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Home Depot: Christmas Light Trade-In is Back

11:51 AM MST
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It’s back! Starting tomorrow, November 1st through November 14th, Home Depot is offering up their Christmas Light Trade-In promotion again! Just take in your used or broken Christmas lights along with this coupon to your local Home Depot store and you’ll snag the following savings…

* $3 Off Home Accents Holiday LED Lights
* $4 Off Martha Stewart Living Holiday LED Lights
* $5 Off EcoSmart LED and Lightshow Lights

Even sweeter, you can score up to 5 discounts!

* Valid 11/1/2012 through 11/14/2012 and redeemable for a $3 OFF Home Accent Holiday LED Lights, $4 OFF Martha Stewart Living LED and GE LED Lights, or $5 OFF Eco Smart LED and Lightshow Lights. Valid only on single receipt in-store purchase of LED lights. Receive the discount for each string recycled (limit 5 discounts per customer). Available at participating continental U.S, Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, P.R. and U.S.V.I, The Home Depot stores. Offer not valid on (a) prior purchases or (b) purchases from any The Home Depot affiliate store. Offer may not be combined with any other offer, promotion or special incentive program or used as payment on any The Home Depot credit account.

(Thanks, One Momma Saving Money!)

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  • Jocelyn says:


    • Janel says:

      I’m saving mine for black friday :)

      • layla says:

        I emailed HomeDepot and was told the coupons do not apply to any sale, including Black Friday deals.

        • Janel says:

          really? well thats a disappointment. I’ve never been to a store that didnt take coupons on black friday so it didnt even occur to me.

          • layla says:

            Yeah….I was pretty upset! I asked in store and emailed them…Both told me the fine print says something about not for use on sales, discounts, promotions etc. They consider black Friday deals a sale or promotion!! I was so bummed….

    • Patty says:

      The Zombie Mulch coupons? I’ve used mine up on household supplies. Don’t ask me why, but detergent, fabric softener, dish soap, hand soap, toilet paper, etc count as lawn and garden. That really helped with the budget :)

      Well, on Homecoming weekend toilet paper is a “lawn and garden” item, but I don’t think that’s what they had in mind!

  • layla says:

    Does anyone know how much the Home Accents Holiday LED Lights are?

  • crystle says:

    Are you able to trade in non-working lights or half working lights?

    • Leslie says:

      I worked there and we took any lights working or not, we didn’t test them. We even had people bring in the strands for decorating items that had like 5 bulbs to a strand and some where the people took out all the bulbs.

  • laura says:

    did you get a copun on ffacebook game??? my god I can`t get any :(

  • Lisa says:

    do I really have to print the whole page?

  • Tracy says:

    I’ve done this the last 2 years and was so excited because I love Christmas lights outside and of course I love saving money. I bought the Home Accents dome lights the short strands and it ended up being about half what the normal price was. It turned out to be quite a disappointment this year though because when I was checking my lights before I put them up (I like to get them up when I’m not freezing my fingers off) half of them don’t work anymore. I plan to write the company, cheap or not I expected them to work more than a year or 2.

  • Janet says:

    LED lights make me sick to my stomach. Are they still as ugly as they were a few years ago?

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