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CVS: *HOT* Deal on Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

6:16 PM MST
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WooHoo! If you’re looking for a last minute, affordable Father’s Day gift, you’ll definitely want to hurry on over to your local CVS and snatch up this unadvertised deal!  Currently, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Stylers are ringing up at only $9.99 (regularly $19.99!) and are also producing the $4 Ecb. As you can see from my picture above, the Stylers are not marked at $9.99, so be sure to scan them at the Magic Coupon Machine as they should ring up at only $9.99.

Deal Scenario:
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Stylers on an unadvertised sale for $9.99 (regularly $19.99!)
Pay $9.99
Get back a $4 Ecb
Final cost only $5.99 and NO coupons needed! Sweet! :D

Even better, if you received the $10 off $30 Gillette Shave purchase coupon from the Magic Coupon Machine, you can buy a razor AND additional Gillette Shave products to get up to the $30 amount to score an even sweeter deal! Check it out:

Buy Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler $9.99
Buy a little over $20 in additional Gillette Shave products
Total = around $30
Use any Gillette manufacturer’s coupons to go with the products you purchased (?)
Use the $10 off $30 Gillette Shave purchase coupon printing from the Magic Coupon Machine
Get back $4 Ecb
Final cost around $16 for all (or less if you use manufacturer’s coupons)!

(Thanks, Drugstore Divas!)

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  • Nicole says:

    I just got my coupon from vocalpoint for a free shave gel when you buy a proglide styler, so that would pair nicely if you were going to do the buy $30 get $10 deal!

  • Amanda says:

    I got a $10 off $30 Gillette purchase and a $2 off any proglide or Venus cartridge coupon from the magic coupon machine so I got, 1 pack of proglide cartridges for $16.79, 1 proglide razor for $9.99 and 1 Gillette shave gel. I used the coupons mentioned above plus the buy cartridge and get razor free coupon from the 6/3 p&g and $1 off shave gel coupon. After I used $6 in ecbs my total came to $3.98 with tax and I got back $4 ecb! I was super excited about this deal!

    • Teresina Bliss says:

      Hi I did this deal as well, last time the Styler was on sale I got one and inside there were several manufacturer coupons one of which for 2$ off the cartridges… so good.
      I received another cvs coupon from the red machine for 10$ off 30$ Gillette. and also one that says $4 on any $20 beauty purchase. I was wondering if I could combine the two, I mean, does anyone know what cvs means by “beauty purchase”? thank you in advance for your help…

    • Mary Alice says:

      Amanda, thanks for posting your scenario. It was really helpful! I was able to do the same. I used the same coupons, including the buy cartridge and get razor free coupon from the 6/3 P&G.

  • krisoftwo says:

    I got the $10 off coupon and after coupons and counting the extra care bucks I got back it was like $5 something for the proglide power shaver, matching cartridges, and shaving cream. Awesome deal.

  • johan says:

    i have the coupon a dont have near cvs…………….

  • Trisha says:

    I did this deal and purchased 2 Venus razors at $6.99 and 2 Venus Embrace razors at $7.99, both Gillette products ($29.96 total). It took off the $10 wyb $30, then I used two BOGO Venus Q’s in the 6/3 P&G for a total of $4.98 for 4 razors…Not too shabby! And if you were lucky enough to get a 25% off your next purchase on any previous receipt, you can use this also. These are not on sale this week, so they qualify for the discount!

  • ash says:

    i just got an email from cvs for $4 off of the pro glide!!

  • Monica says:

    I hadn’t planned on going back to CVS in awhile but this is a pretty good deal. I went in today to return something I had payed 99% cash for (I purchased a total of 4 items and I did use some ECBS but the difference was only 0.58 on what I was returning!) and so the cashier basically accused me of trying to steal money from them/ wrong doing. I called 1-800-CVS and reported it but I’m still ticked off. I’ll just go when shes not there because the hubby wants one lol.

    • irene says:

      That’s terrible! You did a good thing by calling about it.
      There is a cashier in the print area I avoid at my local store. I go out of my way to wait in a longer line or go to the pharmacy.

  • Shannon says:

    I got a $4/1 coupon for this razor at the magic red machine today! Off to plan a scenario for tomorrow! ;-)

  • crystal says:

    yesterday and today i also got a coupon for $2 off any tressame hair care product from the magic coupon machine. i grabbed 4 of the trial size. they were 99 cents each so all 4 were FREE. i also got an email from cvs for 30% off today. i am loving cvs this week.

  • crystal says:

    meant to say $2 off any 2 tressame hair care product. :)

    • Shannon says:

      I got that coupon today too! & got the trial sized too! And I must say, they are really big for trial sizes. I’m pretty happy about that!

    • Tat says:

      Thank you for the idea. I got that q also and now I’m going to get the trial for my camping box.

  • msrossdaboss says:

    while your at cvs look for the huggies jean diapers and slip on mega pack are 50% off. And cvs brand diapers are $4.44 the purple supreme diapers. Also Physician formula facial cleaner is on clearance for 4.99 used the $15 coupon from the red machine and got the overage applied to the other items in my cart.

  • tg16girl says:

    I bought 2 Fusion Pro-Glide Stylers $9.99 each, and 2 clear Pro-Glide Shave cream, $4.99 each. I used 1 Vocal-Point Shave cream coupon, and the $10 off when you buy $30 from the Magic Coupon Machine. My total with tax was $17.44 and I received the $4 ECB… I was happy because I could get one for my husband for a small Father’s Day gift, and another for my brother who could really use a good shave….LOL!

  • Jennifer says:

    Hey guys I just got back from CVS and I got the FUS PG STYLER for $9.99 and I recieved my 4ECB. I had in my hand the refill pack (14.29) to buy seprately in order to use my 4 ECB and to my suprise a $5 off any $10 or more coupon also printed along with a 25% off coupon!! So the cashier didnt even ask me if I wanted to use them she scanned all three making my total $3.20!! Needless to say I didnt mind at all that she didnt ask me!

    • Jennifer says:

      I aslo had my Vocalpoint coupon for the free shaveing gel but they dont carry it so I couldnt use it and let me also say I was very tempeted to do the deal again with my hubbys CVS card but there was only one more left and I know he doesnt need more than razor so I passed.

  • mary says:

    I was so excited about this but after reading the reviews on i am a little disappointed because many people say that they dont last very long :(

  • angie says:

    you are amazing for this post. just yesterday i was looking for a good deal on this exact product. i will check it out at my local cvs and if it does ring up 9.99 ill be so excited! i just got the 10 off of 30 coupon today too ! love it!!

  • Tina says:

    1st transaction: had a $10 off if u send $30. A Cvs coupon. Also I got a email for 30% off any item not on sale. Used a PG coupon if u buy cart u get the razor for free.  I also used a previous $5EB. Total came to $10.61 but got back $4EB. Did the same thing on my second card BUT this time w/o my 30% off n paid $16.71 w/ $4EB back.  So all 6 items cost me about $20. Not bad for fathers day for My husband & dad!

    • Tina says:

      Oops sorry I bought the fusion styler that did rang up at $9.99. 4ct cart & the fusion razor on sale for $9.99. I’m not sure if that was a good deal but I was happy about it! :)

  • Jennifer says:

    I am LOVING CVS this week. Check your emails for a 30% off coupon from CVS. These can be used on the non-sale Gillette items to make the 10/30 coupon even better!

  • Karen says:

    I just read the reviews and every single one of them say it broke within a couple days… :/

  • CoolSue says:

    The ECB is only 1 per household right, for the Proglide razor? I already used it yesterday! Just wondering. Also there is Tresemme huge bottles on clearance for 2.74 in my CVS. So do check out and use it for the bigger ones if u r a fan:)

  • edy says:

    I got 2 cvs cpns for 10 of gillete purchase grab 2 carthridges and 2 razors 2 shaving creams had bucks and the 25% and got the 2 of tressemme I’m saving that one for the week of the gas cards in a week. And got 1dlr of milk cpn and 4/20 any cosmetic purchase and 2 of any rimmel cosmetic, and 2 of any cosmetic to help get the next beauty reward that’s what the cpn stated. Thaks ladys! For all the postyings

  • amhale11 says:

    At what point does the 30% come off the transaction? Would I have to buy $43 worth (assuming all are full-priced), so that after the 30% off I would still be over $30?

    • Jennifer says:

      The 30% can be used on the $30 purchase and the 10/30 will still work (you don’t have to “compensate” for the % off). However, I don’t think the 30% will be taken off of that 10 since it is a CVS coupon. When I did it the deal was like this: 4 ct fusion cartridge @ 14.99 1 regular price fusion razor @ 10.29 1 fusion shave gel @ 4.89 = 30.17 – 10 CVS coupon off 30 Gillette = 20.17. Multiply by 0.70 for the 30% off CVS coupon = 14.12. Now deduct the P&G mfg coupons for free razor with cartridge purchase and $1/1 shave prep (11.29 total). The grand total after coupons is about 2.83. Not bad ;)

      • amhale11 says:

        Thanks so much Jennifer! I was getting so confused trying to figure that out lol! Now I’m debating if I should go tonight or wait til tomorrow after work… I don’t want to miss out on such a great deal!!!

  • heather says:

    Thanks for the tip!

    I went right over to CVS and here is how mine worked out:

    Gillette Fusion Styler $9.99
    Used a Gillette coupon Buy one Fusion Cartridge pack get razor free.

    So I bought a $16.76 Fusion cartridge pack- got the Styler at $9.99 for free (reg 19.99)

    Then I used the Venus coupon Buy one Venus Cartridge pack get razor free.
    Venus cartridge = 12.49 – that got me the Venus Embrace razor for free (reg 12.49)

    Also used the $2 off Venus ( I used 2 coupons on 2 products)

    Last product was the Gillette sensor Buy one Sensor Cartridge pack get razor free.
    Sensor cartridge was 11.79- got the razor for free ( reg $9.99)

    Used the red machine CRT Buy $30 in Gillette save $10

    Used a 30% on non sale items that was emailed to me today (nothing was on sale so that was a $19.07 savings)

    Received 1 $4 ECB

    Paid $10.00 + tax of $5.07 total $15.07 and can send in for the Thank you Mom P& G rebate (spend $40 in one transaction) and receive a $10 visa gift card.

    Bringing an $88+ order down to $1.07


    I think all the Gillette coupons were from the P& G inserts- not sure- I clip and carry all coupons.

    • heather says:

      Check that– the Thank you mom P& G – might not work- as it says it has to be from UNITED- I do not know what that is – I will call P& G to find out- if not the “P&G Save Time. Gas. Money. Smart Solutions for You.” will work for a $10 Rebate. ($10 for Spending $25 on ONE Receipt. )

      • Meryl says:

        thanks Heather- I called about that too and the cs rep told me to just put my name and address and phone # on a 3×5 card and attach my receipt with items/prices circled- that’s all. Just make sure to send to correct dept/address and should qualify. I was like ‘what’s United’? She said she did not see it on her form…..???

        • Meryl says:

          WAIT———– But she did mention drugstores were NOT participating, so please ask!!! She specifically said no to rite aid and cvs- almost forgot that part!!! :( I did a bunch of razors deals at our albies [s ca here]

    • irene says:

      My Fusion BOGO coupon stated specifically not good on Styler. Is yours different?

      • Heather says:

        @Irene- I did not see that wording on mine- and I had the cashier go over each one to make sure everything was ok- so she read them too.

        @Meryl thanks for the info- I will just use the ” save Time” rebate to be safe.

        • mel says:

          I’m looking at my coupon right now and it says
          Buy One Gillette Fusion
          4ct or larger cartridge, Get One
          Gillette Fusion Razor FREE
          (excludes Styler and trial/travel size)

  • Cari says:

    Im very new @ shopping wth coupons and looking for sales… can someone please tell me if I have to go into cvs to get the great proglide sale and what will be my final price @ check out 9.99 or 5.99? If I have a cvs card do I automatically get the 4 bucks in ecb that they are talking about?

  • Erica says:

    Does anyone know if this is still working this morning??

  • Kidblinks says:

    Wow thanks, bought two of them and used the 4 dollar coupon on the second one so it came up got six bucks and some change. Thanks!

  • edy says:

    Yes! Its printing the cvs cpn from machine 10 of 30 off gillete got 3 proglide reg.19.99 and there not marked but, there on sale $9.99. I just bought 3 proglide stylers $9.99 each used 10 of 30. And I could had use p&g cpns but, cvs didn’t have any carthridges there empty. My manager ordering a lot of more since, cvs cpn is still printing. Its a go here in houston,tx

  • edy says:

    Yes! Its printing the cvs cpn from machine 10 of 30 off gillete got 3 proglide reg.19.99 and there not marked but, there on sale $9.99. I just bought 3 proglide stylers $9.99 each used 10 of 30. And I could had use p&g cpns but, cvs didn’t have any carthridges there empty. My manager ordering a lot of more since, cvs cpn is still printing. Its a go here in houston,tx

  • mary says:

    Can someone please tell me which coupon they are using on the styler? I see some people mentioned using a coupon on the styler but the one in the 6/3 pg excludes the styler. Tia
    Also wanted to mention that the cvs diapers are 50% off, I got a twin jumbo pack (the box) for $8.49 a tub of wipes for $1.99 and I used a $3 off of $10 cvs brand coupon from the machine, only paid $2.64 after ecb

  • Griscelda says:

    Just scored big at Cvs!! I got:

    1 Gillette fusion proglide razor $9.99
    1 Gillette fusion power cartridge 4ct $15.99
    1 Gillette fusion shaving cream $4.79
    3 tresemme travel size shampoos 99 cents each
    2 tresemme travel size conditioners 99 cents each.

    Cvs coupon $10/$30 Gillette
    $2/2 cvs Qtresemme product
    $2 Cvs Q any hair product
    $1 Cvs Q Gillette shaving cream
    $1 Gillette shaving cream
    $2 Cvs Q Gillette cartridge
    B1g1 buy Gillette cartridge get razor free
    30% off entire purchase Cvs Q

    I paid 76 cents!!!! And got back $5 extra care bucks!!! $1 was for my green tag bag. For some reason the b1g1 coupon took off $10.99 and not 9.99 for the razor

  • Andrea Jander says:

    woohoo! got this deal! My hubby will LOVE this for Father’s Day!!

  • Mandi says:

    Don’t forget you can use the B1G1 Olay with your Venus cartridge purchase too. It was in the PG 5/13 or 6/3. I don’t remember. I used the B1G1 Venus cartridge get the razor free (it links to the razor) then used the other one (links to the Olay) and got a free $7.99 Olay body wash.

  • Porsche' Robey says:

    hey yall saw the best coupon for this at walmart today its a peelie for save $10.00 on the pro styler when you buy ANY FUSION refill….now at my walmart the regular gillette fusion refill 4ct was 14.and change. i think this would make the deal even better if you can use the $ off $ on gillette products of whatever the deal is as CVS. i got a few extras if you would like one we could work out a trade email me

    porscherohrer at yahoo dot com

    put gillette prostyler in the subject line so it will be easy to separate from all my spam.

  • Porsche' Robey says:

    sorry leaving another comment cause i forgot to check for email follow ups via email. lol

  • Ashley says:

    I got the styler on sale today and although I am super excited about that, but I am bummed that I didnt get the print out for 10 off 30. Does anyone know how the coupon machine decides who gets what? I never get the good ones, lol

  • squarejellybean says:

    Just got back from cvs and got fus proglidestyler 9.99, pro glide gel 4.99, mach3 disposable 3ct 11.79, mach 3 disp 3ct 11.79, rimmel mascara 75% off 2.12, phy formula face cream rang up 4.99 but marked 19.99, phy form face cream 4.99, 3oz tresemme shampoo .99,tresemme cond .99 = 52.64 then used 10 off 30 gillette purch,$4 off 20 cvs beauty cp, $15.00 off phy form cvs cp, $2 off rimmel cvs cp, $2 off 2 tresemme cvs cp, $4.99 off pro glide gel cp from vocalpt, $11.79 B1G1 free razor, $2.86 EB = FREE….. just had to pay tax of $3.88 I didnt get a $4 EB back because this was my 2nd time……..Also found the size 4 jean pampers for 6.24 used $3 from cvs beauty magazine ….. What an awesome trip thanks so much hip 2 save and all the comments on here :)

  • Traquis E. says:

    Went to cvs today to get proglide deal and went to use the buy the proglide get shave gel free and was upset that they didn’t have the shave gel so I still purchased the razor any way didn’t want to miss out on a good deal. When I got home I called gillette and explained that the gel was not in my area yet and cs rep said that the gel was new and that they would send me a free coupon to get gillette shave cream of my choice.

  • juvy says:

    Hi guyz I have a question I got a coupon $3/$10 for hair notion any idea which item is that?.TIA

  • amhale11 says:

    I have a $2/1 Venus Razor or Disposable coupon that I was able to use with the BOGO one to get $2 off the one I paid for. That coupon came from a P&G gift set that came with the free magazine.

    • Trinity says:

      Did you give the BOGO first and then the $2 MQ last?

      • amhale11 says:

        I think the $2 one was first, but I didn’t do that on purpose… just gave him the stack of coupons. Everything went through without a problem, which usually never happens so I was shocked lol!

  • Fanny says:

    Does anyone know if these razors are still $9.99?

  • Jeanette says:

    I went to my cvs today and they didn’t have the styler, but I picked up one that had the fusion proglide razor with 4 extra cartridges and it was also $9.99 and I got back my $4 ecbs as well!!! the regular price on that one is also $19.99

  • brenda81966 says:

    i just picked up 7 Gillette Fusion Styler $9.99
    and used my coupons and 10 off 30 and still got back 4ecb on all 7 .it was a wonderful day, plus my cvs start their ads on saturday afternoon, so i did my p&g deal, got 10$ for that..and i used my 5/20 coupon with my deal ,made my 9 items 1.51 each with coupons….you rock mrs hip, also went to walgreens and did the SAMY FAT deal and the coupon work, they fixed the dates on it… Have a wonderful father day !!!

  • Marissa says:

    anyone know if thIs deal still working?

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