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*HOT* Walmart: Monopoly Millionaire Game Only $4.88 (Print Your Coupon Now Before It’s Gone!)

9:18 AM MST
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Wow! Head on over to to print the high value $5/1 Monopoly Millionaire Game coupon while you can! Then, run on over to your local Walmart where you should be able to find this game on sale for just $9.88 making it just $4.88 after the $5/1 coupon! Here’s how…

Monopoly Millionaire Game $9.88
Use the $5/1 coupon found here
Final Cost $4.88! Sweet! :D

* Note that my Walmart here in Boise, ID had a HUGE display of these games clearly marked at $9.88. If you find this same game marked at a higher price in your Walmart store, be sure to price check it as you may be surprised to find that it rings up at the same $9.88 price.

This same game is going for $17.89 on Amazon, so this is one *HOT* deal!

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  • Jodi says:

    Has anyone played this game? The reviews aren’t that great on Amazon…

    • debra says:

      Although its a good deal we have a closet full of board games. Don’t even want to spend $5 on another one.

    • Courtney says:

      I have played this game. It is pretty fun! My family like it, because it was much faster then the original monopoly game. I am getting a few for xmas presents.

    • bettyj says:

      I haven’t played it, but as soon as I read this post and printed coupons I rushed to Walmart. My grandson is really into games. When I checked out the cashier, a young girl said oh, I love this game, it’s so much fun. My dad and I play it all the time. So hopefully my grandson will like it too although he is quite a bit younger.

  • Summer says:

    will target price match?

  • Debby says:

    This would be a great price to donate for Toys for Tots or something of that nature!

  • Heather C. says:

    Does anybody know the age range for this game? I’d like to get it for my 8 year old daughter for Christmas, but don’t know if she’d get how to play it… :)

  • Rach says:

    We bought this at the weekend at Target for $10. My 7 year old LOVES it, every day after school he wants to play. So, age wise I think it’s perfect.

  • Lea Ann says:

    I ordered online and will do store pickup, will give coupons at that time. It was in stock at that price. :)

  • shunshyne says:

    Thanks again Colin, I will definitely use this coupon and this will make a great gift

  • Sarah says:

    I bought it this morning and the tag said it was a roll back price of $14.97, I took it to the price scanner and it came up $9.88. Thanks Colin!

    • DeAnna says:

      same thing happened to me, except when I got to the register it rang up 14.97. I haven’t ever had it scan one price and the ring up another. Of course, they gave it to me for 9.88! Thanks for the lead!

  • heather says:

    I bought one at Walmart on Sunday before this 5.00 coupon came out ( I did have the 3.00 coupon, though). The display and sticker price said 9.98 but when I scanned it , it came up 14.98. The employee said it was supposed to be the Black Friday price, but since the sign wasn’t taken down, they would adjust the price. Just a heads up to scan first. Good deal though if it all works out.

  • Valerie says:

    Thanks so much. My husband just told me he will need some unwrapped toys as his company is doing “Toys for Tots” again this year. These will be perfect!

  • Ann says:

    just picked up 2!

  • Kim says:

    Scanned at my store, still $14.96 :(

  • Mag says:

    two different boxes so watch out…..there is one that has a bonus offer for a $5 Arch card and that one is ringing up the $14 price at my walmart but the other box that doesnt have that offer on it is ringing up the $9.88 price! HTH

    • Darcy Lundt says:

      Good to know, thanks!

    • Laura C says:

      Thanks Mag!

    • dorie nichols says:

      same as my store, two different barcodes and I didn’t notice it until I went to checkout but she did a price override so they were all the same price.

    • LaToya says:

      I just picked up the one with the Arch card deal for $9.88.

    • Laura C says:

      My Wal Mart in Columbus, OH had tons of games left but they were all listed as $14.98. I did a price check, and the ones with a sweepstakes sticker on the front came up as $9.88 but the ones without were still $14.98. Hope this helps someone! :)

      • Donna says:

        My Walmart in Brockton, MA was the same way, sweepstakes sticker ones rang up as $9.88 and the ones with the “arch cash card” offer rang up as $14.98. Regular shelf stickers said $14.98 but the ones on a special game display in the center aisle were marked with a $9.88 sticker. Also, online inventory checker said unavailable at this store but there were plenty!

  • Leah says:

    Not on sale at my Wyoming Walmart. :( Oh well, on to the next deal!

  • Toya says:

    I just snagged mine during lunch! Thanks Collin!

  • Jill says:

    Thanks! I did this deal last night! :)

  • Irene G says:

    does this qualify for the hasbro rebate?

  • B* says:

    Thanks so much for the tip! I know my 9 year old son will love it! And while I was at it picked up a second for and upcoming birthday party. Yay!

  • Elise says:

    Thanks so much – I went to Target & did a price match & used the coupon! Yay!!!!

  • Kelly says:

    Ringing up at the regular price in the Daytona Beach, FL area. Keeping the coupon in the hopes that it goes down again before Christmas. :)

  • Raquel R says:

    Spent a good while, price scanning the games, finally got 2 that scanned at 9.98, but when I was at the register, the cashier said my coupons wouldn’t scan, so she could not honor them. Made me so upset when it took so long to find the right ones. So, I left with my coupons and no board games. Totally bummed and sad!!!!! One was going to be for my family and the other for my neighbors kid.

  • Barb says:

    I had a really positive experience at Walmart purchasing these today. There were about 25 games on the shelf, so I bought 4 for presents including 1 for foster angels toy collection. There were two price signs the shelf tag $9.88 and and a hanging tag rollback sign for $14.86. When they rang up at the register they rang up as $14.86. The cashier said if I could bring up the shelf price tag, she would see if they could honor it. When we brought it up, it had a different upc number but clearly listed Monopoly Millionaire. She first said she could not give it to us since it had a different upc. Before I could say anything she asked a manager walking by and they told her it was fine to give it to us for the $9.88. The manager said she might pick up one too and asked me where to get the coupon :) One other issue was that it would not let the cashier scan more than one coupon, but the coupon did not say only good on one, so she offered to ring them up in 4 transactions. I did not even need to ask. I have to say I normally don’t coupon at Walmart due to prior bad experiences, it was just always a chore and never fun. Today was a completely different experience. A big thank you to those two ladies at Walmart for making my shopping experience so positive today.

  • Jamie says:

    It rang up at my Walmart for $14.86. The manager wouldn’t honor the $9.88 price “we don’t honor the internet price.” Went down the road 1/4 mile and Target price matched NO PROBLEM at the $9.88 price!! YAY Target!!

  • Dee says:

    They wouldn’t honor the online price either at my store.It’s weird that they can’t honor othier own store prices. Guess I will go to Target tomorrow.

  • Elvira W. says:

    So I also went today and the price was a role back for 14.86, I rang it up and it was 14.86! But on the other side of the display, same game, the price was 9.88. SO I went ahead and scanned it and it was 9.98!! I was so glad I looked around!

  • Melissa says:

    This might be a silly question but how you do a price match at Target? I have never done one before. Do you have to bring in a paper advertisement or can you show them your phone with the deal on walmarts price?

  • kayla says:

    Man I wish I could print coupons from because I would love to donate this

    • dee says:

      Have you tried printing from a different site? Maybe you can print them from Walgreens, CVS, AllYou, CouponBug, etc. They have coupons and you might be able to print them from there.

  • Darcy Lundt says:

    Okay, just went to walgreens and here is a tip, look at the barcode and look for the one ending in 0169 and it is the $9 and some cent one, the one with the other barcode is the $14.00 one. I just got two games from two different walmarts, i saved the $5.00 plus my hubby works for walmart so i saved another 99 cents!! So I paid $3.89 and than with tax it came to $4.43 per game, woohoo, one for us and one to start a gift closet, THANKS COLLIN!!!!!

  • Darcy Lundt says:

    Some are left over from black friday and the black friday items have a different barcode from the everyday ones that they have in stock

  • Shana Dey says:

    Don’t forget to check out Walmart’s clearance section, too! I found a Leapster 2 charging station for $10 today (retail at ToysRUs is $34.99), as well as a Leapster Explorer charging station for $16!!

  • Leigh says:

    Went to target & had them price match it for me and used the $5 off coupon. I bought 3! no hassles.

  • Michelle says:

    The price is back to $14 something on the Walmart website. Guess I’ll have to brave Walmart instead of price matching at target :(

  • Sarah says:

    Yesterday morning I went to buy 2 of them and they rang up at $9.88 ea, after work I went back to buy 2 more and they were $14.98ea. The lady had me bring in my receipt and we found out that only a certain barcode is ringing up at $9.88. The $9.88 barcode is 653569801696. I’m hoping this helps someone :)

  • Lissette says:

    I went to my Walmart (Kissimmee, FL) and it was $14.98. Went to Customer Service and told them it was $9.88 online but they didn’t want to do a price match (smh). Went to the closest Target and they price matched to’s $9.88. Used the coupon and got me a $4.88 Monopoly Millionaire. Yay!

  • Suzanne says:

    FYI. Working in St. Louis. I went to a St. Louis area Walmart today and found the two different UPCs. I scanned them both and one rang up as $9.88… took it to check out and added my coupon. Score! $4.88

  • Tammi says:

    does anyone know if this is still working went to wal-mart and couldn’t find any that would work

    • dawn w says:

      Bought 4 tonight. 2 with one UPC and 2 with the other. They did a markdown because there was a sign over a display that had both products on it. Used coupons on all of them in the same transaction with no problems. Donating to our church’s Christmas angel program.

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