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Ecomom: *HOT* Score $100 Worth of Product for Only $40 Shipped = Great Deals on Toys + More

7:13 PM MST
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Wow! Thanks to all of you for commenting on the previous post, it’s even sweeter than I thought! You see, you can actually head to Plum District first to score a $40 voucher to for only $20! And what makes this voucher offer even sweeter is that you can combine it with the Ecomom automatic discount offer! Here’s a recap on that…

Through Sunday, 11/25, is offering up $20 off a $50 purchase, $40 off a $100 purchase, or $80 off orders of $200. There is no coupon code needed, the discount will automatically be applied to your cart. Plus, score FREE Shipping on orders over $50 BEFORE the automatic discount is applied. That means you can score $50 worth of products for a low $30 shipped! And if you purchase the Plum District offer above, you can combine it to score a total of $100 worth of products for only $20 shipped after all discounts, so after you add in the $20 you used to purchase the voucher, you will have spent a total of $40 out of pocket for $100 worth of products! Pretty sweet!

Or if you are wanting to spend less money, you could purchase $60 worth of products for $0 (+ tax)… so just $20 out of pocket (the amount you spent on the voucher)! Not too shabby!

As an idea, I added 5 play food/kitchen sets to my cart priced at $20 each (3 are Melissa & Doug sets) for a total of $100. After the automatic discount of $40 AND the $40 voucher, the final cost came to just $20 (+ tax) shipped, so $40 total spent (after taking into account the $20 spent to buy the voucher). This makes each set only $8 shipped, which is over 50% off the retail cost! Awesome! :D

Come back to let us know if you spot any other deals that would go great with these discounts!

Note that if you are not interested in purchasing the Plum District deal, you can instead opt to sign up for the Ecomom Newsletter (yellow box in the bottom right) to score a coupon via email valid for $5 off any purchase. The exclusive coupon code may take a few minutes to arrive. And yes, this can be stacked with the automatic discount BUT cannot be stacked with the Plum District discount.

(Thanks, Dear Prudence!)

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  • Shanna says:

    I went on this site and there is nothing for a 7yr old boy and it really sucks because this is really a HOT deal! But I’m happy for all of you who are able to score some cool stuff for your kiddos :-)

    • Jodi says:

      Shanna, it’s ecoMOM! Get something nice for yourself. It looks like they have several nice skin care products. And while not exciting, you can use it for great deals on cleaning products too.

      • Shanna says:

        You make a good point. I always feel super guilty at looking at stuff for myself around this time, I sink all of my cash into gifts for my son, but I will go see what they have and if I like something I will get it! Thanks Jodi!

    • Tilla Ham says:

      i don’t know what your son is interested in but i saw at least a dozen things for the 8 year old boy i babysit. there are drawing books of dinosaurs and pirates, dinosaur model type things, magic kits, pirate puzzles (that aren’t babyish) some monster game or puzzle thing….very cool stuff

      • Tomoko says:

        My almost 8 yr old daughter loves Melissa & Doug Flip to Win Hangman game. And I just ordered a Melissa & Doug License Plate Game for her. These games are great for traveling too :)

  • Molly says:

    When I called I was told that the $5 welcome vouchers and/or other email vouchers, such as the we miss you email codes, have been disabled during this sale. I bought the plum district deal so it didn’t matter for me anyway. I love ecomom and their customer service is truly great! I got $104 worth shipped for just $44 out of pocket! :) Just be adviced that they are processing orders super fast – as in less than 20 min – and no changes can be made to an order after it has been processed. Also check the exclusions on the plum district voucher; can’t be used on diapers, babyfood etc. Still lots of great deals!! Thanks so much for posting it!!

  • Janie says:

    Site is getting slammed right now…everyone must be trying to get this deal, lol :)

  • Nicole Koetting says:

    Go through ebates to get 2.5% back.

    • Amanda says:

      I don’t see Ecomom available as one of the merchants on…

      • Tracy says:

        Go through for to get 2.5% back for purchasing the voucher. HTH!

        • Amanda says:

          What does HTH mean? I did go thru, I searched for Ecomom and did not find it. Is there something I am missing?

          • Amanda says:

            Oh is the 2.5 % for ecomoms or plum district, I was thinking it was supposed to be for ecomoms, that what I was thinking since the person didn’t specify, and the main topic is for ecomom, if not, then I’m sol because I already bought the voucher from plum district now trying to figure out how the discount comes off automatically, when I check out, it shows $20 being due for a original $60 order.

  • Kristie says:

    Anyone else having problems getting their page to load?

  • Ashley says:

    So has any one tried and actually purchused $100 and verified that this works? I’d love to know!

  • NADIA B says:

    FYI I bought 2 from Plum District and although they say you can buy 2 but have to use them on 2 separate transactions Ecomom’s site will tell you when you are doing the 2nd transaction that the 2nd code has been used when it has not. I called and she couldn’t figure out what was wrong so she told me she would talk to another department and call me back. When she called back she told me the solution was to create another account with another email and then it would go through. I explained to her if that was Ecomom’s rules not to take 2 Plum District vouchers because Plum District say’s we can do 2 different transactions and she said she guessed. She also said that she had someone else who had the same problem Anyways my 2nd transaction I had to do the way she said and it went through. Hope this helps someone.

    • Dee says:

      I was wondering the exact same thing! Thank you!

    • Ariel says:

      my second transaction wouldn’t go through so i called and she “tweaked” my promo code so it would go through. They were really nice about it and it took 3 extra min was all. :)

    • Dee says:

      I am trying my 2nd transaction now. Created another account, and it won’t work! Someone said baby food is not included? I didn’t read that on the exclusions?! I’m going to be angry if it doesn’t work. That baby food is super expensive. I could not afford it w/o this.

  • Manami says:

    Isn’t it better if you bought 2 vouchers and make 2 $60 orders?

  • Sara says:

    Site is slow. Hope my order doesn’t time out. :(

  • Van says:

    I think on plum district it said one person can buy 2 vouchers, one for yourself and one as a gift. Maybe that’s why it wouldn’t let you use both from same account?

  • sophie says:

    Thanks so much! Ordered a bunch of newborn cloth for my future baby……CLOTH is the best for your baby and the environment!

  • Jamie says:

    Love this deal! I’m expecting my first baby, and I need SO much stuff. This is so helpful!

  • Erin says:

    Tried this deal last year, but the site was down for days. They have great customer service, but I was disappointed that I couldn’t do the deal how I intended when I bought the voucher. I hope they learned from last year and beefed up their website. Again, great customer service and really nice products!

    • Jen B. says:

      I did the deal last year too and it was a disaster. They wouldn’t respond to emails or phone calls. If you called them, they did not answer the phone for weeks, and they didn’t give any info on the outgoing message letting people know what to do or what was going on. Eventually they sent out a mass email at one saying that they were overwhelmed and couldn’t guarantee anything would be delivered before Christmas. Luckily, one day before the holiday the shipment magically appeared on my doorstep (I still hadn’t been notified about my order at all). They did manage to pull through and my then 4-year-old son loved the Melissa and Doug tool bench Santa brought him, but it was really too close of a call. I would hope they were better prepared this year, but just take it with a grain of salt- it might be a good deal to do if it’s you are not depending on the order to make your holiday…..

      • Brandy says:

        It was a disaster…but you were luckier than I was! I ordered the same bench and we didn’t get ours until the middle of January. I would have given anything to have received it the day before Christmas! Hopefully things are smoother this year!

  • Lurae says:

    I ordered a 105.94 and got it for 45.94.

  • Erin says:

    Great to stock up on cleaning products too!

  • Kori says:

    I did this deal last year and it was worth the frustration of the site being down because of the great products and customer service. It took a long time to place the order, but after that, it went smoothly and great cs and products. So glad the deal is on again this year and this time, I had no problems (thus far)! Order placement went smoothly. Thanks for posting! :)

  • tanja says:

    this is awesome! ordered the high chair i wanted to get for my baby and ended up paying only 161 for it shipped incl. tax (instead of 273).

  • Stephanie says:

    anyone else having issues using the voucher??

  • laura says:

    Anybody else having trouble with the plumdistrict site? It keeps telling me my credit card has bee ndeclined. I know there is nothing wrong with my card.

  • marie says:

    so I just purchased the plum district just because I wanted to do this deal. I go to use it and its not coming off my order. does anyone know if I have to wait like a day or something to use the voucher or what am I doing wrong? only the automatic $40 from ecomom are coming off but not the plum district one.

  • Aubrey says:

    I usually use these for food, but the Plum District voucher says you can’t use it for food or diapers. Has anyone tried these items and had it work?

  • Tomoko says:

    Thank you so much. I had a $30 plum District voucher that expiring end of this month and $10 ecomom gift card.I also had $3 in my paypal account. I ordered a Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Dollhouse, Melissa & Doug License Plate Game and Nieves C Perfect Skin ( for me :) ) $105 worth stuff for only $21.98. So exited!

  • Judy says:

    Wow… well after over an HOUR of browsing the site and adding what I wanted to my cart, and finally realizing you have to create an ecomom account before using the plumdistrict voucher… My final total is $24.46 shipped! (+ $20 plum voucher) for $105 worth of stuff! :)

  • mary says:

    I got Melissa & Doug Tow Truck Magnetic Puzzle Game, Melissa & Doug Wooden, Shape Sorting Cube, Melissa & Doug Wooden Stacking Train, Melissa & Doug Farm Animals Sound Puzzle, Melissa & Doug Musical Instruments Sound Puzzle for $27.95! my son will be ecstatic!
    Thanks Collin!

  • Sly says:

    Yay, thanks for this deal! Bought stir fry slicing set and wooden pantry products set for my students ($19.99/ea) 2 reusable sandwich bags ($8.95/ea) and a body massager ($3.99)…I used the voucher so in total I spent $21.87 ^_^

  • amie says:

    It is not applying the automatic savings of $40 off $100 or more for me? Anybody have this issue?

    • nina says:

      I had the same problem, then I read the fine prints and realized that most the items I added were among the brands excluded. Kinda let down. Check your bag to see if you included any of the following brands:
      S’well, Make My Day, OrbitBaby, ERGOBaby, Phil & Teds, Woolly Pocket, Skip Hop, Nature Babycare, Ubbi, Boba, Elements Naturals, gift certificates, tax, shipping

  • Amy says:

    Pay with your Visa and enter promo code “visapromo” for 10% off making it $18 for a $40 voucher. Also go through Ebates and get 2.5% back and if you are a first time customer you can pick a bonus $10 gift card to places such as Target, Walmart, Home Depot, etc.

    • T says:

      Did using a Visa work for you? I tried and it didn’t work for me. I noticed the fine print says “Plum District promotional codes may not be used toward the purchase of this Plum Steal”.

  • Stacy says:

    Thank you Judy for the info on having to create an account for ecomom before the voucher would apply – I tried and tried to enter the number with no action and came back to read here to see if anyone else had the problem. Also, be sure not to put the pound sign (#) before the code when you enter it. Thanks Collin for posting this! I got $60 worth of toys for $20.96. No words can say how much hip2save means to me!

  • Juli says:

    I purchased a voucher last night, but the site said i can’t use it since I already have. I pushed the back button on accident last night during the check out and now it won’t let me use the voucher. It says i have already used it…..but I have not since I never completed the check out. I try calling customer service, but it told me there is no one avaliable to take my call. Now I am frusterated!

    • Elaine says:

      Email them too and call again if you have to. I forgot to take into account they are in california so there was a time difference from NY. Lol. I had a problem and they resolved it by the end of the day. Plum district isn’t a major company that has 24 hour service so just keep that in mind :-)

    • Pumkinhead says:

      I did the same. I went to place my order and then I changed it. It would no longer accept my voucher code. said I had already used it. I called CS & the super nice lady fixed it in about 10 seconds. Lovin’ ecomom!

  • Cara says:

    Just another positive comment about Ecomom:) I realized after I had ordered that I had done funky math and should have added another bit to my cart to bump up to the “$40 off” mark — darn! I e-mailed Ecomom, and it was too late to change my order as it was already set for shipment (fast!), but she sent me a voucher code for $15 off my next order. Now that’s good customer service, because it was MY fault, not theirs.

  • Leanne says:

    Last year was a mess, but I am quite sure that they have learned from that and honestly they did an outstanding job customer service wise last year with what they had. I went ahead & did the deal this afternoon and while the website was a little slow still had no problem processing it. I ordered the Melissa & Doug Trunki plus face stickers and a Beatrix New York water bottle and paid nothing out of pocket except what I paid to Plum District. EcoMom didn’t even ask for my credit card since it was a $0 balance order, so no chance for a mistaken charge and if it did I would have used one of my rebate credit cards. =)

  • julie says:

    I did this deal last year also and though the ordering/shipping was crazy because they got WAY overwhelmed, it turned out wonderfully. I ordered a bunch of organic cleaning supplies and skincare products and got everything before Christmas, though in multiple shipments. But they really tried so hard to get things to me as soon as they stocked them. I was PRAYING this deal would come up again b/c my boyfriend LOVED their organic men’s skincare stuff, and I just can’t afford it at normal price… Score for his Christmas stocking! :)

  • Clipping N Saving says:

    I’m trying to do it now and it says your order does not meet the conditions for this coupon. :(

  • anna says:

    Awesome deal got 160 worth of stuff for 60. Beefed up my cloth diaper stock and laundry detergent. My only complaint is they are out of stock for a lot of things and we can’t do deals for back ordered things. No fair!

  • Patty Smith says:

    Yes – the deals were too good to be true. Ecomom is now shut down!

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