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Smiley360 Members: Possibly Free Infants’ or Children’s Advil (New Mission)

2:59 PM MST
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Have you logged into your Smiley360 account lately? If not, be sure to head over here and log in to see if you qualify for a new mission involving Infants’ Advil or Children’s Advil products.

Here’s what you’ll need to do…

*Head on over here and log into your Smiley360 account

*Look for the box similar to the one pictured above and click to take a short survey.

*Once you’ve completed the in initial survey, you’ll be asked even more questions to see if you qualify for the mission.

*If you qualify, you’ll receive one Infant’s Advil Concentrated Drops or one Children’s Advil Suspension liquid, 10 coupons to share with your family and friends, custom branded Children’s Advil picture frame magnet, a digital coupon for $1.50 off your next purchase of Infant’s Advil or Children’s Advil, and more!


(Thanks, Brandice!)

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