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FabKids: 4-Piece Outfit Only $25 + Free Shipping (Makes Each Adorable Item Just $6.25 Shipped!)

9:52 AM MST
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Looking for a fun and easy solution to the dreaded “Mom, I have nothing to wear!” or “Mom, I cannot find anything that matches” or “Mom, I don’t want to wear that!” mornings?! If the little girl in your life frequently utters any or all of these statements, then you may want to check out FabKids!

Launched with mom and creative partner, Christina Applegate, FabKids helps busy parents keep growing girls in stylish and comfortable head-to-toe outfits. Each month, FabKids offers up a 3 piece outfit like a graphic tee, tulle knit skirt and footless tights for $39.95 shipped.

But here’s the best part, you can join FabKids now and you’ll pay just $25 for the first outfit + FREE shipping! Plus, when you head to checkout, you’ll also snag a FREE shirt from FabKids (choose between sizes XXS-L). Keep in mind that FabKids is currently available for girls in sizes 2 through 8 (girls sizes 10 and 12 are coming soon!). That makes each item just $6.25 shipped!

On a side note, the team over at FabKids recently sent my 5 year old daughter, Piper, her very first FabKids outfit (pictured above) and I have to admit that I was more than impressed. Besides the fact that the entire outfit was packaged really nicely (it would definitely make a great gift!), the clothes seem to be of high quality and they really are super cute!

(Piper in her new favorite shirt, courtesy of FabKids! :) )

If you’re interested in checking out FabKids further, head on over here and take a little time to browse around.

IMPORTANT: Note that there is NO obligation to purchase outfits monthly from FabKids. Each month FabKids will pick out an outfit for you (or you can choose your own outfit) and they’ll notify you one week before your outfit is shipped. If you “skip this month” within 7 days of receiving your monthly outfit pick via email, you will not be charged and nothing will be shipped. You may skip as often as you like. You can also cancel your membership at anytime.

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  • SoCalMommy says:

    I finally gave in and ordered my daughter an outfit. Too cute!!

  • holly22 says:

    I ordered from them two weeks ago as the 25.00 deal was hard to pass up and got the outfit and my daughter loved it. Can’t wait for next months outfit.

  • Holly says:

    This stuff is too cute!

  • MommySpendsLess says:

    Some of their outfits are really cute but I think I can put something similar together for less money from Target/Children’s Place. I would consider signing up when my daughter’s older and being up on the latest trends is more important.

    However, I would LOVE a grown-up version. I can’t pull together an outfit for myself to save my life! I would definitely pay a premium not to have to match styles, colors, fabrics and not have to go shopping.

    • Sharon says:

      Yes on the Mommy Fabkids idea! The only problem with that is sizing. I hate having to send stuff back because it doesn’t fit me. Womens sizes are so bizarre.

      • MommySpendsLess says:

        Yes they are! But I’m hoping if this imaginary website of mine all stocked the same brand (e.g. Abercrombie & Fitch only sells Abercrombie clothing) then after your first order you could adjust your profile to tweak the sizes and future orders would fit. Maybe your profile could also include body issues, or even a general body shape type (apple, pear) so certain styles could be avoided.

  • Rachael says:

    Mommy SpendsLess, I agree!!! I hate trying to pull together a ” Im a hip mom whose got style”! Let alone in my budget!

    • Holly says:

      I go online & print out cute oufits from web-sites, celebrities, etc. I have printed out and put into those clear sheets and put them all together in a binder, when I’m stumped on an outfit I just go & look in my book of outfit ideas!

      • MommySpendsLess says:

        That sounds like a great idea Holly. So when you need a new outfit, do you bring the book with you to the store and try to find similar pieces or do you try to find outfits on celebrities that match some of the pieces you already have? Does your wardrobe mix-and-match?

        My biggest problem is probably that I don’t know WHY certain outfits work well…well that and I’m cheap so what I buy is sometimes swayed by the price tag (a habit which I’m trying to break!)

        • Holly says:

          I usually snap a pick with my phone then go shopping! Or, when I’m going out and I need a cute outfit I’ll look at my book and see what I can get together. It works pretty well for me! :)

  • Whitney says:

    Nothing for boys, doesn’t even surprise me anymore. :( They say they will have a boys line in 2013, but I’d love some new fall clothes now… Thanks anyway Collin, and your daughter looks adorable in her new outfit!

  • Jess says:

    This looks so cute. I have a personal quesion for Collin. How much in rewards do you usually get off things like this. (for inviting friends?) Awesome deal!

  • amy says:

    Great deal or are we posting simply because of.the freebies.they.send hip2save for.posting? Bias I think. Wish.posting.didn’t reflect alterior motives

    • Jen P. says:

      What alterior motive? She fully disclosed they sent it to her and if she makes a little money off of her hardwork why do you care, she comes across as an honest person and if it wasn’t good quality I doubt she would post it. These are cute clothes and I like to try stuff like this, so if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything.

    • Rach says:

      I agree, Jen P. Amy, why don’t you research your own deals rather than relying on someone else’s hard work if you don’t want to hear their opinions? Collin obviously works her butt off for us who read her site. I personally appreciate her more than I can describe! Thank you thank you thank you for all you do Collin!!!

  • john says:

    when do they update with the new outfits?

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