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Walmart: Buy Select $7.88 Blu-ray Movies = $7.50 Hollywood Movie Money to see The Hobbit + More

1:33 PM MST
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UPDATE: Also, be on the lookout for DVD’s priced at just $4 that also contain the $7.50 Hollywood Movie Money!

If you’re headed to Walmart anytime soon, watch for a movie display containing $7.88 Blu-ray movies. Select titles contain $7.50 in Hollywood Movie Money to see a Warner Bros. Movie in theaters (choose from movies like The Hobbit, Gangster Squad and more) – which in a way makes the Blu-ray just $0.38 (especially if you were planning to go the movies anyways).

After you remove the packaging, you will find a reward code to enter here. Come back and let us know if you find this same movie display at your local Walmart store.

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  • Katelynn says:

    At my walmart they had regular dvds for $4. I got the Sherlock Holmes a Game of Shadows movie! They also had the $7.50 movie credit on them too!

  • Sarah says:

    Even better, my Wal-Mart had $4 DVD versions with the $7.50 movie money code!

  • Kolette says:

    I got my kids Journey 2 with The Rock yesterday for $7.88! It came with Blu-Ray, DVD AND a digital copy!! Also came with the code!

  • lee says:

    what a great way to start the year! I went to Wal-Mart to get a few discounted Christmas items and while there the cashier in the garden section where all the Christmas stuff was told my husband to wait a few minutes because ALL the items were going to be on sale for 25 cents each! I snagged all the high priced items like package of Solo cups, wrapping paper organizer, candle jars, lights, car emergency kits, and much much more. I got $500 worth of stuff for $30.25! It was the happiest time of my life! I will be smiling ear to ear for weeks! Love 2013!!!!

  • Simone says:

    Yes mine has it on the $4 Movies also :)

  • Kelly says:

    I bought 8 movies for $4 each and they came with the $7.50 coupon too! Yay!

  • Maria says:

    Can you share what movies you bought that were $4.00, please. This way I’ll know what to look for. TIA

  • Heather says:

    Maria, they are in a stand up display in middle of aisle. All mine are $4 too! I bought New Year’s Eve and Revenge of Kitty Galore for the kids. So happy, now hubby and I can see a movie for almost free!!! Has to be a Warner Bros show.

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