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"Hipsters" to the Rescue: What are your "Hip" Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas?

1:29 PM MST
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Can you believe that the 2011-2012 school year is nearing an end and Summer break is right around the corner!?!  As you may already know, during the week of May 7th-11th many schools will be honoring their teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week!  Every year at this time, I struggle to come up with a unique AND affordable gift to present to my kiddo’s teachers that my kids can also participate in creating.  So I was very excited when reader, Trudy, emailed in the following adorable idea…

“Thought I would share in case anyone else likes to give their children’s teacher something for Teacher Appreciation week. Every year my kids and I like to make something for teacher appreciation week. This year we decided to use some of the glass jars I have saved from all of the great deals on spaghetti sauce and clearance jelly beans. The yellow ribbon was $1 @ Michaels and I just used a black marker to add the ruler marks. I also bought one sheet of card stock @ Michaels for $1, it had a cute school theme. I cut circles from the paper and hot glued them to the lid, and added a frame to  the label and made a little card to hang on the jar.  The label says “No beans about it (teacher’s name) RULES”.  A cute (and inexpensive) thank you for teachers.”

On that note, please share your affordable and meaningful gift ideas for teachers in the comment section below!  And, if you’re a teacher, what gifts do YOU personally enjoy receiving?

To all of you teachers out there….THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You are so valued and appreciated! :)

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  • Jessica says:

    We have an awesome coffee shop/deli that makes great lunches. I am doing $5.00 gift cards.

  • Jo-Ann says:

    At the beginning of the school year, I knew my daughter’s teacher would be the only male teacher in the school. During that time, summer items were being clearanced. So I bought a small Igloo cooler with blue ice packs. I will put in some bottles of iced tea and suntan lotion. This will be a “Thank you, enjoy the summer!” gift.

  • Lisa M says:

    I’m a teacher, and the gifts that I’ve received in the past that I’ve MOST remembered are the cards that my kids have written with their own hands to thank me. I’ve received gift cards to coffee shops, lotions, candies and cookies. I’ve appreciated all of them because it means they actually thought about me and went out of their way to get something for me. But the ones that were handmade BY the kids were what really touched my heart. Gifts are NOT mandatory. I never expect them, and some kids don’t give. But I am always touched by those that shared a little bit of their heart with me. I will remain grateful for these gifts.

    When I give gifts, though, I do ask what they most appreciate (gift cards/candies/cards) so that the teachers can be most blessed with what we give them and it is not a waste of time for us as givers.

  • Meg Blanchard Lopez says:

    As a teacher, I completely agree with Lisa M. I love it when my students make cards to thank me. I’ve also received some other gifts that touched my heart because it showed my students really knew my interests and what I enjoyed. One year I would drink coffee every morning then chew a piece of gum to get rid of my coffee breath. One kid got me a coffee mug and a pack of gum. Another year I was obsessed with chapstick and was putting it on all the time. One of my kids got me a pack of different varieties of chapstick. Little things like that are special because it shows that they notice and want to give a small gift that we will enjoy.

  • Karri says:

    I know this is pretty far down on the wall but if anyone has a cute saying for a teacher that would go with “Mountain Dew” that would be awesome this is what my daughter wants to give her 4th grade teacher.

  • Dalena says:

    Karri, There was a free printable I found on pinterest that said, “I love everything you Dew!”

    It is really cute… Here is the link.

  • Christina Byford says:

    My idea for this year is to take a flower pot, paint it then take pictures of all the kids in the class and put it on the flower pot then have my 6 year put his hand print on the back and write Mrs Hert your the best then put the year under it. I think I may feel it with school supplies then she can put flowers in it if she wants.

  • bachristian says:

    Last year I was in charge of this for my whole class. I posted a few of the ideas on my blog;

    I’ve also bought the apple scented soap from bath and body works and tied a cute apple tag onto it with “apples for the teacher” written there.

  • achristian says:

    Last year I was in charge of doing a little something each day for our class. I put a description of each day’s idea and a few pics on my blog here:

    I’ve also use the apple scented soap from Bath and Body works as “apples for a teacher”.

    As I former teacher, I agree with above comments by other teachers. I always loved notes when a kids wrote something specific, and when they noticed my personal tastes.

  • trash2cash4u says:

    I filled cute cosmetic bags from Allegra and the Target Beauty Bag mailer with a variety of trial sized products. I also included a gift card to Dunkin’ Donuts along with one of the “free drink” punch cards for each teacher so they can enjoy the sweet deals that I do! My 3 yr old is working on pictures to deliver later in the week.

  • Lisa Davis says:

    Hi All
    I was really happy to see this post since we are having a bit of controversy at my son’s pre k.
    I realize that this is teacher appreciation week and I also realize that my son goes to pre k in a very ritzy neighborhood(my parents neighborhood not mine as I live 10 minutes away in a more conservative neighborhood)but several of the parents have sent out a blast email to everyone in the class and listed what is to happen each day this week.
    My family is very tight with money at this time and I am torn about what to do as I would never want to embarrass my child.
    I have talked to another parent who said that they can just forget it he is not participating.
    I feel as I have no choice but to just pitch in.
    Any suggestions???
    Thanks so much

  • Mom22 says:

    My child is in a special needs program with 3 teachers in the classroom and has several therapists at school. It was hard to come up with 6+ gifts, so every Chirstmas and end of year, I get a catered sandwich platter for everyone to share.

    It’s a BIG hit and the cost is reasonable. Like another reader said, the teachers don’t have to pack a lunch on that day or have to purchase one either. Definitely a special treat. – My SIL is a teacher and thinks this is a fabulous, thoughtful idea.

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