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$10 Off $30 at Home Depot (Added to PayPal Account) – Available for a Limited Time

10:19 AM MST
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Hurry to add $10 off a $30 purchase to spend at Home Depot to your PayPal account! Just click on the blue “Save to PayPal Account” button, then login to your PayPal account (or register for a new account) and follow the directions. You’ll also want to set up your PayPal account so that you can pay for your purchase in-store at Home Depot with PayPal. Go here for more info on paying in-store with PayPal and to register your phone or to have a PayPal payment card sent to you.

(Thanks, Clip & Follow!)

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  • Leslie says:

    I’m new to these offers and have a paypal payment card, my question is if I was to use this deal would I end up just paying the $20+ and immediately get the $10 off or would I pay the full amount and then be credited back $10???
    Lastly, I looked at the details and I didn’t see that this couldn’t be applied to the purchase of giftcards, so can you buy a $30 giftcard for $20?
    Any help is much appreciated :-)

    • Cindy says:

      When you check out, it’ll say $30 (or whatever amount if you exceed that). You use your Paypal card or phone number and use that card to pay instead, and you’ll get a text or email saying that you paid for $20 (or $10 less than your purchase over $30) instead of the full price. :) It usually comes instantly, but give it 5 minutes or so.

      ALSO, to people who use it make sure if you have two Home Depot offers (or two offers from a same store) that you ONLY check one offer at a time, otherwise you’ll have to pay for the higher amount of the two or more offers. I had two last time (one $10 off $50 and one $5 off $25) and I opted for the $5 off $25 and it didn’t work when I purchased it because I had both checked at the same time and I didn’t know it had to be done that way. Just a heads up!

  • ercin13 says:

    I have yet to use one of coupons? Does the $10 come off at checkout or will the money be refunded to paypal account?

    • Cindy says:

      It’ll come off checkout. It won’t say on the machine during your transaction but go with the purchase and your mobile will tell you that you’ve gotten $10 off $30.

  • Cindy says:

    Awesome! Thanks, Collin! :)

  • Kelley in NC says:

    I’m trying to understand this myself but somewhere it said I would need to swipe my card, enter my pin and they would mail my card. I assume they will send a card but not sure if it’s a Paypal card or Home Depot card. I would think if it was a Paypal card, they would opt to just add it to your account. ?????’s here too.

    • Cindy says:

      It’s a Paypal card. If you’ve signed up for it already, you don’t need to wait for the card to arrive; you can use your phone number that you’ve provided to sign up instead as an alternative method. Once you receive the card you need to activate it on its website (just like a credit card you’d receive).

  • MKays says:

    It’s a paypal card. Looks like once you make a $30 purchase, then $10 gets added to your paypal account. I sue the Ibotta app a lot and get funds added to my paypal account from that, it works well!

  • jiya says:

    If someone need reading glasses I have $25 off your next purchase of $75 or more at by December 24, 2012) from ShopRunner Play & Win Game

  • Steve L says:

    The only thing I read is that: “This offer cannot be combined with any other discount, offer, promotion or special incentive program. Offer good only in the United States. Other restrictions may apply.” Since they are a transaction processor, I don’t think gift cards are prohibited. From what I understand, they’ll change your credit card / bank account (whatever you set up as primary) for the amount less the instant savings.

    • Cindy says:

      Yep, you’re correct. And the offer works for gift cards too; I can confirm it because I’ve done it before using previous offers they had in the past.

      • Molly says:

        Have you tried it to get gift cards? I would love to do that, but would also like to confirm before I go buy them, since gift cards cannot be returned if it does not work. TIA

        • Cindy says:

          Yep, I used both $5 off $25 and $10 off $50 promotions they had in the past and they both worked without problems for gift cards for me. I did both through self-checkout though… not sure if there’d be any difference, but in case for whatever reason it doesn’t work through regular checkout, you can try the self-checkout and see if it works there too.

    • I love Shoes says:

      I purchased a $25 gift card when they offered the last promotion. It did not work for me, but I love this idea. All I have to do is select paypal for payment, enter the number I have on file followed by my pin. Before I can collect my items and walk out the store, I get a text message and email about my purchase. I love it. I have the Paypal card, but I don’t carry it because I can use my number.

      • Michelle says:

        I purchased a gift card with the last promo too. It did not work for me so I called in and they said there was a problem with their system, because I had loaded the $5 off and $10 off. They credited my paypal account for the amount I should have received. If yours didn’t work, you should call!

  • Steve L says:

    Kelley, it is a blue and silver paypal card, not Home Depot.

  • erin says:

    I signed up to pay with paypal in stores, but the pin I thought I used was not valid when I went to pay in store. Where can I retrieve that info? I have looked in my paypal account, but couldn’t find it. Thanks

  • dani says:

    I just signed up but it says i have to wait 2 wks to get my card, not cool oh well maybe next time unless there is away around it, can i just type my phone number in or something instead??

  • Carla bravo says:

    I went to register and it says I need pass code? What is that?

  • Stacy says:

    I just called my closest store to confirm that they accepted paypal, and while they do – the customer service person I spoke with informed me that I would need a specific pin for home depot, I asked her what she meant – or how to get and she couldn’t explain… is she just trying to say that I will have to enter MY pin – or is there really just a Home Depot pin? Anyone had this happen yet?

  • Stephanie says:

    Can someone explain this a little better for me? When I got into the store I assume I can choose to pay with “paypal” the same way I would choose to pay with a credit card, cash or gift card. Then it will ask for my phone number and pin? Where does pay pal draw the money from? I have a balance on paypal, a bank account and several credit cards – I would like to be able to choose where it comes from vs. having paypal pull it from the bank account (which is what I would prefer not to use). Thanks!

    • Cinthia says:

      They take your paypal balance first and if there is a remaing amount they take it from your primary paypal bank account

      • Molly says:

        I had one transaction declined, when I called I was told that when using in-store pay the amount will come out of the debit or cc you have in file, even if you have a balance in your Paypal account if it isn’t enough to cover the total purchase.

    • Christina says:

      It will come out of where ever you have your Paypal pulling from primarily. Normally your Paypal balance is where it is pulled from first and than where ever your back up funding is pulling from, such as a bank account.

    • Cindy says:

      On Paypal, you’re able to set which credit card, debit card or bank account you want your purchases to be charged on. Just log in and you’ll be able to rearrange what account you want as your primary and a second account as a backup. It works just like how you’d use it online, except now it’s in a physical form if that makes sense. It works kind of like a credit card, except that you’re limited to the stores you can use it in (whichever stores Paypal’s accepted at; you can check online for full listing). When you go to the store to purchase things, there will be a yellow button on the bottom of the left hand side of the machine you swipe your cards, with blue “Paypal” lettering on it.

      And if you have a card, you just swipe it after you tap the button I mentioned. You won’t need your phone number then, only your pin that you provided when you signed up. If you don’t have your card yet, you can substitute your phone number instead and follow the same procedure. Note that during your transaction, you’ll be charged with the original amount but it is AFTER the transaction that the Paypal system reads your offer and applies it after. You’ll get an email or text saying that you’ve been charged the dollar amount after your offer’s applied.

  • tracy says:

    thanks! i love these deals for Home Depot and will put this to very good use!

  • Sarah Wilson says:

    I used both last time because we are repainting our home. I love them and will use them as I continue to get them. A great savings and now I would of saved $25 total at home depot.

  • Lisa says:

    Can I purchased several items that total $30 or does it have to be one item minimum price of $30?

  • Gail says:

    you can do this for dollar general too. :)

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