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Walgreens: FREE $25 Gift Card When You Transfer Prescription (Through 8/22)

2:28 PM MST
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If you regularly fill a prescription or are needing to get one filled, Walgreens is the place to go! Now through 8/22 whenever you transfer a prescription to Walgreens, you’ll score a FREE $25 gift card! Just head on over here and create a free account. Then submit your prescription and pharmacy information online… and afterwards you’ll receive a coupon to take to your local Walgreens for your FREE $25 gift card. How cool is that!?

…And while you are at Walgreens, don’t forget to snag some of the weekly deals! :)

*Purchase of a transferred prescription with valid refills is required and coupon must be presented at prescription payment. Offer is not available on shipped prescriptions. Offer does not apply to any prescription transferred from a Walgreens, Duane Reade or other pharmacy owned by the Walgreens Family of Companies. Some card restrictions apply. This offer valid for transfers submitted online between 5/1/2012 through 8/22/12. Limit one card per transaction. Not valid with any other offers. Redeemable in store only. Offer not available in Alabama, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Dakota, Puerto Rico, New York and New Jersey. Other transfer restrictions may apply.

The Walgreens card is redeemable only for retail merchandise at Walgreens Drugstores in the U.S. or Puerto Rico. It may not be used to purchase mandatory prescription co-pays, prescriptions, membership fees, transportation passes, charitable contributions, stamps, phone or gift cards, or dairy, tobacco or liquor products. Not redeemable for cash; no change will be given, and lost or stolen cards will not be replaced. Cardholder is responsible for sales tax. Certain items may be void or restricted where required by law.

(Thanks, Wild for Wags!)

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  • Patrick Hartung says:

    from experience- and issues that I have had doing this-
    1-the exact same rx and information MUST not have been used within the last 180 days. ex- u have an rx- they filled on 2-20-12 then u xferred out for ur fill on march – may- then transferred back for june- coupon will not be allowed and ergo no gift card.

    2-if u have multiple rx’s to have transferred, (per their corporate – their store manager stated) u must have 1 filled, then pick it up, then fill the 2nd, then pickup, and so on (WHAT A HUGE WASTE OF TIME, but its a free gift card, deal with it)

    3- The gift cards do expire after 2 months as these are ‘special’ gift cards. Not sure why they expire but it has happened… just use it quickly.

    4- You CANT use a gift card to pay for the prescription expense – their computers will not allow a gift card to be issued when a gift card is used

  • Anna says:

    I got 3 Wags GCs this way and am working on a 4th. I hope to use them for back to school things and other deals.

  • Mer says:

    Too bad Walgreens and Blue Cross don’t get along.

    • Jessie says:

      By that you mean Express Scripts…Express Scripts is the pharmacy benefit manager for Anthem and other blue cross states. They’re the one’s that cannot mutually contract together.

  • Laura says:

    Can you use them on a new prescription, or does it have to be a transferred prescription? I have 2 new ones I would love to do this with. Thanks!

    • Melissa says:

      it has to be a transferred script. lame, I know.

    • Kim says:

      Take them to another pharmacy you have an account with, and ask them to put them on file, but not fill them. Then have them transferred to Walgreens to be filled.

      • M says:

        Technically, that is not a transfer. Dropping your prescription off at one pharmacy, then having another call them is a lot of extra work for both parties. Chances are, if you ask the pharmacy to give you the gift card without them having to call and do the transfer, they will still give it to you. Plus, pretty much everywhere accepts competitor’s coupons.

  • megan says:

    they don’t take blue cross and blue shield, so its way cheaper for me to get my meds elsewhere, even with the deal! darn.

  • Kim says:

    I am wondering the same thing as Laura, can I use this on a new prescription? Has anyone had any experience with this before? TIA.

  • Tiffany says:

    I work in a pharmacy (not walgreens). If it doesn’t work on new prescriptions I would drop it off at any pharmacy besides walgreens and have them just put it on your file, not fill it. Then transfer it to walgreens. :-)

  • amberwavs says:

    Is there an ad for this WAGS RX deal? I would like to keep my RX at cvs but they need to see the ad to give me the credit.

    • Melissa says:

      the coupon will also print at Wags if certain items are purchased. You could then possibly take that to CVS. It’s triggering for everything from cigs to meds. It’s pretty much hit or miss.

    • jessica says:

      You can ask the cashier for a ‘buckslip’ which is the coupon in a printed out form, if the coupon does not print for you.

  • Mary Sue Franks (@MarySueFranks) says:

    I like CVS, I have found a few gift cards at

  • Rebecca says:

    Sadly it’s no good for Federal employees who get their coverage through the government :-(

  • amberwavs says:

    Thanks Mary Sue, I checked them out with no luck :( I’m hoping WAGS will put a coupon for this deal in their weekly ad flyer like they did last time; that way I’ll have something to show my pharmacist :D

    • jessica says:

      They won’t put it out for the $25 switch because they are not trying to promote it too much publicly…once they do a deal, their competition will, too.

  • jessica says:

    I work at Walgreens…gotta say that every one of my customers tells me nothing but great things about our pharmacy. To get $25 to switch to ours is a pretty good reason to try it out! :) Also check out our prescription savings club. For $20 a year (or $35 for family) you will save big on all brands and generic name prescriptions, as well as 10% off all Walgreen’s brand name and photo orders. It is risk free because if you do not save at least the amount you pay, they will reimburse you on what you didn’t save! You can sign up at any store if you qualify-it depends on your insurance coverage. Basically if you have poopy insurance or none at all, this will help you out tremendously.

  • sue says:

    when does he coupon pop up? i checked out and no coupon offer. i got confirmed email and there was no coupon attached either.

  • Kristie says:

    There is a lot of confusion about this. I decided to transfer all my prescriptions to Walgreens because of this. Picked up two of them, but was only given one card. Coupon said NOTHING about one card limits or the like. The pharmacy tech at my store told me it’s one card for six months no matter how many prescriptions you transfer, no matter whether you pick them up at different times, etc. I thought that was weird because there was nothing stated on the coupon to that effect so I called the 800 customer service number to complain about the coupon wording because it was confusing.

    The rep told me that the offer was indeed for one card for each transferred prescription, provided that there were at least 2 refills available at the time of transfer. She said many pharmacy managers were denying the coupons and they were getting lots of calls. She assured me they would make it right.

    Next day, store pharmacy manager called me back. He told me that the person I spoke to “didn’t tell me the right thing.” He is convinced it is wrong.

    Something is definitely wacky with this deal–people seem to be making up the rules as they go along.

    • Joy says:

      My daughter transferred 7 scripts to Wags and took 7 coupons in and they gave her a gift card for $175.00 because they couldn’t print out 7 gift cards. We have a terrific store here in York PA. Woo! Hoo!

  • Susan says:

    Too bad the FINE PRINT isn’t at the top of the page; transferred RX, called to pick up, asked about Gift Card, told read fine print, No good in New York; we live in New York; the store is in New York; should be at top of page in New York because I went on the local webpage!! GRRRR!

  • Loretta says:

    Cvs will also give a gift card, but you have to have an actual coupon, not just the print of walgreens telling about this deal. Does anyone know how to print out an actual coupon?? Thanks!!

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