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Rite Aid: 75% Off Garden Clearance, Better than Free Automotive Products + More

10:46 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Wow! If you are in need of gardening items like potting soil, pots, hanging baskets or hose attachments, you’ll definitely want to make plans to head over to your local Rite Aid. Check out some of the deals that I found at my Rite Aid here in Boise, Idaho…

All Purpose Potting Soil 20 lb. bag $2.96
Total After 75% Off Sale = $0.74!

Gardening Tools and Gloves $1.29-$4.99
Total After 75% Off Sale = $0.32-$1.25!

Hanging Baskets $5.99
Total After 75% Off Sale = $1.50!

Wicker Planters $9.99
Total After 75% Off Sale = $2.50!

Garden Safe Fruit & Vegetable Insect Killer $6.99
Total After 75% Off Sale = $1.75!

Miracle Gro Leaf Shine $4.99
Total After 75% Off Sale = $1.25!

I was also able to snag some great clearance finds in the automotive section…

Black Magic Pro Shine Protectant $7.49
Total After 75% Off Sale = $1.87
Get a $3 +Up Reward with the purchase of select automotive products (limit 1 offer)
Final Cost FREE + $1.13 moneymaker!

MicroFiber Polishing Cloth $4.29
Total After 75% Off Sale = $1.07
Get a $2 +Up Reward with purchase of select MicroFiber Cloths
Final Cost FREE + $1.93 moneymaker!

Helping Hand Thumb Tacks 100 ct. $2.69
Total After 75% Off Sale = $0.67
Get a $1 +Up Reward
Final Cost FREE + $0.33 moneymaker!

Helping Hand Small Screws 30 ct. $2.89
Total After 75% Off Sale = $0.72
Get a $1 +Up Reward
Final Cost FREE + $0.28 moneymaker!

Keep in mind that clearance prices do vary from store to store and by region. Come back and let us know what you find at your local store.

(Thanks, Lily!)

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  • shannon says:

    wish we had a Rite Aid in Pensacola, FL!! Guess we’ll keep going to CVS!

  • Sarah says:

    I miss RiteAid so much!!!

  • babyrn says:

    Thanks Collin! I’ll have to check this out today!

  • Julie says:

    Does anyone know the limit of these?

  • Lynn says:

    Any areas doing this deal?

  • katann says:

    Wow! I wish we had Rite Aid stores in Texas! I love gardening tools and stuff! Darn!

  • nena says:

    there wasnt one 75% item at my rite aid, i was so bummed!

  • Melinda says:

    Oregon coast – garden was 75% off but not all the automotive/household. Still scored. Thx for the great info. Was stalling because I don’t like paying full price since Hip.

  • irene says:

    Stopped by the closest store i Atlanta. They didn’t carry any of the garden stuff and the auto section didn’t have any of the described markdowns — just a few scented danglies. What a depressing store!

  • noelchav says:

    Here in Oregon i scored on some of these deals. The thumb tacks and microfiber towels are limit 2. The microfiber towels and the black magic cleaner didn’t have 75% tags are on them, but i went and had them price checked and indeed they were on sale and the +ups printed.

  • Amber R. says:

    Here in Durango Colorado the garden stuff was all discounted except the soil I was told they dont plan on clearancing that until September :( Autamotive was mostly still 50% off with only a few 75% off items which of coarse were almost completely gone already :( Still scored some beautiful pots for next year and a really cool spray nosle! :) Thanks Collin!!

  • Marissa says:

    My microfiber towels were an ever better deal then i thought! They had some that were rolled up for 3.19 (normal price) and they were 75% off making them .79 AND giving me a 2$ up reward!!
    Also there was turtle wax on clearance 5.49 (normal price) and then 50% off (there were 75% off at another store but was sold out) and then gave me a 3$ up so free + .25 wax!
    None of the push pins or screws were marked with up rewards at my store and a lot were only like 25% off
    SO glad for these deals for the hubby but i was secretly wishing for potting soil! Found 1 bag but it was 2.49 i think.

  • Gardnerh says:

    Not much garden left in Oregon City, but they did have the cutest little fabric gardening baskets for $2.49 rather than $9.99. They have a metal frame – similar to one I bought at the container store. They are going to live in my car for groceries.

  • Andrea says:

    I did the Black Magic deal but didn’t get any Up and Up rewards :-(

  • Emily says:

    My Rite Aid in Northern California is doing the same deal–got two garden hoses (50 ft , 100 ft total) for $3.24 each, kitchen/garden shears for .99, black & decker deluxe spray nozzle/trigger for hose for $1.99, and various small items for the garden. No soil was on sale though. Thanks for sharing Colin–I just was on the process of starting my garden!! This has saved me a lot of money!!

  • An says:

    Im from South Cali…I bought the Black Magic at 50% off but it didn’t give me any up rewards so I returned it. ;-(

  • Jes says:

    when does these deals end???

  • A.R says:

    can someone tell me how long does all-purpose potting soil stay fresh? Does it have good shelf life? Thanks in Advance..

  • Carli says:

    THANKS SOOO SOOO much for posting this I saved a TON of money and got all my spring pots and planting stuff! I appreciate what you do so much. With the economy so bad and times being so rough it really helps bring some true joy to my life! THanks again from the bottom of my heart!

  • squarejellybean says:

    I’m in central CA i spent $42 i went way over budget but I got 3 solar panel statues for $6.24 each (reg 24.99) 1 will be a gift. Also got garden hose $3.24, gloves .99 cents, sprinklers .24 – 1.50, masking tape,black magic protectant no sale tag but rang up 3.79 then got a 3up reward. tacks, 4 pots and light bulbs. Thank soo much for posting I have put off buying these things cause too expensive. :)

  • Amanda says:

    How can we find the monthly +up deals? I saw limits on the car stuff but I’m not sure what goes with what..

  • Laurie M. says:

    Got some GREAT deals! Automotive was only 50% off, but scored on the potting soil – 3 bags for $.74 each, 2 micro fiber cloth (3-packs!) $.79 and got back (2) $2 UP rewards for those. Got 3 strings of lights for the backyard at $1.49 each (reg. $5.99), the push pins and small screws were only 50% off so $.67 for 40 ct. push pins and $1.44 for 30 ct. small screws but got back $1 UP for each of those. Picked up 3 of the hanging baskets for $1.49 each (reg. $5.99) and a trowel and cultivator at $.32 each. BIG scores today at Rite Aid. Thank you!

  • Belinda says:

    The Tuff Stuff upholstery cleaner was clearance 1.49 got back 2.00 up limit 1 and the 3-pack micro cloths was .79 but not at all Rite Aids was clearance limit 2

  • tw says:

    Picked up 20 bags of the potting soil today in Sacamento. $15 for 400 lbs of potting soil!! Im in gardeners heaven!

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