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Hip2Save This Holiday: Gift Card Challenge

1:35 PM MST
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Hip2Save This Holiday Guest Post submitted by reader Susie

I am a saver. My family knows this. I thought I would challenge my mom and my sibling’s families to see how long they could each last with a $5 CVS gift card. Figuring if they don’t want to challenge themselves, they just scored a $5 gift card. Hopefully, we will each have some fun with this and those that really enjoy a challenge will be creative and make the gift card (or their EB’s) last the entire year.

Happy shopping to us all.

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  • Nichole Thibodeau says:

    hehehe. I love this!! My mother-in-law got me a $25 gift card to Rite Aid and I was only allowed to use it if my total was under $1. It lasted me 4 months and I got over $1,800 worth of product!!! And that does not include the p&g rebate I sent out for and some of the Rite Aid rebates I got and I had UP+s at the end of it all!!! How Fun!!

  • Alea says:

    I won a $25 CVS gift card back in the spring and I’m still using it!! It’s pretty fun to see how far I can stretch with earning new ECBs to spend :)

  • chrissybozz says:

    i do this kind of this for myself all the time-but unfortunately, none of my friends are persistent enough to scan the circulars/read your blog and do the deals…people are always amazed at how much money I save rolling ECB, but they are not willing to put in the time to do it themselves! oh well, more deals for me!

  • Valerie says:

    I just got a $5 gift card for CVS from Swagbucks. I’m planning to use it with my 9 year old nephew who just loves to find a deal with coupons. I’ll post later as to how much we saved. It’s the little things in life that make us happy! Happy 2013 to all!

  • Erin says:

    In my state, the precoupon amount is taxed, so lots of “freebies” don’t end up being free, and $5 won’t go very far. On the upside, I’m not as tempted to buy things I don’t need.

  • Beth says:

    I love this idea!! I am now hoping for a giftcard for Christmas so I can try it. I bet with my Extra bucks I ould make a $5 gift card to CVS last at least the year. What a fun challenge.

  • lynnalee says:

    I love the gift card deal! it pays for the taxes at least :) any money is not money… $5 can go a longggg way!

  • Daphne says:

    Great idea, but my family would never bother.

    • Susie says:

      Yeah…I am figuring that into the challenge…that is why I put the “you just received $5 for shopping” disclaimer….figuring some might not want to be bothered. But fingers crossed that all will want to play….and posting our successes on FB should be encouraging.

  • Becky H. says:

    Awesome idea! I needed something else for my Mom for Christmas :) And I always do a $5 Target challenge to myself. So I am going to use both Target and CVS for my Mom. Thanks!

  • Kenia says:

    Love this idea, too bad I’m the only one in my family who challenges herself to see how much I can stretch my money at CVS! Oh I wish that I will receive gift cards for my Christmas birthday =]

  • Ann says:

    So is the idea to get a $5 giftcard and only purchase items that earn ECBs and then use those ECBs to make future purchaeses?

  • Rachel says:

    Wanna know how ? Coz I always end up pay like a lot to get 5 or 10 ECB back…

    • Susie says:

      Rachel, I am thinking of just small purchases…like a candy bar for 99 cents and you pay 99 cents and get 99 cents in EB’s back. Or toothpaste on sale for $1.99, you use a $1.00 coupon, plus get $1.99 in EB’s back….now we would be ahead of the game….I am thinking if used wisely (and with LOTS of help from Collin)…these cards (and the switch over to EB’s) could last a long time!

  • tracy says:

    such a cute and fun gift and activity!

  • cher says:

    I think I put in time and research but fnever seem to save the immense amount of money others do. I think I am doing good if I save more than 3 dollars at the grocery store -not with these postings :)

  • Charlotte Haines says:

    How fun…

  • Peggy says:

    What a great idea! My nephew just gave me a $25 cvs card, now I’m going to have to try this,nsee how long I can make it last!

  • A says:

    It’s sad…I had over $20 in ECB that I kept saving and didn’t want to spend. Well, my purse was stolen, along with all of my coupons, not to mention gift cards and cash in my purse. I wish I had spent the ECB. I was also in Ross looking to buy Christmas gifts for my kids, and decided to put most things back to save money. Well, now I wish that I bought those items for them. Everyone, please keep your purses close by. I lost my house and work keys, ID, credit cards, ECB, cash, gift cards I was going to use this week, paycheck with bank acct info on there, everything was in my purse. Be care, Be safe, and have a good holiday.

  • terri says:

    I think this is a great ‘pay it forward with savings challenges’ idea. Great to get people on the savings bandwagon!

  • Crystal says:

    Pinned ready to go.

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