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New P&G Holiday Must Haves Rebate: $15 Rebate w/ $50 Purchase (Before Coupons!)

10:47 AM MST
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There is a *HOT* new P&G rebate offer available! Just purchase $50 worth of Venus, Secret, Olay, Pantene, Herbal Essences, Aussie, Head & Shoulders, Clairol, CoverGirl, Crest 3D White Whitestrips products, Puffs, Ivory and Safeguard (before coupons!) from 10/14/12 and 12/31/12 and get back a $15 mail-in rebate! Check out all the details and print the rebate form here.

Combine this offer with coupons and sales to score some awesome bargains! …And the good news is that we have until then end of 2012 to find sales on these items and/or in-store promotions, so stay tuned for deal scenarios (or feel free to leave deal scenarios in the comments below)!

(Thanks, Shannyn!)

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  • S. Wade says:

    Do you have to purchase items all in one shopping trip?

  • Kathryn says:

    Sweet! I love these rebates on stuff I buy anyway!

  • pl4ygiirl says:

    I have done my only two P&G rebates in the past and made sure I did it exactly right and have never gotten back the rebate =/

    • llc says:

      I would contact the company assuming you made a copy of what you sent. I had to call Glade and they had received it but somehow it was not being proccessed. The customer service rep put them through and I had an email a few days later saying they were being proccessed and the checks would arrive in 2-4 weeks. They were super nice.

    • Tarri says:

      You should call because I have read in the past that sometimes it gets processed wrong and they got a rejection letter and they called in and the person corrected it and they got their rebate.

    • Cindy says:

      I have never had any issues receiving rebates from P&G.

  • calhounscoupons says:

    Odd question but what do you do if your UPC codes don’t all fit in the spaces listed… is it okay just to write the rest on a separate sheet of paper and put it in the same envelope? This will be my first rebate ever attempted! Thanks Colin!

  • Lynne says:

    10/14/12 CVS buy1 get1 50%off Herbal Essences. Buy 2 – pay $6.99 and $3.49. Use bogo coupon (exp 10/31) – takes off $6.99. pay only $3.49 before tax. Use $6.99 and $3.49 amounts towards rebate. do 5 times. Total before coupons $52.40. Actual spend $17.45. get $15 rebate. $2.45 plus tax for 10 large bottles!!!!

  • Blinky says:

    Darn I just got like $59 of this last week lol

  • Stephanie says:

    Does anyone know what do you do if you have more UPCs than they give you room for? I was going to buy some puffs at CVS this week but since they are so cheap I’m sure I’ll need more lines than they give. Just wondering if anyone ran into this problem last time.

  • Kitty says:

    I just did the last P&G and Olay rebates. Am I eligible for the next Olay rebate that starts today?

  • Michelle says:

    This week at Kmart Pantene & Herbal Essences is buy 1 get 1 50% off, plus when you buy $30 of P&G, you get a $10 coupon toward your next beauty, health, or grocery purchase to be used by 10/27, and this coupon rolls. This is my plan:

    1st Transaction:
    4 HE shampoo ($4.49 ea) $17.96
    4 HE conditioner or styler ($4.49 ea) $17.96
    Free Smart Sense Chocolate Chip Cookies with $20 purchase (coupon in the monthly booklet found at front of the store)
    -$9.00 (B1G1 50% Kmart sale)
    -$$17.96 (4 X $4.49 B1G1 conditioner or styler wyb shampoo 9/16SS)
    -$4 (2 X $1/2 Herbal Essences products 10/7RP – will double to $2 per coupon)
    $4.96 + tax OOP
    Get back $10 coupon & at least $26.92 toward rebate (not sure if P&G will subtract the B1G1 50% off sale from the total for the rebate, I doubt it, but I’m not sure)

    2nd Transaction:
    4 Pantene shampoo ($4.99 ea) $19.96
    4 Pantene conditioner or styler ($4.99 ea) $19.96
    Free Smart Sense Chocolate Chip Cookies with $20 purchase (coupon in the monthly booklet found at front of the store)
    $4.04 in grocery, beauty, or health products (to get final total to $10 to use coupon from 1st transaction)
    -$10 (B1G1 50% Kmart sale)
    -$19.96 (4 X $4.99 B1G1 conditioner or styler wyb shampoo 9/16SS)
    -$4 (2 X $1/2 Pantene products 9/30P&G – will double to $2 per coupon)
    $0 or more + tax OOP (depending on the fillers purchased to use the $10 coupon)
    Get back $10 coupon & at least $29.92 toward rebate (not sure if P&G will subtract the B1G1 50% off sale from the total for the rebate, I doubt it, but I’m not sure)

    Between the 2 transactions you get:
    -8 shampoos, conditioners, or stylers
    -2 cookies
    -items purchased as fillers in 2nd transaction
    -$10 coupon toward your next beauty, health, or grocery purchase
    -enough to submit for the $15 rebate
    for $4.96 + tax OOP (depending on the fillers purchased to use the $10 coupon)

    So factoring in the $15 rebate and the $10 coupon this works out to be a $20.04mm! Also, since in both transactions you are above $25 up to 5 coupons $1 or less per day will double (the last 2 weeks up to 10 have doubled) so you could probably add a couple of items with coupons to double and get those for free, as well!

    *Note you have to use your Shop your way rewards card for the coupons to double, to get the $10 coupon, and for the free cookies.

    • ali says:

      You read my mind! Kmart is definitely the best place to overlap deals. Your final tally is off though, because you actually get 16 bottles of shampoo/cond/stylers, not 8. :) I’m just wondering if Kmart factors in the 50% off sale in reaching the $30 minimum to receive the $10 catalina, because if they do, then 8 herbal essences will only count as $26.94 before coupons, so you would have to get something else (cover girl eyeshadows, for example, are $3.24, BOGO 1/2 off = $4.86 for 2, double 2 of the $1/1 c.g. coupons, so just $0.86 for 2). Great job putting everything together!

      • Michelle says:

        Duh! – I guess I can’t count, but that makes it even better if you get 16 instead of 8. I think they count the full amount before discounts & coupons. They had this same deal a couple of weeks ago and I did it once with each Pantene & H.E. & got the $10 coupon both times, but I bought some Mr. Clean, but I’m not sure which transaction I bought it on and I can’t find the receipt. The Pantene would only come to $29.96 after the 50%, so that would work either, if they count after. Always could buy a puffs, too.

    • shannyn says:

      I was looking at the Covergirl Lip products. They are $6.99. With the b1g150%off your total will be $31.47. Use (3) $5.00/2 Covergirl lip products coupons from the 9/16rp. Bringing your total down to $16.47. Deduct the $10.00 wyb $30.00 worth of P&G K-Mart promotion and your looking at $6.47 for (6) Lip colors. This would be a great start on your way to fulfilling the $50.00 towards your rebate.

    • Jasmine says:

      This would be awesome but I was reading the fine print and the $10 coupon can only be used 10/21-10/28

    • Amber says:

      Hi Michelle- thanks for the scenario! I’ve never used coupons at Kmart before, but this looks like such a great deal I want to give it a try. I was just wondering though is there any tips on how to make this go smoothly- any order to put the coupons/rewards card in? Will the $1 coupons double automatically or does the cashier have to manually enter them, and does the $30 minimum for the $10 cat need to be before or after the 50% sale? Thanks for your help I really appreciate it.

    • ashley says:

      ok.. so i have a question… i have done this same transactions… at kmart each shampoo rings in at 4.99 and under the second one says BOGO50% – $.$$$ under it but all say 4.99 next to it) and i got 8 of them… meaning i have 39.92 towards the rebate right ???? bc its subtotal before coupons and sales…

      or do i only have 29.76 because 4 of the shampoos were 50% off….

      i also did the same thing at cvs with cg make up… bought 4 mascara at 8.99 ( bogo50%) and 4 eyeshawdows at 4.19 BOGO50%

      if anyone would/could clear this up for me that would be great THANK YOU!!!

  • jessica says:

    Hello. I just read the rebate form n it states that ” $50 purchase is subtotal before coupon redemption” so does that mean the total has to equal up to 50$ after using coupon? I’m a little confuse. Please help.

    Thanks! :)

  • msrossdaboss says:

    Hi ladies I was waiting for this post to say. I did my first P&G rebate back in july when cvs had the olay deal ( Buy 1 face cleaner get 3 ecb and p&g had a coupon for buy any face cleaner get bodywash free). Mailed it the last day of postmark (9.15.12) received my gift card on friday (10.12.12). So its worth the effort. hth

  • Suzanne says:

    I did the June P&G rebate tied to the Olympics and naively I did NOT make a copy of the records, but I know I did it correctly. I called customer service and they were fairly rude…with a *sorry Charlie* kind of attitude! I might try again with another call… so mad!

  • Kristin says:

    Can you buy items online and submit this rebate? I want some Crest whitestrips and think I can get the best price on Amazon.

    • kylie says:

      I would definitely suggest getting them next week at CVS. They’re regular priced and you get $10 ECBs. It’ll be even cheaper if you have a 20% off email! HTH!

  • Sindy says:

    Hi Collin, thank you for everything you do! I just printed the P & G $15 rebate form today and noticed that on the section: Offer limited to US residents, only in bigger bold letters it printed “$20 Mail-in Rebate” and I was wondering why? Was the rebate amount increased?

  • edie says:

    It says one per name per envelope, can both me and my husband get this? I have already gotten about 40 towards this but with the cvs deal next week I could get one in his name fairly easily too but I don’t want to break the rules.

  • Kelsey says:

    Does the dawn dish soap with Olay hand renewal count as Olay? Thanks in advance:)

  • nydia says:

    For the rebate, what counts as venus? The regular blue one for 6.99?? Anything with Olay, Venus and etc, like it says.

  • Emelia says:

    Hey I have some questions about rebate. I have never sent in a MIR. So first question on the rebate it says subtotal of 50 dollars before coupons so does that include my ECB and also do I have to send in receipts with rebate because for some reason I can’t find my receipts! I really wanna do this just not sure how

  • syada says:

    Hey, i want to know Can i add Gillette and always in this rebate offer

  • nydia says:

    You have to send receipts, I called the rebate info # and they told me all receipts must match the rebate form, or it will not count. And you’re extrabucks do not count for anything. You just circle how much you purchased the item for, not how much you actually paid for it.

  • Ann Taralson, 800 St. Hwy. 495, Lot 282, Alamo, TX 78516 says:

    Please give me a phone # where someone will answer. I have tried several & all I get is put on hold & I mean for over 1/2 hr. or more. I want a phone # that will give me a person to talk about my rebate that they are refusing to pay me.

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