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Old Navy SnapAppy (Free App): Possibly Score a *HOT* $5 Off ANY Purchase Coupon

9:40 PM MST
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Wow! In addition to the *HOT* Old Navy Jacket sale I mentioned earlier today, I just want to remind you all about the Old Navy FREE app that you can download to your Android, iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. Just go to the app store on your device and search for Old Navy or click here, then download this FREE app.

Once downloaded, you will be able to get Old Navy SnapAppy! :) Just point your phone at an Old Navy logo to play the Old Navy SnapAppy game! I was able to pull up the Old Navy site on my MacBook, then put my iPhone over the Old Navy logo and click on “Snap”. A wheel will automatically start spinning and when it stops you could win a great prize!

Tonight I ended up winning a $5 off ANY purchase (No minimum!) coupon! Yay! I am going to use this to score a couple inexpensive or possibly FREE stocking stuffers for the kiddos. Come back to let us know if you also get this *HOT* coupon!

(Thanks, Oo La La Savings!)

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  • Peggy says:

    At check out in the store tell them to you have shopkick and to use the promo code “shopkick” it will give you 15% total purchase just did this yesterday!

    • Toni says:

      Thanks for the shopkick reminder! So many lookbooks I forget what deals are in them! Used it for 15% off $5/$5…scored a sweater and tank for under $12!

  • Megan says:

    Just got a snap five! Wahoo!

  • Kim says:

    Just got one!!!!

  • lhaase78 says:

    I got $5 off $5, $5 off $25, and a $15 of $75! Love getting free shirts for my little one! They do it often as I’ve gotten the $5 off $5 many times.

  • Priscilla Rivera says:

    Can u use this online ??

  • Julie Sutton's Avon Store says:

    I am loving this app. I have noticed it before, but never downloaded it. Awesome and great coupons!! :)

  • Theresa says:

    I keep getting “You’ve snapped all the deals” even though I haven’t used this app in months! How annoying.

  • Haseena says:

    I got $5 off $25 first so I tried again and I got $5 off $5 😃 thank you Collin!

  • Cindy says:

    Darn, I didn’t get anything out of it. :(

  • Jeff Walker says:

    I take a picture and it says you have all the suprieses.. I need help!!!

  • Jess says:

    I got all the surprises today! Got some great deals today =) tons of stuff on sale! Hurry!!! Run!!

  • Elaine says:

    Darn, I didn’t get any surprises.

  • Ana says:

    I have the app in my iPad. How do I use it at the store? Thanks!

  • anne says:

    this has become part of my daily routine. i get a SNAP FIVE ($5 free) at least once a week, usually TWICE a week. we have an old navy right down the road, so i get free socks, underwear, clothes on clearance, small gifts (stickers, water bottles, toys, candy, mad libs books, etc.) each week. i finally had to start a list of what i have for my two kids in larger sizes and for other seasons so i know what i can still stock up on for the future! LOVE THIS APP!!!

  • Christina Brundick says:

    ooo,going to try this on the iPad since my HTC Android phone has no internal memory left(hate this phone!). Thanks for the Shopkick 15% off tip as well,that is a app I do have on my phone.

  • S says:

    I got a snap five the other day and went in yesterday. I got so emotional because we are expecting out first baby in June next year and I saw a onesie that said mom’s favorite gift. I had to have it and it was five dollars. A free little outfit for my new baby. I couldn’t pass it up! Thank you Collin for you hard work. I’ve been stocking up on baby freebies for a while now and stocking up on deals as I see them. I know once our baby comes, we will be well equipped for cheap.

    • mel says:

      awwww! Congrats!! I remember when I was preggo with my first yearsssss ago, I found a onsie @ Old Navy with fish across and there were several names underneath… Lou, Mel and 2 others. When I saw it I just *had* to have it cuz that’s dh & I’s nicknames. Even better, all clearance was 50% off and it rang up way cheaper than the sticker, so I think I paid less than $1 for it!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Okay, I’m probably the only one still in the stoneage (no media plan), but I do have an ipod. Do you have to have a media plan, or internet that you pay for, on your device for this app to work?

    • A smith says:

      If you have iPod touch you can download app and snap while on WiFi and once you get snap you want to use in store up pulll and take a capture shot of screen and use in store my dd does all the time

      • Elizabeth says:

        Thank you! I’ll have to get my husband to show me how to do that. I feel like a grandma learning a computer for the first time, and I’m only 30… :) Thanks again, I appreciate it.

        • Carrie says:

          I have an iPod touch, too…I was a bit surprised in the store. I kept the app open before I left (that way it was open when I got to the store) and it wasn’t working in store! As soon as I opened it, it was telling me to retry (aka…no internet connection). I kept trying to open it and it DID eventually work! So expect that as well when you get there, but keep trying! Good luck!

  • Savannah A. says:

    I LOVE this app! I get snap fives just about every week and use them on sale items to score free stuff! Also, anyone not signed up for Crowdtap should definitely check it out because I’ve been selected for 3 different Old Navy Sample and Shares just since May. I’ve received a beach bag, beach towel, flip flops, sunglasses, a dress and today I’m going to get an activewear outfit, all for FREE! Old Navy is quickly becoming my favorite store!

  • mahesh says:

    Hey ,quick question …once I get snap five ,I can show them in my mobile n store cashier will do 5 off for me ?or We hv to take print ?cos there is not print option

    • Mamasweetpea says:

      Once u get snap5 you save it and it will be under surprises. When you are ready to use it, you pull it up on your mobile and it will provide a unique barcode for associate to scan

  • Tanya says:

    Can someone tell me where to find the app for android?

  • starkissed says:

    I found the cozy socks for $2 so I was able to pick up 3 pair for $1 using the SNAP FIVE coupon on this app. Yay for extra (and cheap) stocking stuffers!!

  • Leslie says:

    Can you use the coupons online or is it instore only?

    • Carrie says:

      Most I have seen lately are in store only, most of the good deals to be had on marked down clothing are better in the store, as well. HTH

  • Cindy says:

    Just here to say that I downloaded yesterday and it didn’t work for me at all then, but I tried using it today and it worked! I was able to get a $15 off $75 purchase coupon. Not sure why it decided to work today, but I’m happy it fixed itself. For those that weren’t able to get it to work, maybe it working for you now. Thanks, Collin!

  • Carrie says:

    Great deals to be had! I got the $5 off $25 purchase thanks to the app. I purchased 2 girls puffer vests, 2 pair of girls cozy socks and a toddler Minnie Mouse long sleeve Tee for $24 with tax. AWESOME. I was thrilled that they combined the buy 3 kids get the 4th free with the app discount! Thanks Collin…my girls will be so excited when they get home from school!

  • Christina Brundick says:

    managed to get the $5 off,just going to have to keep trying and dragging in the iPad everytime. good thing its close by,and if u have Shopkick 35 kicks per day as well!

  • Veronica says:

    Got the smap5 while in store and decided to get some 5 dollar slippers when I went to check out the girl didn’t know what to do sincere order was exactly 5 and called the manager the manager said it wasn’t possible to use it on just 5 and it had to be over so I had to grab like a 2 dollar nail polish. I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

  • Jeff Walker says:

    Got the $5 dollar off any purchase and spend 1.67 on 4 shirts!!! I’m so happy. I helped a friend!!

  • Christina Brundick says:

    I spent $3 over just in case,the sales clerk wasn’t familiar and asked how it worked,so I snapped a photo of the logo off a gift card at checkout and showed her how it worked.

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