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  View changes → *HOT* Extra 30% Off Cold Weather Accessories (Today Only!) + Free Shipping

12:55 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Looking to update your winter gear or add a few new accessories to your wardrobe? Currently, is offering FREE shipping on any order – no minimum (no code needed)! Even sweeter, today only, get an extra 30% off all cold-weather accessories as part of their Daily Deals – through 11:59PM PT tonight.

Plus, they’ve already marked down a lot of their Winter Gear and Clothing up to 50% off and have lots of great clothing marked down in their Closeout section, which makes for some great deals! Check out a few of the bargains I spotted…

Life is good Knotted Knit Infants Hat ONLY $3.43 shipped (regularly $16!)

Chaos Animal Helmet Kids’ Hat ONLY $6.23 shipped (regularly $18!)

REI Fleece Kids’ Gloves ONLY $3.83 shipped (regularly $15.50!)

Chaos Pingos Kids’ Ear-Warmers ONLY $6.83 shipped (regularly $24.99!)
*Choose from Blue or Green too!

Gordini Lavawool Fleece II Men’s Gloves ONLY $6.93 shipped (regularly $25!)

Gordini Polar Fleece Women’s Gloves ONLY $6.93 shipped (regularly $25!)

…plus LOTS more, so be sure to browse around! Come back and let us know what you find! :)

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  • Felicia says:

    Hi Collin – I’ve been following you for quite a few years now and I have a question, please. The lady that continues to post HER Ebates link on almost ALL of your FB posts, does she have your/ permission to do so?

    I’ve read other comments where we’ve asked her to ease up…quite honestly, it’s bothersome…and not just to me.

    Thanks for reading,

    • Ann says:

      Collin is to BIG for the ebates lady to bother her. Plus I think she posted something once informing me that Amazon was on ebates. That was informative.

      • Felicia says:

        I get that – it is nice to see the reminders. But…it’s also silly to see her referral link posted *repeatedly* through the day.

        If the goal is to give us all a ‘nudge’ to save even more money, that’s great! But including her personal link tells me her motives are just a little bit more than trying to help.

        It’s all good, I’ve opted to block her (Ebates girl) so hopefully FB will do their thing and away she goes.

        Thanks for the feedback, Ann.

      • Suzy says:

        I have seen it also. I wish the Ebates lady would quit it.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip) says:

      Hi Felicia,

      Thanks for making me aware of this… I am gonna go browse through my Facebook page now.

      • Felicia says:

        …oh, you are most welcome, thank YOU for taking the time to write and look into. Certainly you are a busy, busy woman (congrats on the 2k FB, by the way!), but also a woman who operates in excellence which is why I LOVE your site and tell everyone who will listen.

        I peeked back to see if I could jot her name down to email you, but it’s gone. I did flag a few of her posts as spam over the weekend and FB gave me the option to block her today – which was nice.

  • meme3 says:

    Awesome!!! I bought 2 ear muffs and 2 gloves for my 5 and 4 year old for $21. :)

  • darla says:

    wow i got a $70.00 bike shirt for 16.83!! shipped and shipping is fast!

  • Ann says:

    Got the ear muffs!!! Ebates 5% cash back and shopathome 4.5%!

  • bhw says:

    Can someone explain to me how the ebates and shopathome works? TIA! Is one better than another?

    • dawn says:

      I use both. I check to see which site is offering a higher % back on qualfying purchases. ShopAtHome sends a check after you reach at least $20 back.They have a payment schedule…I think 4 times a year? Ebates sends a check every 3 months but you have to have at least $5.01. Ebates also usually offers a giftcard for new members after you make your first qualifiying purchase…. that is a brief intro. look at the sites under FAQ’s for more info! good luck.

  • tracy says:

    thanks for posting! Got two pairs of gloves for my toddler (which we had been needing) delivered for $8.66. Yeah!

  • dawn says:

    thanks for the post. I just was able to get 4 kids Life IS Good shirts and a LIG hat for around $43. and I went through ebates to get 5% back!

  • audrey says:

    Thanks!Got pair of gloves, a scarf and a winter head band for $19.11!

  • Shelly says:

    I found a Chaos Maniacs Hat – Kids’ for $7.83. pretty cute for boys.

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