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Finish Line Winner’s Circle Rewards Program = FREE Products, Discounts, and More

1:12 PM MST
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Wow! I just got an email from reader, Shannyn, who signed up for the Finish Line Winner’s Circle Rewards Program and got some sweet coupons in the mail! The coupons are good over a 6 month period, each valid during a different time frame.

Check them out…

FREE Exclusive FINL T-shirt, valid 8/8/12 – 9/7/12
FREE Ground Shipping, valid 9/8/12 – 10/7/12
FREE 3-pack of FINL socks (with a $25 purchase), valid 10/8/12-11/7/12
FREE Pair of Shoe Laces, valid 11/8/12-12/7/12
FREE Shoe Cleaner (with a $25 purchase), valid 12/8/12-1/7/13
$20 Finish Line Reward to be used on any purchase of $20 or more, valid 1/8/13-2/7/13!

Shannyn actually called Customer Service regarding the $20 Reward thinkin’ that there had to be some kind of minimum amount she needed to spend to use it. Well,  Customer Service actually told her it could be used on ANY purchase over $20! How sweet is that?! :)

So head on over here and sign up, you may receive the same coupons she did. If not, you’ll be sure to snag the next promotion that comes around! When you get to the page, click on the phrase in the orange box that says, “Being A Winner Has It’s Perks” to be taken to the registration page.

(Thanks, Shannyn!)

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  • Van says:

    Wow!!! I hope I get one, I’m already a winner circle member.

  • Kaity says:

    I joined this about a month ago and never received anything :(

  • Stephanie says:

    I got one of these booklets after I bought those shoes you posted about in February, I believe. I never bothered to look inside until a few months later, and realized I had missed out on a lot of freebies they had had the previous months. Even worse, I forgot again until your post just now! I need to find that booklet! Haha. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Teresa says:

    Beware of Finish Line free trial magazine subscriptions!!!! I will never ever shop again after being charge $49.99 and $24.99 for a magazine I never order. They will share your credit card info.

    • Teresa says:

      If you don’t believe me just google it.

      • kristina says:

        Wow, I did google it. I won’t be shopping at Finish Line any time soon! What an awful scam they are running!

        • Jack says:

          Unfortunately the customers are agreeing to it when they sign the subscription form. Read the fine print it clearly states after the free trial you will be charged. If you would like to cancel, call and you still get to keep the ones you got. Please done blame this on the employees. I spoke to a cashier and they said they are required to do it. Their job depends on it. Please address any anger and concerns to finishline’s corporate office. Don’t blame the employees for what the offices make them do.

      • Jack says:

        Finishline does not share or sell any information to anyone. That includes credit card info. When you made a credit card purchase you were asked if you wanted a few free sports illustrated magazines.. You were probably asked if you wanted men’s, kids, or both. You chose both. You were also asked to sign the actual subscription… I never sign anything I don’t read first. The subscription won’t work without your authorized signature. Sports illustrated also sends out warning about your free trial expiring. And states to “do nothing” if you want to keep receiving them. Call sports illustrated. They should refund you for the magazines you haven’t received.

        • formernonmom says:

          Actually, I found a blog that spans from 2008 and many of the posters said that they either declined the offer or were never offered it to begin with. There were a few commenters that work at Finish Line that said they were pressured by their superiors to meet their store’s goal for each week, some even fearing losing their job if they didn’t go along with the scam. I do understand that you have to cancel free trials, but it appears after reading all of the personal accounts, that Finish Line is deceiving their customers and in fact, stealing their info without consent OR signature.

          • Jack says:

            yea I read those stories. I’m only referring to the way the cashiers are supposed to do it.. There are cashiers who do this even if the customer declines. But I know for a fact that a signature is required for an automatic renewal. Just please read what you sign.

        • John says:

          Why not do away with auto renewal subscription. Why doesn’t the Corporate just give out free trials without auto renewals? After 2 or 3 issues, send bills. If customers like, customers pay the bill. If not, customers don’t have do nothing. Better than snicking automatic charges afterward. Yes, they may have fine-prints…but how many people will take the time to read every singles words on that piece of paper before signing. Especially if the store is super busy! Having fine-prints doesn’t give the Corporate a right, or make it right, to underhandedly sneak in the charges. It’s beyond me why would a Corporate put few dollars profits above its customers.

          • Jack B says:


            I completely agree! I feel bad for the employees who are against this but are forced to do it because of their management.

    • Julie S. says:

      You could still shop with cash. They can’t charge you anything with that right?

  • jo says:

    online it says ”
    Your account balance is $0.00. You will receive a $20 reward certificate when your balance reaches $200.”

  • Dawn says:

    My son signed up for this in-store like at Christmas, but he said they never asked for his address, so now we aren’t getting these awesome coupons???

  • Ashley57 says:

    Well, I signed up. We will see.

  • Tim Fisher says:

    I got mine Friday! It’s so awesome all the free stuff you get!

  • Jen Trimble says:

    i know from talking to a couple CVS employees there is certain things they have to do, like ask customers about updating their email address when it pops up on the screen. if they dont get a yes to at least 20% of those asked, they WILL get written up…and it takes 3 write ups to justify them losing their job! that may not seem like a lot of people…but 3rd shift has a hard time…not many people want to stand and give their info when their drunk or high. they just want their food, drink or smokes!

  • marco says:

    Why did you not honor my tewenty dollor saveme 20cupon

  • johnathans_jiggle says:

    If you recieved these coupons.. I just wanted to everyone know that the coupon for the free tshirt expires tomorrow

  • Earline lewis says:

    Please send my boy some counpon.

  • Jemykal Perkins says:

    O how Long did it take her to receive these

  • Camerin says:

    Do they charge monthly for winners circle I am a new member?

  • April says:

    I ordered something online, but never had the option for a coupon code or to link the order to my rewards card.

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