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Shop Your Way Rewards Members: Check Email for More Bonus Points (Valid Thru 12/10!)

3:08 PM MST
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Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 3.50.21 PM

If you’re a Shop Your Way Rewards member, be sure to check your email as I just received a few more emails from readers stating they received up to $5-$8 in bonus points in their account to use, valid December 7th-10th! The subject of the email is “_______, you’ll have $5 worth of FREE Points, 12/7-12/10 only” and came from Awesome!

Come back to let us know if you also received this same email!

(Thanks, Peggy & Natalie!)

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  • JoAnn says:

    I got $8. This is for Sears or Kmart right?

  • Geena O says:

    I received a mail saying that i ve 30% off on in-store purchases till 20th Dec as I m in for Sandy affected area….Some points wud ve worked better for me…dnt think i ll use this one!

  • Stacy says:

    Nothing for me :( But I got $3 last week at least! You can redeem them on anything. Just tell your cashier you want to use your points and they apply them for you! I got dog food last week!

  • mom2five says:

    no points for me! I must have been a bad girl.

  • Karen says:

    I got the $8 one and I totally don’t know how to use it…I signed up on line and never really shop at Kmart. Does it work like a coupon? And I don’t have a card so I don’t know what my number is. How do you get a card?

    • Eyez says:

      Karen, they can look up your account number by your phone number you registered with. Yes, it works like a coupon. You tell them how much you want to use towards your current purchase. I luv it : )

      • Blanca says:

        do u need to have your card present, last time I want it to use mine the cashier told me i needed the card because he needed the pin number.

      • Karen says:


        • cathycampo says:

          Last time I shopped at Sears, I noticed that the back of my card is starting to wear off. Part of my member number and PIN are worn off. While I stood at the cash register, I called the 800 phone number using Sears’s telephone, and told them the info. The person was able to look up my info, and tell me, and I then told the cashier. At home I then printed out a card from website to have with me next time. I did this purchase at 10am on weekday and no one else was in line, so I’m not sure if this advice would also work in the evening or weekends, but it did help me save money.

    • abby says:

      if you dont have your card you can text pin to 595959 and it will send you your pin # so you can redeem your points hope this helps!

  • Sara says:

    I got $7! I already cashed in my points for the holiday doormat you posted earlier this week and haven’t picked it up yet, so now I can add another item and get them both this weekend! Thanks so much, i probably would have skimmed right over this email!

  • Brandi says:

    I got $10 and it says for me to spend it on toys at Kmart! I should be able to score a free toy!!!

  • Manny says:

    generally I watch out for their emails. 2 weeks ago, I was glad I scrolled to the bottom of the email… there was a printable coupon to get $10 in points after spending $10 in store.

  • Jordan says:

    I got $7 but the points aren’t valid until tomorrow.

  • Tina says:

    I received $3 last week. I also got the email to get $10 in points on a $10 purchase and I did get the points in my account.

  • Kathy says:

    Mine was for $7 for any toy purchase at Kmart

  • laura says:

    no credit for me :(

  • Liz says:

    I got the email for $7 in rewards points. HOWEVER, it said in small print at the very top of the email: “$7 to spend on shoes, in store or online”. Did anyone else have restrictions like this?

  • Jun says:

    Yay….. I got $7. Thanks for the reminder Colin :)

  • Tiffany says:

    Well I didn’t get any this time. But apparently I got $5 last week and didn’t realize it until now, which is too late! :(

  • k says:

    it shows that I got $17.61! i have no clue how I got lucky lol…..i was just in there the other day and used that $3 which was all that was on my account and I just checked and it said I have that much, guess i better hurry and go shopping with it.

  • paintfrog says:

    I got $5 to spend at Kmart on toys. Do you have to use it there? My Kmart is pretty far. I would like to use it at Sears instead.

  • paulette says:

    My email says $8 but my points says $5. The email says can only be redeemed in-store. Can this be 2 different offers?

  • Deborah says:

    I received an email stating: Congratulations Deborah!
    GET $3 IN POINTS (3,000 POINTS)
    to use on your next purchase of TOYS!
    Hurry! These Points are only good from 12/7 to 12/10/12.
    Points are applied at checkout upon purchase of item from Toys.
    This offer is not combinable with other Point offers.

    I have yet had any points applied to my account, so I can’t help.

  • Lee says:

    My email says $8 on toys.

  • Susan says:

    Mine says $8.00 on toys. I got one last week that said $5.00 was added. I went and made a purchase and it wasn’t there! So i called the number on the back of my card and they said they would add it! I’m going to be sure and check my points before I go next time!

  • Esther says:

    I didn’t get the email either, but last week with the $5 I didn’t get an email and went to Kmart and spent $3 something and it said I had that in points, so I’m wondering if some of us have it on our account, it just didn’t give us the email stating we had it.

  • Roo says:

    I didn’t get one now, but I got some a couple weeks ago. In fact, they keep giving me $5 or $10 here and there… I’ve been slowly picking up small things for next year’s garden. Since it also pays for shipping (small things rarely can be picked up in store) I can get $5 worth of stuff and pay about $1 shipping. I buy things on sale, use coupon codes and cash back places like Shopathome (w00t! 110% guarantee!) and pretty much get the stuff for a few pennies. I hope they keep doing it – I need the garden supplies!

  • Roo says:

    Oh HEY! I went to check my account and there’s another $5! YES! Make sure y’all check your accounts! I never got another email and just spend $10 in points last week!

  • Betheny says:

    I received an email saying I had 8,000 points to use in toys. But there are no points in my account. Anyone else having this issue?

    • paulette says:

      I got the same email but I got 5000 points instead of 8000: I’m not sure if its the same promo or not so I’m jus goin to bring the email that I got since I’m planning on goin to kmart anyway.

  • iveyg5 says:

    Yay! I also got this email and was awarded with 7,000 points used it to buy a $9.99 XBox game for my hubby and only paid $2.99 this was a great deal.

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