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Gyft App: *HOT* 2 More FREE $5 Sephora Gift Cards + $5 GAP Gift Card (Valid In Store) + More

9:40 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

UPDATE – If you’re having issues entering codes, you may want to delete the app and install it again as that seems to be working for some.

WooHoo! Currently,, another social gift-giving service that allows you to give FREE and paid gift cards from top brands to your Facebook friends, is offering up completely FREE $5 GAP gift card and FREE $10 gift card whenever you download their FREE app from the Android Market or iTunes store.

Just go here to get started. After connecting through Facebook, you’ll have the chance to redeem your FREE $5 GAP gift card (valid only in store) and a FREE $10 gift card (valid online, but cannot apply towards shipping).

Even sweeter, reader Emily emailed to let me know that you can enter the codes style1n5 and star12 star12 in the “Claim Your Card” box (see below) to score 2 more $5 gift cards!

**Important Note – It took about 10 minutes for the two $5 Sephora gift cards to show up in my account after entering the codes. I actually had to restart the app before they popped up in my account, so if you don’t see them at first you may want to re-launch the app after a few minutes.

This is a *HOT* deal as you can actually stack these gift cards with the Wrapp App gift card I just posted about and even apply them towards tax! Plus, don’t forget you can use the promo code UPS2DAY to score FREE 2-day shipping on your order! Plus, get 3 FREE samples with every order! Sweet! I just scored the following items on my 2nd order…

(Thanks, Emily & Marilyn!)

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  • Ebony says:

    Yay I disnt get both sephora cards but was able to get eye kohl nail polish a deluxe sample of clairsonic face cleanser (beauty rewards points) and 3 free samples of cologne for hubby for $2.69 :) I’m a happy camper

    • lindsey says:

      How did you do this? I have added the code and it says I have redeemed it but no sephora gift card is showing up in my Gyft account/i have no idea where the gift cards would show up!

  • Angela says:

    The sephora cards are dead

  • Hope says:

    I have the country outfitters gc if anyone wants it. 3NAS -9UH G-5G 1C

  • Shannon says:

    Still works!! The style1n5 code still works. Just tried it 20 mins ago and ordered from

  • Danielle says:

    I just tried both Sephora codes, and after deleting and reinstalling the app a few times, both $5 giftcards are showing up for me now! Yay!!!

  • Emilia says:

    The gift card won’t work for me? Says my gift card number is invalid :(

  • Kelly says:

    style1n5 is still working – it just let me put it in now. When I tried star12 though, it said that the promotion had ended.

  • Manda says:

    Told me the star12 code expired and when I went to use the $5 for the style code, it said my gift card code was not valid. Pretty bummed.

  • Ayna says:

    So between the gyft and the wrapp apps.. I was able to score a naked2 pallet for $24 shipped! Plus the 3 samples, and a extra gift using the bday2012 code! I am SO excited! The pallet alone is originally $50 (which is how I was able to score free shipping!!!!!!!)

  • mely says:

    the free shipping isnt applying anymore :/

  • Shauna R. says:

    Both promotions are now ended. :(

  • Shauna R. says:

    Oh wow….I just realized I had been entering the wrong code for style1n5. I might could have gotten it if I would have entered it right! LOL Oh well, they are still both ended. :/

  • Rei says:

    talk about fast shipping…my package from Sephora just arrived!

  • Turquoice says:

    Drat! I think I managed to “use up” my $5 Sephora value even before I went to the website… When I put in the Gyft card number and PIN when checking out, it said that there was $0 in it. Back in the app, it now shows a $0 value. :(

  • George says:

    GAP Cards and Country Outfitter still working. Sephoa cards look like they are gone.

  • Thomas says:

    If anybody isn’t going to use their Sephora cards, I’ll take them! :)

  • Sarah says:

    If anyone is still checking this, I just opened my Gyft app and the $5 Gap card was in there and the $10 Urban Outfitters was there too!

    • Mandy says:

      Just wondering, do you guys know how to check if we’ve used the gift card already?? like see what the value left on it is? I used one gap one and today i have one more but i dont know which one i used!

      and Sarah did you just download the gyft app? I got the $5 gap but no urban outfitters =(

  • George says:

    Hey I got another Ga card today!! maybe the other ones are randomly sent?

  • Michelle L says:

    Anybody have any luck redeeming the Country Outfitters gyft card? It keeps saying “code not found”. Any help would be appreciated:)

  • George says:

    Michelle, For the Country Outfitter I had to enter it without spaces but include the dashes to get it to work. Took a few tries :)

  • Rae Virtue says:

    I have a $10 gift card for Country Outfitters that I am giving away
    Remember to remove the spaces and happy shopping to whoever uses it first.

  • Suzy Q says:

    Annoyed that the star12 code doesn’t work. It’s in the Dec 24 issue of Star Magazine. Hello, it’s only Dec 22! how can this code already be expired?

    • Michelle L says:

      I know, I totally agree!! I put it in back when it was still working but kept getting the error message something about “unable to process at this time please try again later” & of course when it was finally working the code was expired:o( Oh well, I did get some other free cards:o)

  • Ace says:

    Both sephora codes has ended. And I’m giving away my country outfitters code. 26BT-91RV-X3 41; thanks, bye :D

  • Wes says:

    Anyone not using their diamond candles code by chance? I have a gap code to trade. Email me at wesley_1983 at yahoo. Com. Thanks so much!!

  • Amanda says:

    You can have my candles code

  • Rebecca says:

    I would love the diamond candle codes (or any codes-I’m a super over shopper) if anyone won’t use them.

  • Kirsten says:

    Not using my candles code if anyone is willing to trade!

  • steph says:

    I have a country outfitters $10 and diamond candle $5 to offer if anyone has a gap code they want to trade for it!

  • Josh says:

    Anyone not wanting their country outfitters cards, I’ll take them. I’m in need of some new boots! My email is

    I only have a $5 card to GAP that I can trade. Sorry. I wish I had more of an even trade. Thanks!

  • Josh says:

    Country outfitters will not allow you to use more than one gift card at a time. Bummer.

  • Allison says:

    I have a candles code and a country outfitters code if anyone has anything to trade and interested let me know

  • Sakura says:

    I read somewhere that before, when you entered the gift card code on their website during check out, the system would say “$10 discount applied,” but you could only apply one anyways, so you would have to call in to get them to combine the gift card codes. I just tried so I know that now, if you enter the code, it would say “$10 coupon applied.” They sure changed that fast (I’m guessing it’s b/c the ladies move fast on these freebies)!

    I called Country Outfitter and was informed that it’s a discount code, instead of a gift card (which the gyft app terms of condition states). The rep said that an actual gift card code would not have dashes in them, and if you try to apply the country outfitter “gyft” code without the dashes, the system would not take it. Bummer that it would not even apply to the $6 shipping, so you can’t even get a $4 pair of rayon socks for free : (

    I just wish that these gift card apps would state in their terms of condition that it’s a coupon instead of a gift card code. I would not go out of my way to get coupon codes that won’t even apply to shipping, when I know that I could easily purchase the merchandise that they have online there at a discount somewhere else. If you read the reviews on the Android store for the app gyft, you’ll see that tons of people are getting notifications from this app and they feel it’s annoying. Gyft also has terrible customer support if you find that your “gift” cards don’t work, and will just ignore your emails, so don’t even bother.

    Country Outfitter, I wish you would honor the terms of conditions stated on the gyft app b/c you partnered with gyft to give out these gift cards.

  • Jennie says:

    I have a diamond gift card to trade for a gap card….anyone, anyone, Buler?

    • Tammy Mauk says:

      I don’t know what a diamond gift card is but I have a Gap card you can have if you want it. Give me your email and I will send it to you!

  • Molly says:

    I have a candle code and country outfitters if anyone would like to trade. I won’t be using them

  • Jackie says:

    Does anyone have a sephora gyft code that is valid now? I am desperate ! I have a $10 little black bag card and $50 nakedwines card. :)

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