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  View changes → *HOT* DG Toddler Training Pants as Low as $3.48 Per Package Shipped

6:50 AM MST
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UPDATE – Darn! It appears that Dollar General Brand Training Pants are all out of stock now :(

Wow! If you are in need of training pants for your toddler and aren’t too picky about the brand, then you may want to get in on this deal! Through 9/24, has dropped the price on their store brand packages of DG Toddler Training Pants to just $3.87 (regularly $7.75!). They also have quite a few different sizes available at this price. To browse through their selection, head on over here, scroll down and click on “View All Diapers & Wipes” (under the Huggies Box), then sort low to high to quickly locate all of the training pants.

Even sweeter, today only, Dollar General is offering up 10% site-wide! This discount will be automatically applied to your cart during checkout. Note that you cannot use an additional coupon code in conjunction with this discount. Plus, spend $40 or more (after the 10% discount has been applied) and you’ll score FREE shipping! I tested this by adding a total of 12 packages of training pants to my cart…

So… as you can see, for a final cost of only $41.80 (+ tax) shipped, you can score 12 packages of training pants! That means you are paying only $3.48 to have each package shipped to your door! I am lovin’ that you don’t have to leave your house to score this deal. :)

If you have used Dollar General training pants in the past, I’d love to hear your experience with them. I am having a hard time finding reviews online… so I am not sure the quality.

(Thanks, Mary!)

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  • Regina Lucero says:

    Have you ever tried this brand? Are they good?

  • Rod Urand (@urandrod) says:

    Thank you – I just did this and it worked great.

  • julie says:

    I could only find one review where a Dad said they didn’t work that well overnight. I think I’m waiting for more posts from others before I buy.

  • amie says:

    can you buy them in store at this price too? I don’t wanna buy 40 worth of diapers just for the free shipping.

  • jen says:

    not working. won’t let me add any to my cart:(

  • CourtneyAmanda says:

    Anyone who has got $40 that you can afford to donate, please consider working this deal and donating to a children’s home near you!

  • Erin says:

    I just tried to order and after I entered all my credit card info, then it came back saying half my order was unavailable and they were charging me shipping. Luckily it is easy to cancel. :-)

  • Jena says:

    I went to add just one package of the 3T-4T Boys training pants to my cart, but they said:

    “The quantity you selected for the following item(s):

    DG Toddler Boys’ Training Pants – Size 3T/4T – 23 Pack

    exceeds the number of items that we have available for shipment.”

    Sold out already??

    • Lynn says:

      Jena – I had 9 in my cart, that’s all that were available and they were gone before I got through the checkout process. Very disappointing.

  • lee says:

    i like thier brand; soft and holds up similar to walgreens brand…bought 12.

  • Lynn says:

    I put 12 pairs in my cart and 9 were gone before I checked out. The checkout continued to process and I got charged the 6.95 shipping! It was a bear trying to cancel the order.

    Be careful!

    Also, shop at home = 2.5%.

  • Darcey says:

    I tried to order these and as soon as I placed my order they said they were unavailable. These were for the girls’ training pants.

  • Jorrie says:

    I had 12 packs in my cart, it allowed me to enter my CC information and then it told me that it was unavailable for shipping. SO since everything was unavailable I guess it didn’t charge me anything (?)

  • Erin says:

    The 2T/3T boys are still available. I just ordered 12. My youngest has a very slim build so we can still use the smaller size.

  • nicole says:

    can u pick up this price at the store or only online?

  • Becky says:

    how are these for nighttime? My dtr. still wets the bed….has anyone tried them at night?

  • Mary Clark says:

    I use them with my 2 1/2 year old and we have never had any leaks or problems.

  • jolene says:

    size 5 diapers were a great deal as well…. i got the 26ct package for $2.25 each – 10%= $2!! :)

  • petterson says:

    My daughter has never had a problem wearing them. No leaks. We have just started so she wears a diaper a night (to use up the rest of the diapers) so I have no clue how they are at night. The girl’s have a fairy on them and then there is a little fairy below it that will disappear if it is wet. I think they work as well as pull-ups.

  • Brandy says:

    There aren’t any left. just pull up brand is there, and DG diapers.

  • jolene says:

    i ended up getting 12- 46ct size 5 diapers, 12- 27ct size 5 diapers and 5- 26ct training pants for $83.78!! that 1006 diapers/training pants for about $.08 each!! that’s a great deal since i have two boys in diapers (hopefully only one soon lol)….

  • Sara says:

    the training pants are gone, but like Jolene’s deal, the size 5 diapers sound like steal!

  • miranda says:

    wow thanks got, 518 size 5 diapers for $41 dollars! 8 cents a diaper, waaaahooo!! I read some reviews online and said they are comparable to other store brand diapers, so im sure they will hold up fine for my twins ! :-)

  • Kelli says:

    If you are close to a store, its worth dropping in for a look. I saw two carts full near the checkout that were marked down 50%

  • shannon b. says:

    Just checked this again and was able to get 12 boys 3T/4T training pants which sold out earlier today. It said back order from 4-6 days, which is no big deal when you are saving so much. Hope you all have good luck trying this again.

  • Sara says:

    I went back to get some more size 5 diapers, and they had the training pants back in stock!

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