sywr card and a $25 grocery purchase.

  • Heather says:

    Man, they mean business! 180 day wait to print again lol!

  • Shayla says:

    I love the idea of this site, as my hubby works for a nonprofit. Wondering how this will work on them getting their “cut”. However, I swear they only have a handful of prints every time they release. by the time I share with my family that the soda coupons are live, they are gone =(

  • Misty says:

    I am having trouble with darn site…I don’t even print the coupons there coming out blank but its saying sorry 180 days. Than when I just tried to print them up it sent it to Microsoft Office OneNote. Does anybody know what the heck Onenote is and how to print my coupons from there?

  • Maggie says:

    Another tip for new users of this site: print a Q you do not want first to try it out! Do not print your favorite Qs first if you don’t know this site (and that it works with your browser) — pick a random Q for practice so that if it doesn’t work, you still have your 1 print of the Qs you really want. There is a learning curve to this one, and since you only get one print, make it count.

    Note: I never have problems with this site using Firefox, and the method described in my post at the top.

  • juvy says:

    Off topic: Is anyone have a coupon for Poly Vi-Sol with Iron that can spare to me. You can email me at

  • Becky says:

    tried following the tips folks listed here and still no success…I will try emailing the support as well…worth a shot!

  • april says:

    Walmart told me they won’t take them not good coupons..

  • Angel says:

    I’ve tried twice to print from this site. It’s not worth the stress but thanks anyway

  • amy says:

    I printed the other coupons no problem last week, and I printed another chip coupon today along with the pepsi ones. The chip one came out fine, but the pepsi ones came out blank – emailed the company to see if they can do anything because now it won’t let me go back and try to print again – ugh!

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