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Hobby Lobby: 80% Off Christmas Items = Great Deals on Ornaments, Candles, Bags, + More

1:21 PM MST
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If you have a Hobby Lobby nearby, you may want to head over there to snag some great buys on Christmas decor, accessories and more. Check out some of the great deals that I found at my Hobby Lobby in Meridian, Idaho…

Candles 16 oz. $2.60
(regularly $12.99!)

Christmas Bags $0.40-$0.80
(regularly $1.99-$3.99!)

Tissue Paper 120 sheets $0.80
(regularly $3.99!)

Ornaments $0.80 and up
(regularly $3.99 and up)

Come back and let us know what great deals you find at your local store!

(Thanks, Patrice!)

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  • Kristen says:

    I saw this at my hobby lobby yesterday too! (south Mississippi)

  • jen says:

    i go to the same hobby lobby! I love it.

  • chryssa says:

    Does anyone buy teachers gifts at after holiday sales for the next year? I’d love some ideas!

  • Danielle says:

    I went yesterday and found all kinds of goodies. There were still 4 aisles full of stuff at my store (Denver). We stocked up on 9″ pillar candles for my sisters wedding at $2 each compared to the $9.99 list price.
    At my store all trees and wreaths were also 80% off…that’s a great deal if anyone is in the market for a new tree!

  • Jan says:

    Yay! Thanks! I am heading there tonight! :) I want to support Hobby Lobby as much as possible right now!

    • Dawn B says:

      Agreed! Wasn’t planning on going, but will be finding something to purchase!

    • Erin says:

      I agree! I wish I lived close to one as it would become my craft store.

      • skat says:

        Certainly! Hobby Lobby employees are not forced to work there. If the employee really wants that benefit they can work for a company that provides it.

      • Amy says:

        Yes, even after finding this out. Their Christian values make me want to shop there even more.

        • Katie says:

          It’s sad to see the support of one group controlling others lives- I shudder to think of the day when this situation would be flipped and the religious would be forced to follow another persons beliefs…

          • skat says:

            Katie – that is what is happening! The “religious” are being forced to follow other’s beliefs! Hobby Lobby employees are not indentured servants! They are free to leave and work elsewhere.

            • Katie says:

              No, actually, hobby lobby wants all their employees to believe as they do and do as they believe and as they say.

              No person, business, boss, parent company, father in law, sister, friend, teacher- even no doctor should have such control over the decisions over an autonomous’s beings choices about their own body. Period. Insurance should be provided for all medical needs, and each person should be able to use the services in an insurance package *if they so choose*.

            • Rosie says:


            • Crystal says:

              Well said Katie!

          • katie says:

            to be more specific- the religious are not being forced to follow anyone’s beliefs. that would entail certain christians being forced to take birth control, certain jews being forced to eat pork, or certain hindus forced to eat beef, ect. no one is forcing anyone to take or not take anything or to or not to perform certain procedures- the procedures are just being offered to everyone equally.

            there is a huge difference between forcing medications/treatments and leveling the medical playing field. all that anyone is being “forced” to do is offer a medical insurance program that encompasses all of the medical sector- of which sexual health plays a role. there is no force going on there. what is happening is that there is equality for all americans to have access to whatever kinds of medications/treatments that they, along with their chosen doctors guidance, deem necessary to their individual lives. that is empowering! that is truly american!

            • cassie says:

              Yes! I agree Katie! Just because you believe it is wring doesn’t give you the right to go against the law. They employ thousands of people and all those people should have the right to keep or not keep a fetus. If everyone had every child that was ever accidentally conceived can you imagine the state of the economy would be in! The government would be the ones supporting them! Believe in what you want and I’m all for that but follow the law and don’t take choices away from someone else. The law doesnt say he has to personally use those services!

            • debbie says:

              I agree with the people who say that Hobby Lobby should NOT be forced to provide services against their own religious beliefs. Other religions have specific dos and don’ts, so why should ANYONE tell an employer what the must do!! That is ludicrous. If you don’t want to work there — then don’t!!! It is the same if a Christian worked for an atheist group and the atheist group said that everyone must do something. According to you, that would not be ok, so why should an employer that states it is a Christian organization, be forced to go against its belief. That is hypocritical and I am disappointed that a company must fight to keep its rights in place. It is their company — leave them alone.

  • jvergin says:

    Thank you! I might need to run there tonight!!
    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  • Anita says:

    Hobby Lobby is an awesome company and one that I love to support! The owners of the store are taking a stand for truth which is so awesome to see. Thanks for sharing these deals.

  • Vivian B. says:

    IMPORTANT !!! is anyone else getting a Malware warning when they try to go on page 3. I get a message that “google chrome has detected that a malware has been inserted on this hip2save page”.

  • Conswalla says:

    Hobby Lobby? lol

    Sounds like when I went to Georgia, a long time ago, to visit my now deceased grandmother. We went to the Piggly Wiggly! I could’t stop laughing when we pulled up! Piggly Wiggly! What a great name!

  • Kindra says:

    Hey just had to share this store. My family is a single income family and watch Collin’s deals faithly (no pressure, right?!). So I knew that Hobby would soon be marking things down to 80% off. I have been eyeing one of the 7.5′ tree that range around $499. So I heard today that they had went 80% off. I called all the Hobby Lobby’s that were with-in range of myself, and then also near where my husband works. Everyone was sold out :-( so I called on last store. She informed me that they had a 7.5′ tree marked WAY down because its lights had burnt out. Well, those lights can be taken off and replaced with other lights or you could just add more lights. I was able to get my dream tree for $39.95. Thats a savings of 92%!!! So thankful for my mom and Collin. Collin for keeping me posted and my mom for telling me that all you can do is ask. They worst their going to tell you is no. God Bless everyone!

    • olivia says:

      It’s so fun to score deals like that! Good for you! People think I am nuts when I brag about deals I get, but it just makes me soooo happy (since I am a broke med student)! I had been eying this Pacifica Beauty Set at sprouts (natural lotion/perfume/lip gloss) which is typically 24 bucks. I figured they would be going on clearance so I called around yesterday and most places were out but one location had two..I got them for 3.67 each! I was so stoked!

      • Em says:

        I used to be that broke med student! Keep pushing thru it’s worth it! Become a GP, don’t make the mistake of ER like my husband and I did, lol!

  • Wendy says:

    80% is amazing, though I have to say I love Target’s selection a little better at 70% off.

    Also, Hobby Lobby is very “hot” in politics right now — you may want to Google that before you decide to shop or not shop there. Seems many on this thread support them for their stances, but you may want to inform yourself before you do the same.

    Won’t go into any more detail or my personal beliefs and I hope no one else does as this is a COUPON blog people — let’s stay on topic, save a bunch of money and help each other!

    Thanks for all you do, Collin!

    • skat says:

      Yet you’ve made your personal beliefs clear. As a business owner, I should not be forced to pay for benefits that are against my personal beliefs just as the employees are free to find employment elsewhere if they want different benefits, hours or wages.

      • Katie says:

        As a business owner, you should provide your employees with health insurance. People are individual, autonomous beings and are able in this country to make their own choices.

        • skat says:

          So they should pay for their own abortions – that is what an autonomous being would do! Leaving birth control out of the equation, the only thing that will make health insurance affordable is tort reform, restrictions on what is covered, and opening health insurance to nationwide competition as auto, home, etc is.

          • Katie says:

            So why even have insurance at all? If you can pay for your own abortion you can pay for your own cancer treatment too.

            I personally don’t believe in weight loss drugs. But I would never sue the government so my insurance wouldn’t cover them because I respect e erupted right to choose what to do with their own bodies.

            • Laura says:

              You’re right – insurance IS the problem. Health insurance is the reason that ALL medical care (including cancer treatments) are so costly. People SHOULD be able to pay for their own medical care, because it shouldn’t be so ridiculously overpriced.

              And while it’s not my business whether or not someone decides to use weight loss drugs, why should I have to pay for it?

              Mandating that a business or an individual pay for something that goes against their beliefs is an attack on liberty. The government should not force Hobby Lobby in this way – and if an employee has a problem with that, then they should find somewhere else to work. Or God forbid, stop having sex until they’re ready to handle the consequences.

          • allieunveiled says:

            Stop making this about abortion because it’s not. It’s about access to hormonal birth control. They’re not the same thing. They’re just not. SO STOP IT.

            • Jana says:

              Actually HL has no problem paying for contraceptives of any kind. They only object to “morning after” type pills, and abortions.

  • katie says:

    i actually try not to support hobby lobby, but i went in to try to find some specific ribbon yesterday when i got the email about 80% off, and i found THREE ones i loved and packs of double sided tape all on sale. so awesome!

    • Chari says:

      I love love love hobby lobby :) Support them and love their deals!

      • Mel says:

        Agree – I love hobby lobby & support them!

        • Allison says:

          I absolutely love Hobby Lobby and love supporting them for their beliefs! I am always proud to say that I shop at Hobby Lobby!

          • Katie says:

            It’s not their beliefs I don’t like, it’s the fact that they want everyone to believe as they do- but fortunately in this country we are given the freedom to decide the choices in our own individual lives. Trying to control others lives isn’t very kind.

            • Jana says:

              They are not trying to “force” their beliefs on anyone. They are trying to tell the government (and others) that they can not/ will not be forced into doing things or providing things (morning after pills) that goes against their beliefs. (And they are not the only company that has a lawsuit or a pending lawsuit b/c they do not want to be forced by big government to do something they morally oppose. It just makes for better/bigger headlines for the liberal media to go after the Evangelical Christians, than most other companies) They are a privately owned company founded by Christians, who have never hid that fact. I could not imagine having to choose between my faith and anything. Not in the US at least. I shouldn’t have to. You shouldn’t have to. Hobby Lobby shouldn’t have to either.
              No one is forcing anyone to work there. You want a service/RX their insurance does not provide? There are several low/no cost places you can go.

          • katie says:

            im sorry to inform you, but when you, as a company, say, “we do not believe in X, so as a result, our employees are barred from X”, you are 100% imposing your beliefs on others- i believe that could be considered a textbook definition, actually.

            and no, no one should have to choose between their faith and anything- and thankfully, that is how it works. the individual people who make up hobby lobby’s founding members and everyone all the way down to the people who clean the stores at night have the right to choose how their life works. all medical needs should be covered under insurance, i believe that, and i think many others do too. if an individual chooses not to use some specific thing because of beliefs, then they dont have to use it. but once, as a company, they dictate what their employees can and cannot do, yes, that is the very definition of imposing one’s beliefs onto others.

            again, ill point out- what if this situation was reversed? what if, as a company, there started to be regulations that you are barred from prayer at work or you are barred from being seen inside church buildings because the founding members “dont believe it in”. it would be terrible, wouldnt it? i dont want to see that happen to *ANYONE*. i believe that every person in america is an individual autonomous being who can make their own choices about their life. its sad to see that so many others dont.

            • Jana says:

              Your “points” are almost laughable.

              When you are hired on at any company, you are agreeing to a contract. You do your job, & we pay X, & give X benefits (if ANY benefits). If you don’t like this agreement, you are free to look for employment somewhere else.

              The roles are reversed!! How many companies do not allow public prayer, or even Christmas trees?? Several! You can’t turn on the local news w/out hearing about some one getting mad about not having a Christmas tree, or having to have a “holiday tree” or having to remove a cross from something/somewhere. (Or an even more extreme example would be do Muslims have the “right” to worship at work in a public place. No way. Could you imagine the uproar if everyone had to plan their meetings around Muslims prayer times?

              Our freedom of religion does not come from the government, therefore can not be taken away by the government. When the gov. FORCES you or a company to pay for something you do not believe in, then fines you, for everyday you do not comply, they are trying to take away your freedom.

              Can you tell me what the text book definition is when the government (which was founded on Christianity, EVEN THOUGH not all of our founding fathers were Christians) FORCES you to go against your beliefs and religion? What is that called again??? Hmmm Socialism?? Maybe?
              What is it called when the president goes against the very 1st Amendment to the Constitution? ( “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” ILLEGAL??

              When there are so many other care/treatment options for your “sexual health” why must the gov force it to be provided by the ones who do not agree w/ it?

              I for one do not want to see my civil liberties go by the wayside because of the governments need for 25 different ways to get abortion inducing pills. (Because, that is what we are taking about. Not birth control or contraceptives, they are specifically against “morning after” type pills.

            • Rosie says:

              You need to chill out.

    • Kristen says:

      You realize you commented like 8 times on here..geez…And I fully support hobby Lobby standing up for what they believe in!!! True Christian people :)

      • allieunveiled says:

        Jana, the morning after pill has the same ingredients as hormonal birth control pills. They do not induce abortion. They stop implantation. If you were already pregnant (egg fertilized and implanted) and took the morning after pill, you would still be pregnant. That’s because it’s not an abortion pill and true abortion pills aren’t even legal in the United States.

        You talk about your civil liberties. What about my civil liberties to access hormonal birth control because my doctor has prescribed them to reduce the size of pre-cancerous ovarian cysts? I don’t take it for contraception because, to be honest, I’m not currently sexually active. I am in pain and in danger of developing cancer. Why do your beliefs trump my right to access medical care?

        • Jana says:

          The morning after pill is the same birth control. Just a different dosage, meant to have different effects. You are correct it is meant to stop implantation of a fertilized egg. Which brings up the issue of when is conception? (I’m not here to argue that.) Is it when the egg is fertilized? Then Yes, that is a pill that stopped a human life. That is what HL/religion/church believes. They do not want to have to pay for something that would terminate a human life.

          HL has been and continues to pay for birth control & other contraceptives, no matter why they are prescribed. (To prevent pregnancy, cramps, hormone induced cancers etc.)

          My (everyone’s) civil liberties have nothing to do with your (or anyone’s) access to medical care. (As I stated above, HL, and most companies pay for all forms of contraceptives.)

  • Jean R says:

    My local Hobby Lobby had 80% off also and I found some good bargains. But because I want to support them and their stance I also bought a few things from their regular ad. I figured they don’t make anything from the 80% off sales.

  • Patrice says:

    I have been waiting for hobby lobby to drop their prices on Christmas decorations. The past two years they have gone to 90% off and I got a couple of items, but not a lot since my family was in an apartment. So when we bought our house in April we needed Christmas decorations. Rather than buy a bunch of decorations for at full price, I borrowed my parents decorations that they weren’t using to get us buy this Christmas. I called this morning and was there when they opened. I scored a wreath for my door, 5 packs of ornaments, 4 packs of garland, ribbon, picture frames, poinsettias and a wreath 3′ in diameter all for $62 and change, which would have been over $300 at regular price. I’m a happy camper and set for Christmas this year!

  • Em says:

    I HATE THIS PLACE! I could care less about their political stands- to each their own, it’s their business. The thing I hate is their lack of technology! 50% atleast of their stuff is missing a price, then a good quarter of that “isn’t considered a true (insert what ever holiday here) product” so I can’t get percentage off, and then they only have 2 freaking lines open and everyone is always trying to return PILES of stuff.

    Our stores here blows! I’ve been exactly 5 times and refuse to go back ever again, I can’t handle the inefficentincy!

  • simpleme says:

    Out of subject. There are these really cute girl sandals on sale at They’re under the clearance section for babygirls for only $3.49. Toddler Girl’s Circo® Jamayka Omega Sandal – Assorted Colorsclearance$3.49 sold online. Seems like a great steal. If you happen to have a target card you score free shipping and save 5%! :D

  • pauline says:

    also got the malware earlier

  • Heather says:

    I stocked up at the sale. There were still 4 aisles at my store tonight. I was most excited to stock up on tissue paper and tape for 80% off. Don’t forget to think outside of Christmas. I bought a bunch of red glittery decor for valentines, including gift bags and more (think pink and red- there is lots to choose from). Zebra and leopard print ribbons and trim for my teen’s black and white b-day in March and more.

  • patrice says:

    I think this is getting a little out of hand. the site is about finding deals and saving money. period. if the deal was at walmart or kroger it’d still be a great deal. let’s concentrate on the deal.

  • Paige Harwell says:

    This is probably a slim chance but if anyone happens to see an iron on patch of a little reindeer head with a red bow I think they were like 2.99 so should be around .60-.70 after 80% off I would really really appreciate it if someone would buy and.ship it too me I will pay the cost and for the stamp if you happen to find one while out. We had lots at our store but I always said oh I’ll get that later and forgot and today I searched and there were none :( you can message me on facebook Paige Harwell email if you wouldn’t mind looking when you go to your local store. :) oh and today I bought the last little pig ornament in our store I don’t know why but I.found it ridiculously cute especially for .60!!

  • rachel says:

    I’m headed to Hobby Lobby tomorrow! I support them! It’s refreshing to find company’s who will stand for something they believe in! I’ve always loved that store.

  • allieunveiled says:

    Thank you to everyone who spoke out against Hobby Lobby on this post. Just because I try to save money and coupon, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be an informed consumer. I was disappointed to see Hobby Lobby covered here because of their anti-woman stance. I wish these companies would just stay out of politics because once I know they treat their employees badly, I can’t shop there anymore.

    • Natty says:

      I agree. I wish places like Hobby Lobby and Chick-Fil-A weren’t even featured on here because of their practices. I just try to ignore it for the most part, but it does make me visit these websites less.

  • Amy says:

    Collin, can you please look into “political argument” filters for the comments section? ;) It’s so frustrating to click on the comments section and be thrown in the middle of political wars. Ladies, this is a coupon site. We’re here to be friendly and helpful. There are other places to go to argue this type of thing.

  • Deb says:

    I will support them because of their beliefs. It’s THEIR business that’s what people forget!

  • Craig says:

    Hey Im looking to get a poster-type thing framed. Nothing fancy, just framed period. Anybody know the cheapest place to go?

  • Nae says:

    Yay I went when I got off of work yesterday and got ribbion, at teddy bear ( took his hat off and will be giving it a bow for Easter with my new ribbion :) and will use some to wrap around a dress so my daughter will match her new bear ) cookie tins ( will be spray painting them for V-day) a ornament letter P ( already made it into a keychain for mother’s day) I love after hoilday shopping cheap way to get ahead for next year or for other hoilday’s make you think outside of the box :)

  • RN says:

    For all the debaters about the insurance problem with Hobby Lobby – I’ve got a solution.

    Employees pay out of pocket for care. Submit their receipts to Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby can then choose what they want to pay for and what they don’t. Just like the good ol’ insurance plans from 30 years ago. Submit a claim and get a percentage back.

    And in regards to the whole morning after pill problem – if Hobby Lobby has no problems paying for contraception, a woman wanting the morning after pill could go to her physician and request the birth control pill equivalent.

    Before the morning after pill ever came out, for years emergency room physicians had a “formula” for emergency contraception based on regular birth control pills. Dispense a pack with specific instructions, and voila – get what you need by going around the red tape.

  • Alicia says:

    I found some great deals at Hobby Lobby today. I love shopping there. They have a great selection and the employees there are very friendly and helpful. They have great sales and you can print coupons for their store to use on an item that is not on sale.

  • Heather says:

    Christmas went to 90% off today. My store had 3 full aisles left!! :)

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