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JCPenney Salon: *HOT* FREE Kids’ Hair Cuts Every Sunday in November (Starts 11/4!)

10:33 AM MST
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Don’t forget! These free haircuts start this Sunday, November 4th!

As I mentioned last week, JCPenney is once again offering up FREE Haircuts to kids grades K-6th every Sunday during the month of November. Keep in mind that you do need an appointment, so I would recommend that you call your local JCPenney Salon or stop by to reserve your spot now!

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  • Baps says:

    The one in Town East is the worse. I have been on hold for literally an hour and all I need to do is make an appointment. When it comes to free things customer service goes out the door.

  • Kim says:

    Made my kid’s appointment. Thanks.

  • Laura says:

    I have had wonderful success with the salon in Mentor. My son had his hair cut there in August during the special and now will again next month. They gave wonderful service. What percentage should we tip?

  • Danielle Nicole Jude says:

    Booked my kids. Thanks! Last free visit was a success.

  • Lidia says:

    I had the worst hair cut for my son back in august i will never go back to jc penny for a free hair cut i had to go straight to a barber shop to fix his hair .. (El cajon CA)

  • Rachael says:

    My daughter got a terrible cut at the free event in August. I asked for a trip and the stylist barely touched it. She spent maybe three minutes.

  • May says:

    I was curious see if the Pre-K is included or not…

  • Em says:

    The best investment ever: a good pair of clippers if you have boys and a husband and a pair of hair scissors if you have girls. I shear the boys and husband down, takes about 3 minutes! I even learned how to do the fade (a bit longer on top and shorter on the bottom, like 3 and 1 or what not), if you mess up while you’re learning that stuff on the boys you can just cut it down shorter. :) The girls all have one length hair so that’s very easy to trim and I have layered with side bangs, so it takes a bit longer but way worth it. No waiting in salons and we do it outside in the summer so the birds can take the hair for nesting! I even do a bunch of my friend’s and their kid’s hair I’ve gotten so efficient and good at it!

    • JoAnn says:

      I agree. I bought a great pair of clippers from Sally Beauty. I use them on my dad, my husband and my son. They have more than paid for themselves. My daughter’s hair, you couldn’t pay me to cut. One wrong snip and she would be hysterical. Her haircut at JCP in August was great and she’s going again on Sunday. And to be honest, if it was awful, I would have said something, free or not.

  • Jenn says:

    I made my son’s appointment last month. He goes Sunday. His August haircut was awesome. He even got a stylist with experience with Autistic kids. She asked if he ever had a salon experience before. I told her we only ever went to Great Clips, so no. My son enjoyed it all. She shampooed his hair, gave him the exact cut he wanted and even thinned out the very thick part in the back of his head. She even gave him a little tub of hair gel, or mud not sure which it was. I tipped her $5. I would have done $10, but only had the $5 on me.

  • Loka Free Things 2 (@LokaFreeThings2) says:

    Amazing Deal! I told my brother about this so he took my nephew and they did a great job!

  • Danielle says:

    Just wanted to follow back on this… called yesterday to move my sons appt and they have cancelled this program. :(

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