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Target: iPod Touch 16GB (4th Generation) Only $145 After $50 Target Gift Card

10:56 AM MST
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If you’ve been looking for a great deal on the iPod Touch, then this Target deal may be your answer! Through December 22nd, head on over to your local Target store where you can snatch up an iPod Touch 16GB (4th Generation) in either black or white for just $195. Even sweeter, you’ll snag a FREE $50 Target gift card with your purchase making the final cost just $145!

This is a great price as this same iPod is on sale for $179.99 at!

(Thanks, Tanzania!)

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  • Alea says:

    Just a heads up, but according to Target’s Holiday Price Match Policy –

    “Competitor price matches on items where Target is offering a free gift card are not included for the Holiday Price Match.”

    So, although some people have been able to get the gift card on top of the price match it is against their policy. Their system actually doesn’t allow it and reading through the comments with the DS last week – people who got it, their stores actually did an override to allow it.

  • AZAL says:

    I did get the DS deal last week with the price match and I was not expecting the gift card, but the system produced the gift card with no over ride.

  • Nita says:

    Doesn’t really matter – according to online price matching was only thru Dec 16th….

  • Dawn says:

    Hmmm….what to do??? I just bought this ipod last week from target. I price matched Walmarts price of 189.00 which was only a 6 dollar difference but every dollar counts. Then I used a $10 gcard I had from my last visit, used the coupon for another $10 gift card, proceeded to spend that $10 gc on other purchases. I used my target credit card and received 5% off. In the end i believe my total was $184.93 + a $10 GC that I already spent (and not sure if this will be an issue). Is it even worth it for me to return this item and repurchase it? I will have to spend $195 plus tax = approx $212.00 then receive 5% off which is about $10 bucks off. So about $202 total on my credit card but will receive a $50 gc. Looks to me like it will cost me $18 to get a $50 GC….very tempting!

    • Alea says:

      Target’s price matching for the holidays ended on the 16th. :(

    • squarejellybean says:

      I bought mine last week also I used 3(10.00 gift cards =30.00 off ) then i used the coupon to get another $10.00 card and received it. I went yesterday to return it and it all went well…. I tried to price match it from @ 179.99 but was told price matching had ended so no price match but i did return it. They make u get a new one off the shelf, u cant buy the same one u are returning so i ran to the electronic dept and got a new one & new warranty card $17.00 for 2 yrs. The manager returned it with no problems he gave me a gift card for $196.75 since i was gonna purchase another one, so he rang up the new one charged me the same price then gave me my $50 gift card and i kept the $10 gift card i got last time so i got $60 back in gift cards minus the $30 gc i used = $105.00 for my ipod i was very excited……..My son will be very excited when he opens his gift….

  • Kay says:

    Sold out online?

  • Jen says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I bought this two weeks ago and received a $20 gift card ( i paid with a gift card) but, I am going to go get my $30 difference for sure:)

  • Jen K says:

    Target always has price match. They ended the online matching.

  • Kay says:

    Kinda mad….I got this deal on Black Friday at Target and stood in line for TWO HOURS to get it and only got a $40 gift card!!

  • dorie nichols says:

    my target says they are price matching until dec 24th, but they wouldn’t on this because of the gift card. still good deal and i already have my daughter’s birthday present!

  • BKaye says:

    You don’t get a giftcard at my Target. You get charged for a 50$ card then they turn around and take it off the price and all you save is a few dollars on taxes! It’s a scam IMHO!

  • Laura says:

    Is this an unadvertised in-store deal or is this an online deal that can be price matched at Target in store? Really confused…. Thanks!

  • V says:

    ThIs is cool

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