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Toys R Us: Imaginarium My Corner Dollhouse Only $35.99 (Reg. $99.99) + Free Wooden Block Set

10:16 AM MST
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Wow! Here’s a HOT Toys R Us deal for ya! Just head on over here to score this Imaginarium My Corner Wooden Dollhouse for only $35.99 (reg. $99.99!). This 4 level dollhouse comes with 2 staircases and 9 accessories including a Bed, Nightstand, Crib, Lamp, Sofa, Table, 2 Chairs and a Bathtub. Plus, this qualifies for FREE 2-Day Shipping through ShopRunner (you can sign up for a FREE 30-day trial here). Or select FREE store pickup if available at a location near you.

Even better, you will score a FREE 75 piece Imaginarium Wooden Block Set with your Imaginarium purchase of $30 or more! This block set should be automatically added to your cart when you add the Dollhouse. However, keep in mind that this item does not qualify for Shoprunner, so you will either need to pick it up in-store or pay for shipping. Or, you can simply choose to remove it from your cart if it not available at a store near you.

Plus, score 6% cash back when you go through Ebates! Every little bit helps, so make sure to go through Ebates first to get your 6% cash back (and if you are new to Ebates, you’ll also be able to score a $10 gift card once you make a total of $20 worth of purchases)! Sweet!

(Thanks, Liz!)

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  • Julie says:

    Got it, the one review was very positive and you cant beat the free blocks. You have to go thru the shoprunner site or it does not show as shoprunner eligible. The blocks are not eligible so you have to do store pick-up. I did not do E-bates only because the offers tend to sell out too fast and I didnt want to risk it.

  • Angie says:

    I’m not too familliar with Imaginarium products (I don’t believe it was around when I was buying this stuff on a normal basis). Does anyone know if the house would be big enough for Barbies? Thanks!

  • Emily says:

    Thank you so much!!! I just purchased this for my daughter’s birthday in March. Collin, because of your wonderful sight, I do my Christmas shopping all year. I’ll purchase something and tuck away in my gift closet. It made this Christmas beyond easy! I LOVE HIP@SAVE!!!!!

  • Jo says:

    Got one with ebates! I will have to pick up the free blocks at one of their stores, but I wanted the doll house for my daughter. Probably they will cancel the blocks anyway since they typically cancel every order I try with pick up at the store. I even called the other day on one to make sure it would go through and was told they had 20 in stock and then it cancelled 3 hours later.

  • Ana says:

    Did anyone get their order cancelled for the Imaginarium Maze and/or Activity Walker? Well, I did! :( I have been very disappointed with TRUs this holiday season. First they charge me $130 for no reason (still in dispute through my bank – a real headache!), now my orders get cancelled and I don’t even get an email notification! Sorry, had to vent a little cuz no one from TRUs’ company seems to care!

    • Sara says:

      Ana, mine got cancelled without notification too. CS thought the order “times out” maybe because of shop runner? Anyhow, I called CS and they are honoring the price so I am picking it up at my local TRU.

      • Alissa says:

        Same here! I had to ask to speak w/a supervisor when I called TRU Customer Service but it was worth it. She had me checkout again over the internet and, while i was on the payment screen, they credited me the difference in price (via promo code) between what the maze is listed for now and the 14.99 it was on 12/17. To make the deal even sweeter, the maze qualifies for the free blocks now so i got the maze and blocks for 14.99 + tax (pick up at local BRU/TRU).

      • Ana says:

        After 3 hours back and forth with a supervisor, I was NOT able to get my order :( I’m glad some of you ladies did – I think you were lucky that your stores had them available becuase they were not shipping them from the warehouse. The funny thing is that the cube shows as available for shipping (from their online site) but for some reason they kept saying that it is not available in the warehouse – would be nice if they update their page! What a waste!

      • steph says:

        thanks so much for posting. mine was cancelled too but i only got the delay email & wouldn’t have known it was cancelled.

  • K says:

    My Imaginarium activity cube order got cancelled with no email. After I hadn’t received it on Friday, I looked the order up and it claimed status “cancelled.” Toys R Us struggles.

  • Steph u says:

    Got an email from TRU (the day i ordered) saying my activity cube would not arrive in 2 days. But in bold the email said my order was not being cancelled. Sorry for everyone else’s headache. (My was ordered for a birthday gift so the loss of 2 day shipping was not an issue for us)

    • Alissa says:

      I got that same email only to log onto TRU last night and see that my order was cancelled! I called CS and had it worked out (see previous post above). YOu may want to check your order hasnt been cancelled as well…

    • steph says:

      got the same email…. but nope. it actually was cancelled. called customer service & they were really nice & honored the $15 price.

      • susie chen says:

        how are they honoring the $15 price? Did they say that u can go to any store and purchase it at the price that u originally want it at?

        i called twice and i spoke to customer reps and they told me two different things: one said that i could go to the store and price match and the other said i cant.

        • Alissa says:

          ask to talk to a supervisor. thats what i had to do after talking to two CS reps that weren’t sure (or didnt seem to want to) help me…

        • steph says:

          I don’t know. I just talked to a customer service guy. He took my cc info and re-placed the order for site to store. Just picked it up.

  • Deedee says:

    I am getting a little concerned about my order. First, I would click submit order, and it would send me back to my cart instead of to the final receipt. It kept taking me through this cycle without telling me to correct anything, so I tried a few times. Finally I tried using pay pal, which finally worked. I was able to print a receipt, but I have not received an email from Toys R Us or anything. I looked at my TRU account and it’s not listed under past orders. Keeping fingers crossed!

  • Susan says:

    I ordered one for store pickup and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get my pick up email. I have wanted to get this for my daughter and as a single mother, could never afford it otherwise. Merry Christmas!

  • Ketsy says:

    No cancellation here. I picked up in store and they even allowed me to add something so i could get extra blocks free when i picked up the box yesterday.

  • Beth says:

    I ordered the activity cube too. I received an email stating shipping would be delayed. I checked the status today & it says it was canceled. I called customer service & they are shipping it to the store for me and honoring the 14.99$ price. We’ll see if it works or is canceled again.

  • Brandy says:

    WOW!!! These are $149.99 on amazon right now! I might have to snag one for my daughters 3rd birthday in April. Hope the hubby understands LOL

  • Susan says:

    Going to pick ours up. Wahoo!

  • Pharmchick says:

    I too got an email saying my cube wasn’t being cancelled but rather delayed but the status on my account says it indeed was cancelled. After being on the phone for an hour and a half, the best the rep could do was have it shipped to a store near my sister (who lives 8 hours away) and gave it at 19.98, which is 50% of the current price online. She still said there’s a chance of it being cancelled though. I’m crossing my fingers that it goes by smoothly and at least she can pick it up for me.

  • Jamie says:

    Ordered last night, picked up the blocks today, and just got tracking for the dollhouse :)

  • Liz says:

    Thank-you for posting such a great deal! Picked up both items this evening.

  • Shanna says:

    If any got the group on deal and still has it, here is what I did:

    All Imaginaum harmony instruments are 40% off.
    Bought imaginaum piano marked down 29.99 (reg 49.99)
    They let me get block set (reg. 16.99)
    -20 from groupon.

    oop a little over 10 for two items that are priced close to 70 at regular price.

    • Jennifer says:

      Not to rain on your parade, but that would actually be a little over $20 since you already paid $10 previously to Groupon to get that deal. Still a great deal! :)

  • michellebelles says:

    I really want this, but my toys r us’ dont have the blocks and shipping to my home is $10. Will keep trying to make this work…Thanks Collin!!

  • Smile! says:

    We just picked ours up – blocks and doll house!!! WOW! What a great deal! THANKS!

  • Nicole says:

    This is an awesome deal! I am finished with my daughter’s Christmas but I bought this for her 4th birthday in July! haha Too good of a deal to pass up! Thanks so much Collin! :)

  • dayna says:

    IT isn’t adding the blocks for me for free.. what am i doing wrong??? help

    • dayna says:

      I went ahead and bought both.. blocks and dollhouse… dollhouse was 35.99 and blocks were 16.99… was this an advertised deal (does anyone have the link or a screen shot etc. that they can send me?) If it was advertised i can get them to refund the price of the blocks. THanks a bunch!!

      • :) says:

        I called them and they said the blocks were an extra 16.99 so I decided to pass. They told me it could of just been a flash deal and it could end at anytime.

        • dayna says:

          i called too.. if it was printed we could get it. I think you are right.. that it was a flash deal or something.. I just got back from picking up!! can’t wait to put this together!! crazy good price

  • :) says:

    same here, it wont add the blocks in the cart. If I add them myself they want to charge me 16.99 for the blocks. Ughhh any advice, am I doing something wrong?

  • Marie says:

    Price is back up to $99,99:-(. Can’t believe I missed it!

  • daisy5581 says:

    When I go to the website it says it is $99.

  • Amyj says:

    Thanks Collin! I got this deal yesterday and picked up the dollhouse and blocks. Such an amazing deal! My daughter will be thrilled when she wakes up Tuesday morning! I could have never afforded to get her one without your site!

  • Gene says:

    I have the corner dollhouse with no assembly instructions. HELP!!

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