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Old Orchard Fan Club Members: Take Short Survey = 500 Reward Points

2:04 PM MST
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If you’re an Old Orchard Fan Club member, hurry on over here, log into your account (or register), and take a brief survey regarding 3 label designs for Pomegranate Juice to score 500 points! If you’re not a member, you can still sign up to access the survey and score your points.

Remember, you can use your points for high value Old Orchard coupons and offers from time to time so they definitely add up!

(Thanks, Fran & Susie!)

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  • sarah says:

    Thanks, I just redeemed points I had saved up for a coupon for a free bottle of juice.

  • KerriF says:

    I did the survey, then it told me I wasn’t eligible to earn the points. Anybody else have this problem? I’m not sure why I wasn’t eligible. That wasn’t nice!

    • bali says:

      were you logged in?

    • Laurie Lee says:

      Hi Kerri,

      Yes. I’ve had that happen to me. I’ve been a member of the Old Orchard Fan Club for several years now. In the fall of 2011 I was sent an email about a survey worth, if I remember correctly, 1500 points. I thoughtfully completed the survey (which took quite some time) and, once I submitted the completed survey, was told that I was not eligible. As you said, not nice.

      I contacted OOFC once I saw that I had not received my survey points. They were not particularly receptive. I offered up proof of my having taken the survey – I had printed up several survey pages including the last page where I was thanked for my participation. They weren’t particularly interested and I was advised that there was nothing they could (or would) do. They gave me no reason as to why I did not receive my points in the first place.

      I pursued it because I was annoyed. I eventually got 1000 ‘Survey Inconvenience’ points.

      I did receive the promised points when I took this new survey. They showed up in my OOFC account right away.

  • Barb says:

    saw this in my in box earlier. thanks for reminding me to take the survey.

  • nicole says:

    Thanks Collin and Sarah.

  • Lauren says:

    Thank you! totally forgot I even had this account and this got me enough points for a free juice :)

  • Risa says:

    Oh my! We drink the frozen juice concentrate and they had a coupon for it! Of course, had to become a member to get it (I racked up lots of points for doing that plus newsletter and the survey). I do not think that I can enter points having had just bought some more frozen juice concentrate though. Maybe next time I go to the store, I can venture through the juice aisle and see what’s out there.

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