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Amazon: Great Deal on Angel Soft Bath Tissue, Double Rolls, 48-ct Pack (Back Again!)

12:29 PM MST
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Hurry…This Toilet Paper deal is back again! :D

Yay! Here’s another toilet paper deal for all of you who like to shop from the comfort of your own home! Note that this one probably won’t last long, as the other ones I’ve posted previously seem to go fast! Currently, Amazon has the Angel Soft Bath Tissue, Double Rolls, 48-ct pack priced even lower at just $21.50 shipped when you choose Subscribe & Save (on the right)! Even better, you can also scroll down to clip a $1/1 coupon, bringing the final cost down to only $20.50 shipped!

This is a great price, as 48 double rolls equal 96 single rolls, so basically you are paying $0.21 per single roll. Great price…especially for highly rated toilet paper!

I would hurry to get in on this deal if interested, as these toilet paper deals never seem to last long.

(Thanks, Clip and Follow!)

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  • Jan says:

    Thanks! I ordered. Angel Soft seems to be easier on the plumbing than Northern or Charmin.

  • Gina says:

    Thank you!

  • meryl says:

    awesome- thank you! I had earned a $5 Amazon giftcard from swagbucks which was applied to this order. Happy 2013 Collin- and thank you for all you do!!!

  • Em says:

    Does anyone know why Subscribe and Save doesn’t ship immediately anymore?

    • Heather says:

      Yes. I personally emailed Amazon cust. service. This new feature screwed up my diaper supply!! They said it was because it was more ‘convenient to have all of your subscriptions arrive on the same day per month, and less confusing.’ Whatever!! SO LAME, just another poor decision made by Amazon along with the add-on program! Now i have to wait an entire month to get my diapers delivered! They said I could adjust the date, but it doesn’t let me change the month if it’s already past a certain day within the current month, so the soonest I can get it is the first day of the next month. Like I know when my infant is going to need the next size diapers?!? Anyway sorry to vent. hehe. :)

      • Emily says:

        Thanks for the info. I find this to be very inconvenient as well. Anytime I’ve signed up for Subscribe & Save, I’ve needed the first item asap. Hope they change it back.

  • ANA says:

    walmart has it on sale to if amazon sells out……24 dbl roll pack $10.47 each buy two would be $20.94…..

  • Barb McKee says:

    Hopefully I did this right, I have always seen these deals and I have never tried ordering toilet paper online before. Do you then have to cancel your subscription to avoid more shipping in the future?

  • Elizabeth says:

    Problems with their website, and now out of stock.

  • ANA says:

    little confuse how subscribe and save works. not sure if it went through i didn’t get a confirmation page does it ship right away.. please explain thanks

  • Jill says:

    Amazon’s Subscribe and Save option has recently changed. They no longer ship your items ASAP, they now group all of your S&S items once a month and ship them together. I am sure they were losing money on all of the free shipping of generally big, bulky things.

    You may want to try again. I just ordered mine and it went through fine.

  • LisaR says:

    it was in stock for me!! BUT I went a head and got for the $21.63 B/C I would have put it on my CC and I had enough GC credit to pay for the whole thing!

  • Jesse says:

    I’m not using subscribe and save any more. The price it charges you is whatever price it is on your s&s ship date, so I haven’t been able to take advantage of the deals. :-(. Very sad.

    • Jan says:

      Not sure what you mean. The price is locked in when you order, not when it’s shipped. Just make sure you cancel the subscribe & save *subsequent* shipments after you get your email that your *first* order has shipped. I’ve ordered a lot of tp from Amazon and it’s all been subscribe & save. Haven’t had any problems so far.

    • Nickie says:

      I ordered this deal last week and decided to skip the S&S just because I’m forgetful. So if you’re worried about the S&S, just skip it. It’s only $1 more and then it ships right away. The price may change on subsequent S&S orders, but your first order will be the price that you bought it for.

  • Liz says:

    Anybody know if the amazon mom is still going on, for free shipping? I’d like to avoid paying full price of prime if possible.

  • dan says:

    just an average deal, and if you like having shipped to home. you’re paying the same unit cost as Charmin which is approx $0.03 per sq. ft… more premium tissue. if you’re trying to save money, you’re much better off hitting a sale at Target or Walmart.

    • michelle says:

      How did you find the square feet?

      • Nickie says:

        Michelle, I bought this deal last week. There are 48 rolls and each roll has 264 sheets and the sheets are 4″x4″. I may be wrong but my calculations are $0.0145 per square foot. Each roll has 29.33sf and each roll is $0.427. So $0.427 divided by 29.33sf is $0.0145 per sf … lol And this is my favorite tissue so double yay!

  • stephanie says:

    Got mine thanks!

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